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Equipping our pupils to thrive as global citizens in their adult world.
Inspiration, Aspiration, Perspiration!
This Week at Framlingham College

Enabling Every Person To Be In FLOW.

The Vision 2025 sets out the Pastoral Care objectives:

  • To support and nurture the wellbeing of every member of the Framlingham College Community.
  • To ensure the personal growth of each child, developing their self-belief and resilience.

Oliver Lloyd, Deputy Head (Pastoral) at the Senior School and Jo Coventry-King, Deputy Head (Pastoral) at the Prep School will deliver this vision through the implementation of FLOW at Framlingham College. This is partially in process already, but it is being further developed and fine-tuned to be in place by the start of the next academic year.
All aspects of pastoral care will come under the FLOW umbrella from HMs, Tutors, Teachers, Medical Staff, Learning Support, PSHE and RSE to assemblies and worship delivering a cohesive programme from 3-18.

The ideas behind FLOW come from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a co-founder of positive psychology and Martin Seligman, whose groundbreaking work on the concept of FLOW is the guiding principle of our programme.
Put simply, FLOW is the point at which a human being is so ‘in balance’ that they are moving effortlessly through the challenges of life; it is the centre ground between your comfort zone and a reasonable level of challenge so that you are in your optimal ‘flow’. 
Oliver Lloyd said, “The bottom line for me is that we care profoundly about the education and wellbeing of every child. Every member of staff is committed to doing all that we can to make their passage through the College a happy, healthy, empowering and exciting experience, full of light-bulb moments, kindness and joy!”

Our Values

Everything that we do and everything we will be putting in place for next year is underpinned by our six values:

Perseverance, Integrity, Respect, Kindness, Courage and Aspiration.

These will be embedded in all aspects of College life and we will be working with pupils in the first instance, and subsequently all other stakeholders, to articulate how they relate to everyday life in school. 
For example, this week, to mark Anti-Bullying Week, and to discuss the importance of Respect, Integrity, Kindness and Courage, we have launched the Bully-Free Promise. This has been discussed in tutor time with every child and they have been asked to sign this pledge.

Mrs North addressed the Senior School on this topic in her Principal’s Address this week and will be speaking with the Prep School children on Monday. (See bottom of this newsletter.)
We also joined in the National event, Odd Socks Day (see picture above), to encourage everyone to express themselves and to celebrate our individuality.

House Singing.

House Singing is one of the highlights of the year. It is an activity that unites our pupils across all years in their Houses and builds strong bonds for the year ahead. Every pupil in the Prep School has been busy pre-recording their parts of their House Songs to be ‘mixed’ by Mrs Hankey for the actual event later this term. We can’t wait to hear what they have been up to.

In the meantime, click on the video above to see a film that explains and shows House Spirit at its best from the House Singing Competition at the Senior School earlier this term.
Prep School House Singing
Mentoring Each Child To Learn Valuable Life Skills To Thrive In Their Adult World.

Every member of staff plays a different, important part in the holistic pastoral care of our young people. 

Laurence Denvir, Tutor, French Teacher and Rugby Coach, presented “MePLC” to his tutor group and then to the whole of Year 9 in their assembly on Friday. MePLC is about the importance of defining and then living by your own personal brand. He drew on his 20+ year career in Investment Banking around the world, mentoring young people in his teams, to encourage our Year 9 pupils to think about their own legacy – what do they want to be known for?

He said, “It is great to have ambitions to drive you, but you need to channel that energy to produce a tangible plan to get there. You need to take control of how people perceive you and the steps to realise your ambition.”

Laurence went on to talk about the importance of clearly defining their own actions and behaviours and then living and breathing them every day in order to reach their goals.
Jamie Kingstone, Assistant Director of Sport explains that a career in sport has taught him vital skills of self-reflection, self-moderation, and respect. It is clear that as our sporting staff spend such a large amount of one on one time with our pupils, often in a different context - on a bus to a match, at a tournament, on a pitch - they get to know them and understand them as individuals which encourages our young people to talk to them openly and personally.
The skills of self-awareness and self-reflection are central to Mr Kingstone’s coaching philosophy. Every week, members of the 1st XIs refer to a critical White Board at the gates to the astro. Every member of each team has to log on the board how they are feeling at the start of the session. This awareness of both how they are feeling as they turn up to train, as well as everyone else in their team (including their coach) has a tangible impact on their sessions. Personal targets are set for each person for each training session and each person has to log on the board whether they think that they did in fact achieve their target for that session before they leave.

Targets are set for each team for every match and the team has to self-reflect after the game. Anonymous surveys are sent to each player so they can think critically about their own play, and that of their team so that they learn to formulate their own opinions and strategies.
These essential life skills are applicable across their educational journey. Goal setting and self-reflection are key parts of progress. “You can always be better” says Mr. Kingstone.
Opportunities To Volunteer Help Our Pupils To Develop Empathy And Communication.

Mark Robinson, Deputy Head (Co-Curricular) commented this week on how being in lockdown has presented an opportunity for our Year 11 and 12 pupils to develop their skills of Empathy and Communication.
Several of our pupils are involved in running Phab Club, now remotely, enabling children with and without disabilities in our community to come together.

It requires great empathy from our pupils as they think about the needs of each family member of the children for whom we run Phab Club. The purpose may be to engage one of the young people, but the target audience is in fact the whole family, so the learning opportunity for our pupils is significant. Mr Robinson says, “it is a profoundly enriching exercise. We are constantly progressing and getting better.”
“I was really happy with how Phab Club went this week! I felt a great sense of achievement seeing everyone enjoying the bingo and quiz that I had put a lot of work and time into. I wasn't nervous going into it as I felt prepared and I know everyone I'm speaking to is so lovely. I learnt that when being in control (and this is in general too) people really listen and are dependent on you; they rely on and follow you.” - Kitty Dutton.

Equally, our pupils volunteering their time in the community as part of their DofE awards have learnt about empathy, commitment and communication during this lockdown. They have had to learn to use different communication methods as visiting the people that they help has not been an option. Some of our pupils have volunteered to walk dogs for some more elderly members of our community. They have learnt how reliant these individuals are on them and that they need to honour their commitment, no matter what. They have also learnt not to pre-judge or assume anything about these individuals simply because they are from a particular generation or sector of society. One of the most lovely learnings has been appreciating the value of a hand-written letter.

“These are not throw-away. Letters are very often cherished, read and re-read. They require more effort, thought and careful use of language with greater creative thought” commented Mr Robinson.

Brynn Bayman made Honorary Canon.

Brynn Bayman, Rev B, is another pillar of our Pastoral Care team at Framlingham College. This week he has been made an Honorary Canon – a significant recognition of his dedication.

St Edmundsbury Cathedral, as lead by Bishop Martin, collated eight Honorary Canons into the Cathedral as part of the wider Chapter and College of Canons. Rev Brynn Bayman was installed in the seat of St Fursa, with a special focus on Education for young people. It is usually awarded in recognition of long and dedicated service to the diocese.
We have not heard of a School Chaplain being Canonized before and this reflects our Bishop's sense of the value we as a school play in the wider work of the Church and Suffolk Community. He has a very high regard for all that Framlingham College is doing.
Rev Bayman said, “All that we do is to foster kindness in our community, spark a search for the meaning of life and to feed off the company of others. I am most definitely NOT interested in titles, but was, will and always will be there to support, encourage and inspire our pupils, staff, parents and the wider community.”

Stretching And Applying Our Pupils’ Learning.

We have appointed Subject Ambassadors in the Senior and the Prep School to inspire their fellow students about their subjects.

Our Physics Ambassador, Veronika Lamparska, has organised a Physics lecture to be delivered by a Scientist whom she met at a Physics Summer School at Comenius University in Slovakia a couple of years ago. She was so inspired by him that she has kept in touch. He is now a lecturer at Birmingham University and is looking forward to sharing some of his wisdom with our pupils.

Veronika recently completed her Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). The EPQ offers an exciting and liberating opportunity for any Sixth Form pupil who wishes to work on a largely self-directed and self-motivated project and to broaden their intellectual horizons. After watching a documentary on the Placebo Effect, she chose to research, ‘To what extent can the placebo effect help to fight Parkinson’s Disease?’. Veronika was inspired by the project and feels that her research and communication skills improved significantly as a result, preparing her well for a possible career in research.

Veronika also pursued an internship in Astrophysics at a University in Slovakia in the summer. She absolutely loved being part of the multi-national team of pioneering researchers. She believes that there are broad applications of astrophysics in everyday life and that this field of study needs particular attention.

Veronika joined Framlingham College at the start of Year 12. She feels that Framlingham College has helped her in so many ways. First, her eyes have been opened to programming with Head of Computer Science, Mr John Harrod. She also says that she has been supported to make huge progress in Maths and she was delighted to use Calculus in her Astrophysics internship. Finally, Veronika has been so energised by the practical aspect of the Physics curriculum here. She had only studied Physics theory prior to joining Framlingham College and believes that the practical learning brings the subject to life.

We will wait with anticipation to see what Veronika chooses to pursue next.

* You will require a translator service on your computer to read this article, for example Google Translate.
Former Framlingham College teacher, Áine O'Brien, talks about her Roving with Rosalind project.
To mark National Astronomy Week 2020, our Physics GCSE pupils took part in an event called Mars Encounter hosted by the Royal Astronomical Society. Experts on extra-terrestrial exploration from the Glasgow Science Centre, the University of Glasgow and the Natural History Museum talked about martian exploration and collecting data with Mars Rovers.

The pupils then had a go at designing and creating their own rovers with the help of the ‘Roving with Rosalind’ Team. 

It was super to see Áine O’Brien who taught Physics at Framlingham College before deciding to go on to study for a PhD at The Science Centre at Glasgow University.

Our Computer Science Scholar in Year 9, Tommy Bell was inspired by professional developers to create a bot. He proactively researched what he had to do by asking other developers in his community on Discord, a network where you can talk, collaborate and share ideas with like-minded people. Although he could have used Python, a language he was already familiar with, he challenged himself to learn JavaScript. Tommy then used his knowledge of coding to improvise the code to create a bot that will respond to a command written in the chat function.

As a scholar, Tommy has a weekly one to one meeting with his mentor, Mr Harrod. Mr Harrod was so impressed when he saw Tommy’s work that he recommended Tommy for a Head’s Commendation. When we asked Tommy what he was planning to work on next, he replied, “Mr Harrod has given me access to the professional version of Code Academy so that I can further my learning. And, after COVID-19, I am really looking forward to spending more time with the other Scholars as it is very inspiring seeing what they have been up to.”
John Harrod said, “Tommy has used a wide range of programming languages including JavaScript. This is a very, very impressive achievement bringing together many skills to host it online and make it usable.”

Our Year 12 French A Level pupils have written and performed a play this week.

This was a fun and creative way of our French students to use their language skills and apply them to a real situation within the framework of the syllabus they are following.

Daisy Ford, Subject Ambassador for French says, “We are studying a module on ‘Family’. We drafted a play as a group about a family coming together for Christmas (fraught with complex family dynamics). We have applied our learning to a real concept that we all understand. It has been so fun doing it; I think we will all really remember it.” 

Mr Bernard Dyer, Head of French, explained that this was a new idea that he was inspired to try as it was an interactive way of looking at the topic they were studying.  He added, “and the pupils have loved working on it.”

Our Languages Subject Ambassador at the Prep School, Ella Ogilvie delivered a fantastic short story in French at the Junior Prep Assembly. Ella was chosen as the Subject Ambassador because of her enthusiasm for French particularly. She lived in France and went to school there a few years ago. Dominic Wade, Head of Languages at the Prep School said, “As Subject Ambassador Ella wants to inspire others to have the same enthusiasm for learning languages as she does. The younger year groups can see Ella as a role model speaking French and having fun with the language.”

The story was a simple farm-yard tale as animals are always popular with Years 3 and 4. The illustrations were fun and the French was simple enough to understand. Ella is also planning a treasure hunt and a Christmas activity pack for the younger years. Fabuleux!

We will look forward to hearing from our other Subject Ambassadors in subsequent weeks.

Talking of Treasure Hunts…

Our Nursery children were so excited to go on a Treasure Hunt on Thursday morning and in doing so, they nurtured their skills of Communication, Problem Solving, Negotiation and Resourcefulness.

Principal's Weekly Address

Anti-bullying Week: Sticks and stones...

Tuesday 17 November 2020 

"I wish I could say that I stood up to those girls and boys from the start, that I challenged their nastiness, that I rose above it and didn’t let them upset me. That was certainly what I was told to do. But in the early years, that simply wasn’t true. I didn’t believe that I could change things, I thought that it was just the way things had to be..."

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Published: Saturday 21 November 2020
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Equipping our pupils to thrive as global citizens in their adult world.

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