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Hello, it is winter

I hope everyone who's with me in the Northern hemisphere is managing through our encroaching winter okay. It's often a hard time at the best of times, and well.. 

Take care of yourselves, don't beat yourself up if you just wanna nap rather than do anything remotely productive. Reach out to your pals and let's look after each other the best we can. Next month I'll try and put together a bunch of winter survival ideas and resources, so please send any my way that you can think of and I'll share. Till then, just remember there's only 10 days to go till the days start getting longer again.

This is going to be so contradictory as the rest of this newsletter is filled of ways to spend money (sorry), but please, try not to feel to pressured to spend spend spend this season. Especially if you're going through hard financial times, it's not your individual responsibility to ~save the economy~, and not giving gifts doesn't mean you don't love someone. 

If you do want to give something without spending money this year, you can make something, write a thoughtful letter, create a collage of photos of times you've spent together, make them a zine!!, or make plans of things you can spend time together once we're all safer to do so. The most frustrating thing about this year is watching our political leaders prioritise our roles as Good Productive Workers over our health and connections with our loved ones. Take time to show the people in your love and support as best you can from afar, but giving them stuff isn't important.

And if you do buy things! Shop second hand, or local, or from individuals and small businesses (I don't even care if it's not mine, as long as it's someones). Absolutely fuck Amazon and boycott them if that's accessible to you. 

Ok so, gifts!

So here's the part where I try to flog you stuff, because we sadly do need money to take part in society.

I now sell both physical and e-gift cards! They start from £5 and make really handy gifts, plus sales of these mean help me expand my stock selection and support more zinesters, writers and artists. I can post or send them directly with any message of your choice. Grab one here.

More gift ideas >>

  • I've got a range of badges, patches, stickers, tote bags, and pins that make great stocking fillers.
  • Let's Make Zines! is a set of 6 zines that would be great for anyone who you'd like to introduce to zine making. And Stolen Sharpie Revolution is the perfect pocket-sized but comprehensive introduction to zine culture in general.
  • Surviving Christmas is a zine about surviving Christmas as a sad queer person.
  • Gears For Queers is a book from some of my fave zinesters, for fans of queer cycling or travel adventures.
  • I can't recommend Overcoming Burnout enough, especially after the year we've had! It explores recovering from burnout from an activist standpoint, but I think it's relevant to anyone who moves through the world dealing with oppression.
  • Crap Hound are a series of books jam-packed full of graphics that are amazing resources for anyone who loves to make cut-n-paste zines.
  • Fat Activism: A Radical Social Movement is a rare insider’s view of fat people speaking about their lives and politics on their own terms, by the wonderful Dr Charlotte Cooper.
Feel free to tweet me at @penfight if you'd like any personalised recommendations!

My last order date for Christmas postage in the UK is December 17th. I'll still be posting after that, but it may not arrive on time.

Pay-It-Forward Scheme

I recently launched a pay-it-forward scheme to provide shop vouchers for anyone who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford zines and books from me. I'd love it if you could send a donation if you can! Once there are funds available I will publicise how you can apply to claim a voucher.

'Making Things' A 2-colour Riso print by Kristyna Baczynski 

'Publishing Things' A 2-colour Riso print by Kristyna Baczynski 

Rum Lad - issue 13

New set of badges!
Re-designed from the Risograph prints I made for Fatty Acid, you can get these individually of as a set.

Straight White Boys Don't Own Punk sticker
(currently on pre-order, but they're currently on their way from the printers to me now)

Drawn Poorly - issue 6 (Nature)

Learning Good Consent: Building Ethical Relationships in a Complicated World

Dardishi - issue 1

The Bi-ble: Essays and Narratives About Bisexuality - I'm stocking both volume one and volume two

So Hormonal: Essays About Our Hormones
Please support these folks doing good work by sharing, offering to volunteer, or sending them financial support if you can afford to do so.

Micro Rainbow provide safe homes for LGBTI asylum seekers going through the gruelling asylum process in the UK. You can help them with a one-off or regular donation here

For folks over in the US, there's currently a crowdfunder to build a new home for BluestockingsBluestockings is a volunteer-powered and collectively-owned radical bookstore and activist centre in New York, which is home to a whole lot of zines too.


Working Class Rage: I'm still accepting submissions for the 2nd issue of A Whisper of a SHout: working Class Rage. Deadline is currently open, but I'm looking to put it together sometime in early 2021. See more info here.

Cyclista Zine issue 4: short stories, visual art, photography, thoughts, poetry, rants, essays, how-to’s, mini zines and doodles all related to themes of ‘representation’ in cycling! BIPOC, trans/queer folks of color, and disabled folks are especially encouraged to submit their work. Deadline: Jan 6th 2021 - more info here 

Over Here Zine Fest: want to hear from people of colour based in the UK about anything that has brought you joy. Deadline: Dec 13th (be quick!). Submit to: - more info here

Zines you can get from other places

Getting Fat, Kicking Ass and Taking Names: writing and art about getting fat, what's great about it and why you shouldn't treat weight gain like the end of the world. - buy it here

Two new issues of Lunchtime For The Wild Youth! Issue 31 is a Lemonheads special and Issue 32 is more from the gig diary, covering part of 2004 - buy them here

FEM ZINE has a range of zines, posstcards and prints in their store, including if I was your boyfriend and 4 Brown Girls Who Write - buy them here

Quizology issues 1 & 2: Everybody is doing quizzes online nowadays - but how many women are in the questions? As the coronavirus crisis entrenches gender inequality, keep up the fight against the patriarchy with Quizology's feminist quizzes - buy them here

Vampire Hag distro is back from their break earlier this year. If you've somehow not come across them before, they have an excellent range of zines, prints, and stickers available - see their store here
Zine Fair Lady is a choose-your-own-adventure video game about visiting a queer zine fair as a trans woman. This came out a few years ago, but I just came across it and it brought me joy! (have I mentioned I really miss zine fairs?) - play it here

Sick of It! is a US-based zine and letter writing project about disability justice and prison abolition. You can download the first issue of their free zine here.
For disabled people based in Manchester, Short Supply & Drawn Poorly want to create new opportunities for ill/disabled visual artists in Greater Manchester. They need your help - answer their questionnaire about what you'd like to be involved with in 2021.
If you'd like to find out more about the experiences of trans people in prisons, Bent Bars have put out a series of info sheets on their website here.
Five For Five is a project to collectively collect and distribute funds to transfem causes and crowdfunds. They encourage you to donate £5 a month (or more). Sign up to donate here.
If you have a Zine Thing that you'd like me to promo, please just get in touch. I'm also always looking for tips/resources on: zine libraries, distro info, physical places that sell zines around the UK, your fave place to print/copy zines, archives, articles, local zine groups etc etc. So I can add to the growing resources section!

& don't forget I'm always open to stocking your zines / other DIY artwork - so show me your work anytime.

I hope you've enjoyed this newsletter! You can support my work + pen fight by telling your pals about us, ordering something from the shop, or giving a tip via Ko-Fi

Take care,
Vicky xo
Copyright © 2020 Vicky Stevenson, All rights reserved.

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