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‘Veganic’ is a combination of two words ‘vegan’ and ‘organic’. It’s a guarantee that food is grown in an organic way with only plant based fertilizers, encouraging functional biodiversity so pesticides are not necessary. No chemicals, no GMO and no animal by products in any part of the chain.
Veganic food is resilient to the largest problems facing humanity i.e. environmental destruction, pollution of the sea and air and soil erosion.
Veganic otherwise we are dependent on animal agriculture, chemicals, pesticides and herbicides.
In essence, veganic is a logical step beyond organic for those who seek safe food grown in a sustainable manner.

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Two Days of Veganic Talks

At VegfestUK London 2019 in October, the Vegan Organic Network are again organising the veganic speakers area. We’ll be having talks on agroecology; permaculture; home growing and community living, providing practical advice on creating abundance while working with nature. There’ll be veganic veg, chocolate and other produce from Shumei, and a comprehensive range of books and information available on the VON stall. 

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Why we are better off without animal manure


Manure causes different kinds of pollution and other environmental problems. In this blog we discuss these problems and possible alternatives for animal manure as a fertilizer.

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Veganic For Climate


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The one good thing about Brexit?
Leaving the EU’s disgraceful farming system

The government’s plans are an improvement, but still fatally flawed. We need a proper agriculture debate
I’m a remainer, but there’s one result of Brexit I can’t wait to see: leaving the EU’s common agricultural policy. This is the farm subsidy system that spends €50bn (£44bn) a year on achieving none of its objectives. It is among the most powerful drivers of environmental destruction in the northern hemisphere. Because payments are made only for land that’s in “agricultural condition”, the system creates a perverse incentive to clear wildlife habitats, even in places unsuitable for farming, to produce the empty ground that qualifies for public money. These payments have led to the destruction of hundreds of thousands of hectares of magnificent wild places across Europe.

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Self-fertilizing gardens

Self-fertilizing gardens are a way of growing fruits and vegetables through creating diverse ecosystems that rely mainly on natural processes. These gardens have permanent raised beds, with water points and trees, to create a system that largely self-regulates. Self-fertilizing gardens (SFG) are part of the wider world of permaculture, since this method of gardening minimizes human actions and management, and allows nature to play its role. 

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“We must change food production to save the world...and shift towards a vegan and vegetarian diet”

So states the Intergovernment Panel for Climate Change.
The report goes on: “In addition, about half of all emissions of methane, one of the most potent greenhouse gases, come from cattle...” The report could go on to say that we slaughter 50 billion farmed animals every year and that this cruelty is reflected in the systematic way we are destroying the earth.

We, the Vegan Organic Network, have been promoting veganic farming and living for more than 20 years. The veganic system incorporates, care of the soil, agroforestry, crop rotation, green manures, plant based compost - all the sustainable methods that meet the IPCC recommendations if we are to avoid climate catastrophe.

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Veganic Gardening Tips for August

*We are referring you to Garden Organic's excellent growing know how but please be aware they recommend techniques that are not always veganic in regards to fertility or pest and disease.

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Six inches from extinction

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Animal Rebellion: 7-19 October

It’s time to talk about the elephant in the room…
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Questionnaire Raffle Competition Winner

Alyson Tyler from Dumfries won the bar of veganic chocolate.
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