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Interagency Airtanker Base Subcommittee

This new group of safety topics has been created by airtanker personnel and the Interagency Airtanker Base Subcommittee (IABS) with the purpose of addressing the hazards and safety considerations specific to airtanker base operations.

The current list of topics are:

  • Emergencies On The Ramp
  • Foreign Objects and Debris (FOD)
  • Hot Loading
  • Jet and Prop Blast
  • Spills
  • Wing Walking
  • Mixing Airtanker Types
  • Marshalling Aircraft in Low-Light Conditions
  • Simultaneous Loading & Fueling (SL&F)
These topics will not be included in the daily calendar but will be available on the 6MFS website.
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National Wildfire Coordinating Group
Our mission is to provide national leadership to enable interoperable wildland fire operations among federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial partners.  NWCG operations standards are interagency by design; they are developed with the intent of universal adoption by the member agencies.  However, the decision to adopt and utilize them is made independently by the individual member agencies and communicated through their respective directives systems.
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