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The Vegan Organic Network (VON): are working towards creating safe and ethical food production, by enriching the soil and actively encouraging wildlife and pollinators. We support farmers & growers and those in transition; produce educational materials, deliver talks and training courses and raise public awareness of how food is grown.

Veganic –otherwise we are dependent on animal agriculture and chemicals to grow our food.

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Vegan Organic Network Human And Animal Rights To Life

The fundamental farming and growing principles of the Vegan Organic Network (VON) were established in 1996 by three peace and human rights activists. They declared that the network was a transitional movement that encompassed a dynamic culture based on non-violence, cooperation, social justice and compassion.

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The Great Myth Of Urban Britain

What proportion of Britain do you reckon is built on? By that I mean covered by buildings, roads, car parks, railways, paths and so on – what people might call “concreted over”. Go on – have a guess.

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The Pesticide Problem

Glyphosate is big news right now. The recent landmark US lawsuit that saw $78m in damages paid by Monsanto to a cancer sufferer, and the publishing of a study that found “significant levels” of the weedkiller in US cereal have shone the public spotlight on this ubiquitous herbicide and the impact of its use on our health.

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Grow Green Conference

We’re delighted to be supporting the inaugural Grow Green Conference in London on 11th April. This important event will consider how a plant-strong future can help to meet climate change targets. As consumer demands shift towards plant-based.

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Companion Planting

Companion planting is the practice of growing certain plants alongside each other in order to reap the benefits of their complementary characteristics, such as their nutrient requirements, growth habits, or pest-repelling abilities.

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Veganic Garden Tips for March

  • Make your own potting and seed sowing compost – or buy organic peat free.
  • Wait for soil to warm up thoroughly before sowing later in the month
  • Prune roses, and give all perennials a feed of home-made compost to help Spring growth
*We are referring you to Garden Organic's excellent growing know how but please be aware they recommend techniques that are not always veganic in regards to fertility or pest & disease.
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Substainably Farmed Europe Can Feed A Growing Population A Healthy Diet

Europe could be farmed entirely through sustainable systems, such as organic, and still feed a growing population, claims recent research. The ‘Ten Years for Agroecology’ study, from European think tank IDDRi, shows that pesticides can be phased out and greenhouse gas emissions radically reduced in Europe through agroecological farming – which would still produce enough healthy food for a growing population.

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A Forest Garden With 500 Edible Plants Could Lead to a Sustainable Future

Instead of neat rows of monoculture, forest gardens combine fruit and nut trees, shrubs, herbs, vines and perennial vegetables together in one seemingly wild setting. This type of agroforestry mimics natural ecosystems and uses the space available in a sustainable way.

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Would you like to help out at one of the above events or do a VON stall or give out our information in your area?
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Brighton Vegfest 23rd & 24th March  VON are hosting a weekend of veganic talks. Visit our stall for some special offers
Vegan Organic Network speaker and stall will be at this event
Kent Vegan Festival 4th May 2019
Vegan Organic Network speaker and stall will be at this event

VON will be one of the two official charities at this event.
Which means Kent Vegan Organics will promote our work and give us a donation from ticket sales, car parking and from the art exhibition sale put on by the Art of Compassion Project.


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