Technologies to Watch in 2018

As we are approaching the end of 2017 it is time for lists like this one featuring the top technologies to watch in the upcoming months.

This is the first part of a series where I want so share some insightful articles and other discoveries of the year with you guys. This edition features content about quantum computing, facial recognition and blockchain.

Furthermore, I am delighted to share the latest episode of the Sparkr Podcast with you where I had the chance to talk to Daniel Gutenberg, an amazingly successful unicorn investor with great insights and valuable opinions that are definitely worth your attention.

Do you also have favorite articles, books, documentaries or podcasts that you'd like to share? Send me a note! I am happy to learn what excites you.

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Quantum Computing

The driving force of the current computing paradigm, Moore's Law, shows sings of slowing down. At the same time the next wave of computing power is on the horizon with quantum computing which has the potential to put today's supercomputers to shame.

« While an ordinary bit can be either a 1 or a 0, a quantum bit (qubit) can be both a 1 and 0 at the same time. That means two qubits can represent four numbers at the same time, three qubits can represent eight numbers, and nine qubits 512 numbers simultaneously. In other words, their capability increases exponentially. » - quote from MIT article below (Google's Blueprint)

It goes without saying that this opens up the next frontier in computing and has amazing potential for encryption, biotech, AI etc.

Google's Blueprint for Quantum Computing
IBM Simulates Molecules and Other Applications of QC
Facial Recognition

Many of the latest flagship smartphones feature some kind of facial recognition software as an unlocking mechanism - some more user friendly and sofiticated than others. The now available iPhone X takes this tech to a new level in the consumer market and opens a new frontier - with potential and privacy pitfalls.

« Google has explicitly turned its back on matching faces to identities, for fear of its misuse by undemocratic regimes. Other tech firms seem less picky. Amazon and Microsoft are both using their cloud services to offer face recognition; it is central to Facebook’s plans. Governments will not want to forgo its benefits. Change is coming. » - quote from The Economist's special report on facial recognition.

Get yourself familiar with what we are facing (pun intended).

'The Economist' Special Report on Facial Recognition
China Is Leading the World in Real-World Applications
How to Hack iPhone X's Facial Recognition With 3D-Printing
Blockchain and Bitcoin

Every CEO or innovation evangelist says they are doing X on the blockchain and indeed we beginn to see blockchain applications beyond the POC stage. At the same time, blockchain's most famous application, Bitcoin, is in the midst of a quasi religious conflict. 

« The market’s rosy outlook is in stark contrast to the prognosis many insiders give to Bitcoin right now: The almost nine-year-old cryptocurrency is facing its gravest test yet. Whether or not it will survive, or in what form, is anyone’s guess. » - quote from Forbes (Battle For The Soul Of Bitcoin)

Take a moment and read the in-depth analysis of the current state of Bitcoin and check out a start-up that is offering a decentralized insurance for flights and crops on the blockchain as well as an blockchain-based energy grid in Brooklyn.

Battle for the Soul of Bitcoin
Insurance on the Blockchain: Etherisc
Energy on the Blockchain: LO3
Daniel Gutenberg

Inside the Mind of a Unicorn Investor

Daniel Gutenberg has an amazing track record as a business angel and investor. He invested early in Facebook and super-hot start-ups like Israel's Mobileye which got acquired by Intel for over $ 15bn earlier this year. Daniel Gutenberg can say with confidence that he is specialized in unicorns since he has more than 10 of them in his portfolio.
In this episode of the Sparkr Podcast we talk about how he assesses risks and opportunities, the mindset of a contrarian, what investing has to do with surfing (Daniel was a surf instructor in Hawaii), what's the future of education and much, much more. Enjoy!

Insights on the Sparkr Blog
Podcast on iTunes
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