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The Vegan Organic Network (VON): are working towards creating safe and ethical food production, by enriching the soil and actively encouraging wildlife and pollinators. We support farmers & growers and those in transition; produce educational materials, deliver talks and training courses and raise public awareness of how food is grown.

Veganic –otherwise we are dependent on animal agriculture and chemicals to grow our food.

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Capitalism is destroying the Earth. We need a new human right for future generations - George Mobiot

The young people taking to the streets for the climate strike are right: their future is being stolen. The economy is an environmental pyramid scheme, dumping its liabilities on the young and the unborn. Its current growth depends on intergenerational theft.

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What the pesticides in our urine tell us about organic food

A study helps answer a question many of us ask when deciding whether to buy organic food: does it really make a difference?

When Andreina Febres, a mother of two living in Oakland, California, signed up for a study evaluating whether an organic diet could make a difference in the amount of pesticides found in her body, she didn’t know what researchers would find.

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Organic Growing: Supporting Animal Farms?

“People have long been exposed to antibiotics in meat and milk. Now, the new research shows that they also may be ingesting them from vegetables, perhaps even ones grown on organic farms’’

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Vegan Organic Network (VON) at Brighton Vegfest 23/24 March

Vegfest – a wonderful vegan event just across the road from Brighton’s lively seaside front.

Many thanks to the Vegfest team who gave us a warm welcome and provided us with our stall and talks area, we look forward to joining them at London Vegfest in October.

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Spring into action and book onto a veganic course near you.

Shumei, Spiralseed, The Herbal Path, Kindling and many other centre’s are running courses that will inspire.

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If you want to eliminate animal products from your diet, stock-free farmers want your business.

If you want to eliminate animal products from your diet, stock-free farmers want your business. Meat lovers will be forgiven if they feel like the wagons are circling around their protein of choice. The raising of animals for food has been implicated in a host of ethical, environmental, humanitarian and animal welfare problems, while eating animals is increasingly blamed for various health problems.

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Veganic Garden Tips for April

  • Wait for the soil to warm before sowing outdoors
  • Add a spring feed of homemade compost around perennials
  • Remove weeds, keeping a few for pollinators
*We are referring you to Garden Organic's excellent growing know how but please be aware they recommend techniques that are not always veganic in regards to fertility or pest & disease.
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Design 4 Life

Introduction to Veganic Permaculture with Graham Burnett sponsored by the Vegan Organic Network 8th June and 27th July 2019.

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Farmland worm survey reveals worrying results

Britain’s first farmland worm survey has revealed that nearly half the fields in England lack sufficient earthworms which may help explain the alarming decline of one of the country’s most loved birds, the song thrush.

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The symptoms of so-called “gluten intolerance” and celiac disease in are shockingly similar to the symptoms in lab animals exposed to glyphosate.

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There’s a population crisis all right. But probably not the one you think - George Mobiot

This column is about the population crisis. About the breeding that’s laying waste the world’s living systems. But it’s probably not the population crisis you’re thinking of. This is about another one, that we seem to find almost impossible to discuss.

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The UK in 100 Seconds

"What does the United Kingdom really look like? To get a better sense of proportion, let's go on a one hundred second walk across our nation. Each second of the walk reveals 1% of our lands and how they look from above. Are you ready for the UK in 100Seconds?"


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