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‘Veganic’ is a combination of two words ‘vegan’ and ‘organic’. It’s a guarantee that food is grown in an organic way with only plant based fertilizers, encouraging functional biodiversity so pesticides are not necessary. No chemicals, no GMO and no animal by-products in any part of the chain.

Veganic food is resilient to the largest problems facing humanity i.e. environmental destruction, pollution of the sea and air and soil erosion.

Veganic otherwise we are dependent on animal agriculture, chemicals, pesticides and herbicides.

In essence, veganic is a logical step beyond organic for those who seek safe food grown in a sustainable manner.
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Complete our questionnaire and win a bar of veganic chocolate

We are asking readers of our magazine, Growing Green International to complete a short questionnaire, everyone taking part will have the chance to win a bar of Madagascar chocolate, all the ingredients are grown on a Shumei veganic farm.

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Next year, 2020, together with our friends Axel and Johannes of Biocyclic Vegan Agriculture, we are planning to hold our first international conference in Brussels. This will take place in the EU Parliament. VON will work with organisations that have similar aims in order to demonstrate the significance and urgency of employing the veganic method of farming in order to combat climate change ethically and compassionately. Growing Green International is an important means of communicating and promoting VON’s work.  Therefore, at this time especially, we value your membership and support, without which we could not function.

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Dandelions Are Not Weeds!
Top 10 Health Benefits of Dandelion

People spray their lawns to get rid of them, while others use them to heal their body of numerous ailments. What could they be? Well, dandelions of course! Whether your eat or juice the greens, indulge in the honey-flavoured flowers or steep some dandelion root tea, this herb is pure magic!

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France becomes first country in Europe to ban all five pesticides killing bees

France’s new ban on pesticides will go further than those of the EU, in a bid to protect the country’s declining bee population  CREDIT: REUTERS

France will take a radical step towards protecting its dwindling bee population on Saturday by becoming the first country in Europe to ban all five pesticides researchers believe are killing off the insects. 

The move to ban the five so-called neonicotinoids has been hailed by beekeepers and environmentalists, but cereal and sugar beet farmers warn it could leave them all but defenceless in protecting valuable crops against other harmful insects.

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Weedkiller in manure

Contaminated farmyard manure can cause damage to vegetable crops in gardens and allotments. This contamination is caused by application of weedkillers to farmland used to grow hay and other forage which are then eaten by stock.

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How One Man Single Handedly Repopulated a Rare Butterfly Species in His Backyard

The California Pipevine Swallowtail (Battus philenor hirsuta) is a locally rare butterfly within San Francisco. Now, thanks to California Academy of Sciences aquatic biologist, Tim Wong, the butterfly species is gradually repopulating in the area again.

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Only 60 Years of Farming Left If Soil Degradation Continues

Soil erosion affects over 12 million hectares of land in the EU

By Chris Arsenault

Generating three centimeters of top soil takes 1,000 years, and if current rates of degradation continue all of the world’s top soil could be gone within 60 years, a senior UN official said on Friday.

About a third of the world’s soil has already been degraded, Maria-Helena Semedo of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) told a forum marking World Soil Day.

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Veganic Garden Tips for May

  • Water carefully, soaking the soil not the plant
  • Keep fruit, such as strawberries and currants, well-watered and netted
  • Give tomatoes and hanging baskets a comfrey liquid feed
*We are referring you to Garden Organic's excellent growing know how but please be aware they recommend techniques that are not always veganic in regards to fertility or pest & disease.
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Do you know about growing Apples and Pears?

Do you know about growing Apples and Pears? I have found people don’t know at all about this.

Can you grow an eating apple tree from a pip? No you can't, they revert to being a crab apple. However you can if you grow about 30 pips, one of those trees will become a brand new eating or cooking apple.

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Rewild a quarter of UK to fight climate crisis, campaigners urge

Regenerated woodland at Alladale wilderness reserve in Sutherland, Scotland. Photograph: Alamy

A quarter of the UK’s land could be restored to nature, making a significant contribution towards cutting the nation’s carbon emissions to zero, under a new rewilding proposal.

The plan, published by Rewilding Britain, calls for billions of pounds in farm subsidies to be redirected towards creating native woodlands and meadows and protecting peat bogs and salt marshes. The group says wildlife would benefit, farmers would not lose money and food production need not fall.

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Whether you make your own or buy it from your local garden centre, it’s the foundation of creating any garden. But, do you know what goes into it? If you make your own compost, it will be a concoction of green and brown material and food waste. However, many people simply do not have the space or time to make sufficient compost to cover the whole year. Instead, a number of us buy it in garden centres, online, or on the high street. It is pretty safe to assume that most of this compost is a combination green and brown material with some form of fertiliser added to aid the growing process.

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The intractable issue of access to land for new farmers

One of the really critically pressing issues in sustainable farming today, is access to land for new farmers, especially in the developed world where agricultural land is among the most expensive to be had.

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Amazon Tribe Wins Lawsuit Against Big Oil, Saving Millions Of Acres Of Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is well known across the world for being the largest and most dense area of woodland in the world. Spanning across nine countries, the Amazon is home to millions of different animal and plant species, as well as harbouring some for the world's last remaining indigenous groups. The Waorani people of Pastaza are an indigenous tribe from the Ecuadorian Amazon and have lived in the Rainforest for many generations. However, their Home came under threat from a large oil company - they didn't take it lightly.

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Want to tackle inequality? Then first change our land ownership laws

George Monbiot

From housing costs to wildlife collapse, we pay the price while the rich boost their profits. But from today we can fight back.

What is the most neglected issue in British politics? I would say land. Literally and metaphorically, land underlies our lives, but its ownership and control have been captured by a tiny number of people. The results include soaring inequality and exclusion; the massive cost of renting or buying a decent home; the collapse of wildlife and ecosystems; repeated financial crises; and the loss of public space.

We call for the right to roam across all uncultivated land and waterways.’ Photograph: Alamy

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Veganic Food Sale

Come along to our first of many regular veganic food sales in Manchester.

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Design 4 Life Full Permaculture Design Course

Design 4 Life – London’s Permaculture Design Course offers positive design for your life, your community and your world by empowering the genius inside all of us!

Hawkwood Nursery, Chingford, Autumn 2019 – Spring 2020

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The Vegan Organic Network is the only organisation in the UK solely working for food to be grown the veganic way.
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