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The Vegan Organic Network (VON): We promote veganic growing, a sustainable method of food production which involves no animal inputs (e.g. fish, blood, bone or manure) at any stage of the growing cycle - so the food on your plate, from seed to soil is truly vegan. VON also supports farmers and growers in transition; campaigns for vegan companies to source veganic ingredients; produces educational materials; delivers talks and courses, and raises public awareness of how our food is grown.

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“Veganic” is a combination of the two words “vegan” and “organic” to create a new concept for farming.

Veganic is also referred to as Stockfree Growing or Vegan Organic Growing.

Products which are labeled Vegan Organic are probably not veganic, the product is vegan and organic (grown using animal fertilliser).


'We’re humus sapiens': the farmers who shun animal manure

Vegans are increasingly looking for ways to grow their fruit, vegetables and cereals without animal manure.

“An olive orchard cultivated in a conventional manner is a bloody wound in nature.” declares Johannes Eisenbach.
By Patrick Barkham for The Guardian
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Volunteering with the Land Army

Spend a day on the land getting your hands dirty, meet some lovely people and get some new skills all at the same time. If you are keen to come along have a look at the dates below and email to book your place.

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In my 51 years of Life...

This is very, very sad and scary. I have noticed the massive decline in insects as well as other species such as birds, hedgehogs, marine life and amphibians in my 51 years of life ... and how changing baselines accept it as normal ... For example years ago we would be engulphed in butterflies and grasshoppers whilst walking in nature but now we exclaim ... 'Ooo look a butterfly' Elaine Avery

VON at Brighton Vegfest

VON will be at Brighton Vegfest organizing the veganic talks area, full line up of our speakers to be announced next month. If you would like to help on our stall email Dan

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Veganic Garden Tips for January

  • Plan your planting for the year. Get inspired by The Organic Gardening Catalogue
  • Turn your winter compost heap
  • Provide food and freshwater for the birds
*We are referring you to Garden Organic's excellent growing know how but please be aware they recommend techniques that are not always veganic in regards to fertility or pest & disease.
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"Inspiring! Gives the essence of what forest gardening is about, and where to start..." - our good friend Aranya gives a thumbs up to our newly published 'Forest Gardening A Beginner's Guide' in his Youtube overview of forest gardening literature... /
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Recipes - Sprouting for Winter Health!

During the winter months fresh vegetables can be hard to find - yet even the smallest kitchen can be a ‘garden’ in its own right, using the minimum amount of space to produce intensively grown, nutrient rich crops all year round...

Learn how to create your own sprouting kitchen garden.

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Veganic Grower-to-Grower Certification

So excited to invite Organic Lea to become veganic growers. There inspection will be carried out in the next few months. Organiclea is a very well known community food project based in the Lea Valley in north-east London. They produce and distribute food and plants locally, and inspire and support others to do the same. With a workers’ cooperative at our core, they bring people together to take action towards a more just and sustainable society.

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The Humane Herald

The Productivity of Vegan-Organic Farming: Measuring small-scale vegan-organic farming against large-scale conventional and organic practices.

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Check out Channel 4's Dispatchers 'The Truth About Vegans', which features VON in the opening scene and BBC's 'Dirty Vegan'.


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