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Welcome to the Vegan Organic Network (VON) Newsletter!

The world is teetering on the brink of environmental catastrophes, including global warming and biodiversity collapse, that are spoken about but not tackled with the urgency they require. The solution starts right below our feet: our soil. Rebuilding this precious resource should be one of our first priorities, yet we are locked into a system that is rapidly eroding our topsoil, putting at risk the ecosystems that maintain life and our ability to grow food.

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Biggest farming shake-up in 50 years

Wildlife, nature and the climate will benefit from the biggest shake-up in farming policy in England for 50 years, according to government plans.

The £1.6bn subsidy farmers receive every year for simply owning or renting land will be phased out by 2028, with the funds used instead to pay them to restore wild habitats, create new woodlands, boost soils and cut pesticide use.

The wealthiest farmers – those receiving annual payments over £150,000 a year – will face the sharpest cuts, starting with 25% in 2021. Those receiving less than £30,000 will see a 5% cut next year.

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Texas Cattle Rancher Breaks ‘100 Year Family Tradition’ After Shifting To Plant-Based Agriculture

'I couldn’t be a rancher and environmentalist without being a hypocrite. I needed to walk the walk'

A sixth-generation cattle rancher has broken a ‘100 year family tradition’ after pledging to shift to plant-based farming

Richard Traylor and his wife Cindy say they’re currently researching into sustainable agriculture, with hopes to grow plant-based products such as broccoli and radishes instead of raising cattle for slaughter.

The couple recently featured on the Rancher Advocacy Program’s live summit created by Renne King-Sonnen – who went vegan and ‘decided she was unwilling to participate in her husband multi-generational cattle business’. 

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Singapore’s WhatIF Foods To Launch Climate-Resilient Vegan ‘BamNut’ Milks

Singapore-based WhatIF Foods, the sustainable foods brand launched by food tech NamZ, is planning to launch its new plant-based milk line next year. The vegan-friendly milk will be made from Bambara groundnut, a climate-resilient crop that can grow in harsh environments while also regenerating the land it is planted in. 

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 As Food Insecurity Surges, Leading Scientist Says Hunger Is a Deliberate Choice by Those in Power

As the World Food Programme accepts the Nobel Peace Prize, we look at the growing global hunger crisis amid the pandemic, the climate crisis and war. In the United States, as many as 50 million people could experience food insecurity before the end of the year — including one in four children. “It’s important to remember that hunger does not always happen because of natural disasters,” says Ricardo Salvador, director of the Food and Environment Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. “It is often the result of things that we do to each other deliberately.”

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Improve your vegan-organic diet with a polytunnel

Not many of us live next door to a constant source of locally grown, organically produced, fresh fruit and vegetables. The solution is to grow as much as possible of your own food but the further north and the greater the altitude of your garden, the more difficult it becomes. You want the biggest range of fruit and vegetable types, continuity of production and food transport measured in yards rather than miles. The winter months are the ideal time to consider investing in a polytunnel to help meet those requirements.

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Gardening Tips for December

  • Give your compost heap Christmas treats – greenery, veg waste and paper
  • Clean your greenhouse glass to allow maximum light in
  • Clear damp fallen leaves away from low growing herbs to prevent rot
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Biocyclic Vegan Beans in Austrian and German Organic Food Stores

For the first time, products with the Biocyclic Vegan Quality Seal are available in organic retail shops in Austria and Germany. An assortment of biocyclic vegan beans is now being sold in 80 selected stores of the denn’s organic food chain. The brand is managed by the Austrian natural food producer Estyria.

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Rethinking Food and Agriculture in a Time of COVID & Climate Change

This webinar is for sustainable farming advocates, environmentalists and animal rights activists everywhere. There will be plenty of time for Q & A.
Dec 19, 2020 10:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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The 5th Natural Agriculture Producers’ conference by Zoom

We are delighted to announce we will hold the annual Natural Agriculture Producers' conference again
Sunday 24 Jan. by Zoom

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Commercial Veganic Growers Course

We are very happy to announce our Spring Commercial Organic Growing course for 2021. Our 4-day Commercial Organic Horticulture Course offers people an amazing training opportunity to learn how to set up an organic food growing business from the growers themselves. 

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Job Opportunity

We are looking for three people to join us as we embark on our most ambitious project yet. Over the next 15 months we will be establishing a pioneering heritage fruit tree nursery - the start of Kindling’s 100 acre+ agroforestry system - and much more! To do this we will be engaging and skilling up 3,000 people to graft, bud and plant 12,000 heritage fruit trees for the region.

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Willow Weaving Courses

Willow artist and VON volunteer, Cherry Chung has just released new dates for courses that she is running in Manchester in 2021. Whether you want to make a foraging basket or learn how to harvest willow bark for weaving; learn some forest school techniques or make a living willow structure in your garden, there's a range of courses which would also make a great gift for someone crafty. You can buy gift vouchers directly from Cherry. More information at

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