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This is the second part of a series where I want so share some insightful articles about impactful technologies. In this edition, I selected stories about AI (what else?), CRISPR and Ocean Technology.

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Artificial Intelligence

«Artificial intelligence is an increasingly seamless part of our everyday lives, present in everything from web searches to social media to home assistants like Alexa. But what do we do if this massively important technology is unintentionally, but fundamentally, biased?» - intro from MIT article below (Biased Algorithms)

Another major shift happened last year, when Google's Deep Mind team upgraded their famous AI called AlphaGo to the latest version AlphaGo Zero.

«Whereas the original AlphaGo learned by ingesting data from hundreds of thousands of games played by human experts, AlphaGo Zero started with nothing but a blank board and the rules of the game. It learned simply by playing millions of games against itself, using what it learned in each game to improve.»

«The new program represents a step forward in the quest to build machines that are truly intelligent. That’s because machines will need to figure out solutions to difficult problems even when there isn’t a large amount of training data to learn from.» - quotes from MIT article below (DeepMind's Achievements)

Biased Algorithms
DeepMind's Achievements


«The hope is that CRISPR could be used to cure some of the most devastating inherited disorders and cancers, some of which have no or few current treatment options. Scientists want to deploy the technology to fix genetic errors in a person’s DNA, getting at the root of disease.» - quote from MIT article (Introduction to CRISPR)

CRISPR is also very interesting because it unveils shifts in global technology advancements and research: «China is far ahead of the US in CRISPR cancer studies due to its less stringent approval requirements, but the US and Europe are set to see their first human trials of the gene-editing technique this year; with potentially transformative implications across medicine, agriculture, and even chemical products.» - quote from the CB insights research briefing (CRISPR Deep Dive).

Introduction to CRISPR
CRISPR Deep Dive
Ocean Technology

I was intrigued by The Economists' Technology Quarterly segment about ocean technology.

Besides all explorative efforts, we still know relatively little about the oceans. This is about to change with autonomous under water vessels, robots and powerful sensors fueled by the smartphone boom of the last decade.

There's big business to be found in the oceans. Obviously, fishing is one large industry of the seas. But there's more: Estimates say for example that a specific part of the Pacific «holds more nickel, cobalt and manganese than all known terrestrial deposits of those metals put together. The World Bank expects the battery industry’s demand for these, and other, minerals to increase if the transition to clean energy speeds up enough to keep global temperatures below the limits set in the Paris agreement on climate.» - quote from The Economist (see link below)

There's a whole new world to discover and this still new frontier must to be treated with extreme care, wonder and ingenuity.

Learn more about Ocean Technologies and their Importance for our Planet and for Business
Mix Things Up!


We have a better understanding of space than of the oceans.

Long story short: Elon Musks' Tesla Roadster is now cruising around in Space playing David Bowie's 'Life on Mars?'. It's the result of passionate engineers, nerds, entrepreneurs and visionaries at Space X.

What can you do with your team?

Enjoy Bowie's Great Song
Watch the Thrilling and Emotional Launch of Falcon Heavy
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