Hour of Devastation Pre-Release

Next weekend (July 7-9) is the Hour of Devastation Pre-Release weekend! We'll have the usual five sealed events (midnight on Friday night, 11AM and 5PM Saturday and Sunday). The 5PM Saturday event is two-headed giant.

In addition, registering for an event allows you to purchase an "Owl of Devastation" playmat (pictured above) for $25! Simply select "YES" when you register; we'll add the cost to the same credit card you register with. These are only available while supplies last, so make sure to grab one as early as you can!

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Upcoming Products

Did you see the big 25th Anniversary Announcement Day two weeks ago? A lot of new products were anounced, including the Ixalan block, Dominaria, Unstable, and many more! We have all of these up on our website now, so you can plan your purchases.

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New Set Structure

The other big news this week came from Mark Rosewater's column, where he talked about the end of blocks and the return of core sets. After Ixalan block, each year will now see three large standalone sets and one new-player-focused core set.

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Upcoming Events

July 1
  • Netrunner Tournament [Constructed]
  • Standard Showdown: Amonkhet
July 4-25 (Tuesdays)
  • X-Wing July League
July 7-9
  • Hour of Devastation Prerelease
    • Friday Midnight
    • Saturday 11AM
    • Saturday 5PM - Two-Headed GIant
    • Sunday 11AM
    • Sunday 5PM
July 11 - August 1
  • Runewars Escalation League
July 12
  • Local Comics Creator Networking Night [Durham Comics Fest]
July 15
  • Infinity ITS Tournament
  • Hour of Devastation Release
    • Draft 11AM
    • Sealed 2PM
July 19
  • Bull City Blood Bowl League - Summer 2517 Season Begins!
July 22-23
  • Southern Assault 9th Age Tournament
July 29
  • X-Wing Store Championship
July 30
  • Pokémon Sun & Moon - Burning Shadows Prerelease Tournament
August 12-13
  • Netrunner LCG Regional Championships & Cache Refresh Event
August 19
  • Star Wars: Armada Store Championship

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