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Graham Burnett, Jo Kidd, Matthew Appleby, Tony Martin and Jon Dale on VON’s panel of experts answering gardening questions from the audience.
It was busy on the VON stall throughout the weekend with lots of interest and sales of books, veganic veg and merchandise.
The VON talks on Sunday were well attended; many thanks to all the speakers and Shumei for bringing veganic veg from their farm.
Feedback we got from the people is that the veganic message is spreading and the demand for vegan food from seed to plate is growing.

Interview with Tony Martin on VON stall at Plant Based Expo 2020

Converting animal farmland to forest

A brand new study from Harvard University has found that the UK would be able to sustain itself by returning a portion of land used for animal agriculture back to forest. It showed that converting land currently used for grazing and growing animal feed crops to forest could soak up 12 years’ carbon emissions.

The UK imports a staggering 90 percent of its fruit and vegetables and we currently grow 50% of what we eat nationwide.

Beans and other pulses are very efficient crops to grow in Britain – as they have nutritional and environmental benefits – and could be grown in place of animal feed, in addition to a range of fruit and vegetables.

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A major change to how we farm is not only necessary, it’s inevitable. The 2019 Climate Change and Land IPCC report described the need to focus on changing land use and current agriculture practices in order to address the climate crisis. A quiet but growing trend of stock-free, otherwise known as veganic, farming can protect and regenerate the environment, and offer a prosperous economic future for farmers and regions alike.

Veganic farming is not new; farming specifically without domesticated animal inputs dates back at least as far as the Mesoamerica and Mexican indigenous agriculture like the Milpa system.  This was a highly efficient method of farming based on corn, beans, and squash and fed what was likely the densest population on the planet at the time.

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Forest Garden With 500 Edible Plants

Mother Nature has been growing plants for 460 million years and trees for 370 million years. According to fossil records, humans appeared in Africa around 195 thousand years ago and thrived on nature’s bounty. Fast forward to the early 1900s, which saw the beginning of a new era of growing food crops, monoculture, or single crop farming.

Nature was doing rather well and our ancestors followed her example before the single crop idea took hold and thankfully, many people have since realized that working with nature one can create forest gardens for food that are designed to mimic natural ecosystems and restore our soil.

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It’s all veganic!

We have an exciting year of events on growing, wildlife and food at Woodbank Community Food Hub, beginning with ‘From Seed to Harvest’ - a day of workshops, a tool maintenance demonstration and a seed-swap. Workshops include 'Creative Container Veg Growing''Organic gardening, the natural way to grow' and 'Apple tree grafting - theory and practice'. 

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Land Army

Spend a day on the land getting your hands dirty, meet some lovely people and get some new skills all at the same time. If you are keen to come along have a look at the dates below and email to book your place.    

Upcoming dates at our site in Stockport:

- Saturday 29th February

- Wednesday 11th March

- Saturday 21st March 

- Saturday 4th April

- Saturday 18th April

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In 2016, Sikkim, a small state in India’s northeast, was declared the country's first fully organic state. Since then, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has been trying to promote chemical-free farming across the country.
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Don’t despair, organise! An inspirational project.

We have witnessed many special moments down on Bentley Urban Farm, but what we do really isn’t that special. Every community has space which can be dedicated to growing. Every community has the skills and resources to get started. It truly is mutual-aid in action. A couple of committed activists can create real and lasting change. In fact, imagine what a couple of hundred, or a couple of thousand could do? What if, the next time tens of thousands of people assembled for a political rally in London, they built a community garden instead of going on an A to B march?

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Veganic Gardening Tips for February

  • Clean out the greenhouse and pots, ready for sowing
  • Dig in overwintered green manures
  • Make your own peat free potting compost

*We are referring you to Garden Organic's excellent growing know how but please be aware they recommend techniques that are not always veganic in regards to fertility or pest and disease.

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Biocyclic Vegan Agriculture is arriving in Austria and Hungary – beans, cereals, and oleic seeds are now available from plant-based, stock-free organic farming. In September 2019, a group of farms on both sides of the Austro-Hungarian border, right between the vineyards of the Pannonian Plain in Burgenland, the Rosalia Mountains and Sopron (formerly Ödenburg), was certified according to the international Biocyclic Vegan Standard.

A few years ago, Harald Strassner, the owner and a longtime pioneer of organic farming, came to the conclusion that organic was no longer enough. He decided to transition towards an even more sustainable and future-oriented form of agriculture: 

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Pacific Roots Magazine

Launched in Summer 2019, Pacific Roots Magazine is a platform devoted to global issues of animal advocacy, animal sanctuaries, enviroment, green city initiative, veganic agriculture, sustainability, plant based food and more.

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Vegan house with 10 acres for sale-near Shrewbury
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