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Residents' Newsletter

A big "thank you"

Firstly a big thank you to all the families that took part in the big litter pick at the beginning of March. Over thirty bags of rubbish were collected. It is almost certain that those people picking up litter were not the ones that dropped it in the first place! Why is it so difficult to take it home for disposal? I do accept that there are a limited number of waste bins around the Village but I don’t believe that placing more would make a significant difference. It is an attitudinal thing! Why is it that some individuals simply can't be bothered and assume someone else will clear it all up? It makes no sense to me but then I'm of an age when not doing the right thing got you a clip round the ear!

Planning Application for the Barn

A change of use planning application had been submitted to turn The Barn into a day nursery. The deadline for comments was 31st March with the decision possibly being taken on 24th April. The CIC along with the Community Partnership want to see The Barn being used for the benefit of the Village and on the surface, a nursery might seem to fit the bill. However both groups objected on the grounds of a significant increase in traffic and all that this would entail.

The CIC Position

It should be stressed that if the issues of traffic, noise, poor road layout and parking for the nursery could be resolved we would support a new application. All of the documents relating to this case are to be found on the MSDC Planning website.

Community Garden

We are pleased to report that the issues surrounding the maintenance of the Community Garden seem to have been resolved. Cutting the grass will be undertaken by the Kent Grasslands our current landscape contractor and we would like to thank them for their contribution to the Village. The Public Liability Insurance will be paid by the CIC for another year at which time, April 2018, the ongoing cost will be subsumed within the cover in place for the rest of the Village. We would like to thank Pembroke for helping to find a pragmatic and workable solution.

Pembroke "surgeries"

Monthly surgeries will start shortly at which residents may come to discuss any issues with Pembroke and the Community Interest Company. They are to be held monthly at the Woodside and will alternate between mornings and afternoons as well as being held on different days of the week. We hope that you will take full advantage of the opportunity.

This is the difference a bit of grass cutting makes

...and finally

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