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  • Do we now stop asking for medical certificates?
  • The role of the Data Protection Officer
  • For your directors and managers – reaching their full potential
  • Conducting Investigations and Disciplinary Hearings
Do we now stop asking for medical certificates?



A recent statement issued by the Ministry for the Family, Children’s Rights and Social Solidarity said that those who are unable to go to work for a maximum of three days or less are no longer required to have medical certificate from a doctor. The aim of this measure is to reduce running around by the public. However this does not mean that you need to stop asking for the medical certificate.

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The role of the Data Protection Officer 

There is a lot to be said on this topic and the following article is just a snap shot.

Do you need to appoint a Data Protection Officer or can you do without one but still have peace of mind that someone within the company is overlooking your GDPR compliance?

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Hope that you all had a lovely Easter break! It is always good to stop for a while and recharge our batteries. At 21 Law we managed to also have a very short break however needless to say that the GDPR work is keeping us very busy. It is good to see a number of companies taking this law on board and working their way through it. Is it easy? No it is not, yet it is a law we all must comply with.

However we are making sure to keep other topics which are of interest to you all alive and kicking and in view of this we have the next 3 workshops planned out. We have a few seats left for the workshop Conducting an Investigation and Disciplinary hearing and we are always happy to take on any suggestions you may have for future workshops. We look forward to seeing you soon and I take this opportunity to thank you all for participating and a thank you also goes to our sponsors who truly believe in us and support us.

Keep an eye for the coming month's newsletter edition as we will be announcing some news related to Advisory 21 and 21 Law.

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For your directors and managers - reaching their full potential

Every organisation aims to make each and every employee reach their full potential and directors and managers are also part of a company’s aim to improve its people. It is a win win. For directors and managers to fulfil their role more effectively it is essential that they have a sound knowledge of various aspects of Maltese law. They are accountable for the people they manage as well as for any commercial transaction they may be involved in and much more. It is also important for them to understand what their legal obligations as well as any potential consequences for failure to comply.  In view of this essential business need the course Law for Directors and Managers was created. It covers various aspects of the law that directors and managers should know and the topics are covered in 8 lectures hence keeping in mind their busy schedule. This short course is starting in May and is being organised in collaboration with Business Leader Academy. For further details please click here.

The lectures are held by lawyers specialised in their field and the topics covered are the following:

Understanding Company Law (Part 1 & 2); Tricky Data Protection Points; Practical issues - Employment Law (Part 1 & 2); Commercial Agreements; General Overview of Health and Safety Law; Competition Law in Practice 

We often are asked many questions in relation to this topic such as: Do I really have to hold an investigation for misconduct of an employee? What does an investigation really entail? With regard to the disciplinary procedure what are the necessary steps? Does the employee have a right to be accompanied by a lawyer? Who does what throughout this whole process? These questions and much more will be tackled in the workshop being held on Wednesday 25th April at 21 Business Centre, Naxxar. Furthermore this workshop will also include a presentation by Michael Fenech from Ideas Alive who will help all participants be assertive and deal with the process effectively.  For more information on this workshop as well as the others we have planned for you please click here.

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