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The Vegan Organic Network (VON): broadens the idea of vegan produce by promoting the sustainable method of veganic growing. So the food on your plate from seed and soil is totally vegan. VON also supports farmers and growers in transition; campaign for vegan companies to source veganic method; produce educational materials, deliver talks and courses and raise public awareness of how our food is grown.

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What is the difference between Organic and Veganic?

  • All Veganic farmers only uses plant based fertilisers and no chemicals.
  • Most Organic farmers use slaughter house by-products such as fish, blood, bone and animal manure and no chemicals.

The Vegan Organic Network is the only organisation in the UK solely dedicated to working for vegan food to be grown the veganic way.

VON at London Vegfest 2018

Read about our great weekend at Vegfest 2018 including speakers profiles. Willow VEGAN sign by Cherry Chung visit her site for courses and commissions:

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International Conference

An international conference on Veganic Farming & Growing is set to open new opportunities for Vegan Organic Network and its members.

On 10 November VON members met with European representatives of Biocyclic Vegan International association in Greece and Austria, with a view to cooperate and further develop the values and standards of veganic farming and growing. 

Axel Anders from the Biocyclic Network Services Berlin and Johannes Eisenbach from Biocyclic Vegan Network in Greece and Cyprus joined Jenny Hall (Fir Tree Community Farm), Dan Graham (VON events organiser), Cherry Chung (VON artist ), David Graham (VON Chair), Tamara Șchiopu (International Conference Organiser) and Iain Tolhurst ( Tolhurst Organic, certified veganic growers). 

The meeting resulted in a plan to work towards an international conference in late 2019 or early 2020 with the aim to reach a ”coalition of farmers  and consumers working together towards a kinder and more sustainable world” (David Graham, founder of VON). 

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VegShed for All Seasons

A VegShed for All Seasons featuring Veganic Food Products will be launched at Tolhurst Organic.

Tolhurst Organic is transforming their straw bale veg shed in the field at the entrance to Hardwick Estate into The VegShed @ Tolhurst Organic. It’s off-grid and will be open 24/7 with freshly-harvested produce from their walled garden and fields, customers just pay into the honesty box. All produce is stockfree organic (Veganic), certified by the Soil Association and Vegan Organic Network Standards.

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Swamp Circus Goes Veganic

It is now 20 years since Swamp Circus obtained a contract to perform their shows in the big top at Falmouth's Tall Ships Festival.

1998 found the troupe of acrobats working the sun stroked lands of Southern France with a 300 seat tent and a vegan cafe run at times by Liz Cooke of Vegan Food Poster fame. The vegan cafe was run in an awning on the side of our yellow and blue striped double decker bus next to the same striped big top.

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Overcoming Plant Disease

I have practiced Shumei Natural Agriculture for 16 years. The principle of Shumei Natural Agriculture is an overriding respect and concern for Nature. Nature can teach us everything.

Shumei Natural Agriculture does not use chemicals, pesticides, fertilisers or animal manures. It focuses on saving seeds from the crops grown. I produce about 40 varieties of vegetables and have succeeded in saving more than 80% of their seeds. 

Although many people worry about adding nutrients to the soil, we believe that soil has the ability constantly to enrich and revitalise itself. Therefore, I have not applied anything at all to the soil at my farm in Wiltshire for 9 years since I moved here and yet vegetables are growing very well year after year.

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Plants for a Future - Cornwall

We are a small environmental project run entirely by volunteers. We have 28 acres of beautiful, wooded land in southeast Cornwall where we grow many useful plants whilst also providing a habitat for the native flora and fauna.

Visitors usually comment on how lush our land is and it comes as a great surprise to them when they find out that, when we came here in 1989 it was all one large, windswept field of barley stubble with not a tree to be seen!

We are running a Crowdfunding Campaign to create proper educational facilities at the land. Please can you help us?

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Veganic Garden Tips for December

  • Give your compost heap Christmas treats – greenery, veg waste and paper
  • Wash your greenhouse glass to allow maximum light in
  • Clear damp fallen leaves away from low growing herbs to prevent rot
*We are referring you to Garden Organic's excellent growing know how but please be aware they recommend techniques that are not always veganic in regards to fertility or pest & disease.
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Veganic Gift Ideas

  • Fair trade organic bags - £5.00 - email
  • The Vegan Cook & Gardener - £15.95
  • The Vegan Book of Permaculture - £11.95
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Palm Oil and Deforestation

Great to see so many people suddenly concerned about Palm Oil and deforestation. Palm oil protestors - trust you have cleared your plates of meat and dairy now you are concerned about these issues.

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Thank You

Thanks to Pippa Rosen from beans and herbs and Garden Organic for donating seeds to give away at London Vegfest.

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