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Feminists For Trans Rights

Feminism and trans rights go in hand! Like a lot of people I've been so frustrated (to put it mildly) that a loud minority of folks keep suggesting that trans and feminist goals are somehow in opposition. We know that's not true, that they are completely intertwined and dependent on each other. I've designed a range of stickers, badges, and prints on the theme of feminist and trans solidarity. Let's shout about it! You can get a pack of 50 stickers for just £3, so you can keep a few on hand, just in case..

For the rest of the month 50% of all sales of these will go to Trans Mutual Aid Manchester (you can also find links there to donate to them directly). 


There's also a contest running over on Instagram where you can have the chance to win a full Feminists For Trans Rights set, entries close midday on July 30th.

Northern Publishers Fair

On Saturday 24th July (that's this weekend!) I'll be tabling at the Northern Publishers fair at Manchester Central Library, along with nine other indie publishers. 

It's my first fair in nearly 2 years! I'm very excited to get myself out of my tiny home office and seeing some of (the top half of) your faces.

The tables are lovely an big but we still won't be able to bring the full range of Pen Fight stock - but if you have your heart set on anything in particular you can always pre-order from the website using the code 'northernpublishers' to collect from the fair (it'll remove postage costs for you).

Entry is free, but you'll need to pre-book an entry slot as numbers are limited for safer browsing. Hand sanitiser will be available and please wear a mask if you can.  

Booo I've broken my wrist

Just a little warning that I've busted my right wrist, so orders and other things will probably be slower than usual, especially for the next 2 weeks.

Orders are still very welcome (as long as you're not in a rush!) but I'm also selling some no-frills vouchers. They're 10% off their actual value - all I ask is you wait till at least September to use then, when my wrist should be better. Plus you'll be helping this freelancer out loads! (Why don't we have sick pay for freelancers? Another boo). 
Ability: Emerging from the Social Constraints on Neurodivergence and Disability

You may have seen or bought a copy of the very good zine A is for Aspergers from me in the past. It's author, Andrew, is now crowdfunding pre-orders for a new follow-up zine Ability.

I've had a chance to read a copy already, and I think you'll really love it. It expands on his understanding of autism, neurodiversity, and what it means to be disabled by society. Ending with a long meditation on the overlap between autism and gender diversity.

You can pre-order a copy via Kickstarter here. All the UK orders will be dispatched by me, so there's no long waits for international postage.

Working Class Rage: I'm still accepting submissions for the 2nd issue of A Whisper of a Shout: Working Class Rage. Deadline is now SEPTEMBER 31st. (yeah, that one keeps getting pushed back!) See more info here.

Auberzine - all submissions related to aubergine welcome. Potential ideas include: growing tips, recipes, poetry, art, whatever else. All proceeds going to trans healthcare fundraiser @gofundsiobhan. Submissions: Deadline: July 31st 2021 - see original post here

Zines you can get from other places

Back of the Gig issue 8 - a new issue of Tom's very lovely music fanzine! Features the usual mix of gig reviews, thoughts on music, terrible puns and questionable drawings. There's also poem about wearing band t-shirts - buy it here

Sapphic Writers have a lot of good stuff going on: zine submissions are open for the sixth issue of their zine - "Farewell At the Fingertips". They're also crowdfunding to host a writing festival, and they're looking for more volunteers to join their crew. Get more information about everything on their website.
If you have a Zine Thing that you'd like me to promo, please just get in touch. I'm also always looking for tips/resources on: zine libraries, distro info, physical places that sell zines around the UK, your fave place to print/copy zines, archives, articles, local zine groups etc etc. So I can add to the growing resources section!

& don't forget I'm always open to stocking your zines / other DIY artwork - so show me your work anytime.

I hope you've enjoyed this newsletter! You can support my work + pen fight by telling your pals about us, ordering something from the shop, or giving a tip via Ko-Fi

Take care,
Vicky xo
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