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I can’t believe it’s already December 1st. In Pittsburgh we’ve seen our first dusting of snow and the Target Holiday Aisle is in full force. Right now I’m very motivated to organize my apartment, but trying to stay focused on one area at a time. I’m planning on doing one organization project a month instead of trying to do everything at once.  That way I can give each space the time and attention it needs.  


I’m really interested in any feedback from all of you. Have you ever cooked one of my recipes? Did they turn out?  What is your favorite newsletter section? Do you ever check out my blog? Please feel free to reply to this email with any thoughts or ideas. 



What I’m buying this month reflects how inspired I am to get organized.  Label makers, bins and bags, two planners!  I am working on organize my coat closet (and I plan to post about it on my blog once it’s done, stay tuned).  I replaced all my mismatched plastic and wire hangers with these nice wooden ones from IKEA.  They cost $4.50 for a set of 8.  I bought two sets to have enough for our coats and extras for guests.  For less than $10, my coat closet already looks so much more put together.  Next, I want to buy three metal locker bins to hold winter accessories, shoe care items, and reusable grocery bags.  I like these ones from Schoolhouse, but this one from H&M is cheaper and comes in black.  

On a recent trip to Chicago I picked up this jacket and a flannel shirt from Uniqlo that I absolutely love.  I ordered a second flannel shirts because they are so comfortable and flattering.  The jacket comes in twelve colors, but I just got basic black.  I order this zip pouch from Everlane on Black Friday, but I’m still waiting for it to get here.  I love organizing my bag or backpack with pouches.  This bag from Muji is great because it opens flat.  I think this would be useful for travel toiletries or electronics.  

My new favorite personal care product this month is Cetaphil’s Cleansing Cloths.  They are the first make up remover wipe that does not leave my skin feeling irritated and itchy.  The wipes are also reasonably priced and widely available.  I like keeping a travel sized packet in my purse to touch up any smudged eye make up.  I ordered, but did not love, Glossier’s Milk Jelly Cleanser.  I think it smells unpleasant, like plastic.  I think I’ll stick to Philosophy Purity for face wash, my favorite for the last eight years.  So far the only product from Glossier I really love is boy brow, which I use almost every day.  

With a new year around the corner I had to buy a new planner.  Through and since college I’ve been using Moleskine’s Weekly Horizontal Planner, but this year I opted for the pocket-sized with a different lay out, which I like because one side is for appointments and the other is for notes or to-do lists.  The other planner I’me excited to try is this task planner which helps organize goals and projects.  



Ikea Hangers, H&M Locker Bin, Moleskin Planner, Task Planner, Uniqlo Jacket, Schoolhouse Locker Bin, Everlane Pouch, Uniqlo Flannel, Dymo Label Maker, Cetaphil Wipes, Glossier, Muji Pouch

Book Club

I have a ton of books on my list this month:

Candide - What I’m reading right now.  Candide is like a parody of the tale of an aristocrat.  It’s very short and fun to read.  

An Elderly Lady Is Up to No Good - A humorous book about an 88 year old Swedish woman murders anyone who gets in her way.  

Faithful Place - A 19-year-old man plans to run away with his girlfriend but she never shows up at the train station, he assumes she left him until 22 years later when her suitcase is discovered in an abandoned house.  Don’t you want to read this book now?

Small Fry - I am eager to read this memoir about Lisa-Brennan Jobs, the daughter of Steve Jobs.  
Damnation Island - A history of Riker’s Island and how New York treated the poor, mentally ill, and criminal. 

Art Thinking - This book is a practical guide to navigating creative self-employment with advice detailing how the worlds of creativity and commerce collide.


Field Trip

Schoolhouse Pittsburgh

Almost every month, my shopping list has something on it from Schoolhouse.  I found out last year that they were opening a location in Pittsburgh and now that it’s here I’ve been a few times.  I love everything they sell, especially the kitchen goods and textiles.  The Pittsburgh location also has a coffee shop run by the folks from The Vandal (one of my favorite restaurants in Pittsburgh).  

I love all of their linens and these locker baskets, which I'm thinking about using to organize my coat closet. 

When I visit the kitchens section, I feel like someone just put all my favorite things on one shelf.  

In The Kitchen


Breakfast Smoothie

When I’m working early it’s so hard for me to eat before work.  I’m definitely one of those people who just isn’t hungry at 6:45 in the morning.  However, I know how important it is to start the day with something.  My solution has been a basic yet balanced smoothie. 


1 sliced, frozen banana 
1 cup almond milk 
1 tbl almond butter 
1 scoop protein powder 
2 cups spinach  


Blend it all in a blender! Layer frozen banana pieces and almond milk beneath spinach leaves for best results.  

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