Nothing of great value can be achieved alone. To gather people around one mission and channel their forces, it is crucial to tell compelling stories. It is the art of storytelling that inspires people and it is a super power that will serve you well.

This edition of the newsletter is taking a closer look at how great stories are crafted, how data can tell stories about you and how difficult it is to spot fake stories.

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Sparkr Podcast: The Art of Storytelling

I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with the former Apple marketing manager Jennifer during a visit in Silicon Valley. In this entertaining and insightful episode of the Sparkr Podcast we talk about the power of stories, why they are crucial for your organization and personal life, how you craft a great, persuasive vision and much much more.

Sparkr Podcast: The Art of Storytelling
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Psychographics: The Stories Your Data Tells Others

You know about psychographics because you heard about the Cambridge Analytica story. Psychographics is the study of individuals based on their activities, interests, and opinions. Psychographic marketing for example is perfectly suited to help advertisers capitalize on impulsive decision-making. According to a 2009 experiment, psychographically-informed behavioral targeting increases click rates by 670%.

In this deep dive about Psychographics you learn how this data can be collected, how companies and industries leverage this data and more.

Psychographics Deep Dive

Deep Fakes: You Won’t Believe What Obama Says In This Video

Deep Fakes are videos in which well known people like presidents or celebrities say things they actually never said. With the help of artificial intelligence anyone can make everyone say anything - just as the video above demonstrates.

The US military is funding an effort to spot AI powered deep fakes because “we're moving into an era where seeing is no longer going to be believing." (Paul Scharre, director of the Center for a New American Security’s technology and national security program).

Learn More About Deep Fakes

Stories of Digitalization

Digitalization writes new stories in mobility, education, health, work and much more. On the second national Swiss Digital Day on 25th October, everyone can experience what "digital" means first hand.

Sparkr is proud to be in the lead together with digitalswitzerland for one of the main stories to be told on Digital Day. Stay tuned.

More About Digital Day

What Is Your Story?

Sparkr is very happy to help its clients turn their visions and stories into reality, adding value to the world. What is your story and how would you like to move forward?

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