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‘Veganic’ is a combination of two words ‘vegan’ and ‘organic’. It’s a guarantee that food is grown in an organic way with only plant based fertilizers, encouraging functional biodiversity so pesticides are not necessary. No chemicals, no GMO and no animal by products in any part of the chain.
Veganic food is resilient to the largest problems facing humanity i.e. environmental destruction, pollution of the sea and air and soil erosion.
Veganic otherwise we are dependent on animal agriculture, chemicals, pesticides and herbicides.
In essence, veganic is a logical step beyond organic for those who seek safe food grown in a sustainable manner.

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Organic farming depends on fertilizers consisting of large quantities of animal products such as manure, blood, bone meal, and ground fish. Crops grown veganically, however, use no animal or chemical products and require less water, land, and other resources. For centuries, veganic farmers have produced the best food possible while causing the least harm to animals, insects, and ecosystems. With veganic farming a growing trend, it’s important to understand why this method is so vital to our survival, so here are five things you need to know.

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A Maryland Grain Grower Takes Regenerative Agriculture to the Next Step


Heinz Thomet works in balance with nature to grow highly sought-after specialty crops, while sequestering carbon and building a regional food economy.
In his 20s, farmer Heinz Thomet recalls asking himself: “What do you want to do with your life? Are you going to purchase some mountain valley and live a hermit life… or do you want to be in the world and be part of change?”

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Climate change: Tree planting rise ‘needs to happen quickly’

Significant rises in tree planting in the UK “need to happen quickly” if other targets to cut carbon are not met, government advisers have warned.

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) recommends 30,000 hectares of woodland should be planted annually, more than double the new trees planted last year.

And it said this may have to rise to 50,000 hectares if other carbon reduction targets are not achieved.

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Discover the basics of growing trees

Discover the basics of growing trees and download your free seed harvest handbook.

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Kathleen Jannaway: Planting Seeds and Trees the Vegan Way

The present over-industrialised system degrades people to machine slaves and to programmed consumers of machine products, depriving them of their creativity and other essentials of spiritual growth.

Kathleen Jannaway, 1990.

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A Single Dragonfly Can Eat Hundreds of Mosquitoes Per Day, Plant This to Attract Them to Your Yard

Build a dragonfly pond with the following aquatic plants for all-natural pest control. Never worry about mosquitoes, termites, deerflies, blackflies, horseflies or midges again!


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 Global food producers ‘failing to face up to role’ in climate crisis

Report urges meat, dairy and seafood companies to address impact of industry’s deforestation, use of antibiotics and emissions
The Coller Fairr index ranks 50 of the largest global meat, dairy and fish producers by looking at risk factors from use of antibiotics to deforestation and labour abuses. The producers are the “hidden” supply chain, providing meat and dairy to global brands including McDonald’s, Tesco, Nestlé and Walmart.

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UK’s first commercial crop of chickpeas harvested in Norfolk


The UK’s first commercial crop of chickpeas has been harvested in Norfolk this week.

Up to 20 tonnes of the legume – grown by four farmers across the UK – will eventually be dried and packaged by the Suffolk-based pulse specialist Hodmedod’s and will go on sale in mid-September.

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Veganic Gardening Tips for September

  • Use leafmould or sow green manures to cover bare soil after lifting summer veg.
  • Harvest tomatoes and beans before the first frost strikes.
  • If you bring pots inside, remove all pests, and cover the top layer of soil with grit.

*We are referring you to Garden Organic's excellent growing know how but please be aware they recommend techniques that are not always veganic in regards to fertility or pest and disease.

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What a fantastic day!

Many thanks to Paul Smorthit and Graham Burnett from Spiral Seed, who led and organized two courses at Organic Lea; Design 4 Life – Introduction to Vegan Permaculture 10th June  and Introduction to Forest Gardening 27th July.

So many incredible people looking to move towards a happier, healthier and compassionate future for themselves, their families and communities.

Welcome to everyone who took part, now VON members, may you live long and prosper :-) .

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Autumn Harvest Festival

Dig your potatoes​!

Bring your shovel and reusable grocery bag and join us for our first Harvest Festival. You can harvest our fresh potatoes grown without applying chemicals, fertilisers and animal manures.

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Buy veganic veg online.

It's been nearly 10 years since we started growing our vegetables at Shumei Natural Agriculture Yatesbury and quite a few people asked us about having a veg box delivered. We are pleased to announce that we have started using parcel box. Our vegetables can now be delivered nationwide to your door next day by Royal mail.

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VON at Extinction Rebellion Manchester
Rebellion Manchester September 2019
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