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Last weekend I had a super time being involved with the opening of Partisan, the brand new co-operative arts and social space in Manchester. Their aim is to provide a place for independent, community led, DIY and cultural based projects which can be used for free by community and independent cultural groups for meetings, exhibitions, film screenings, book launches, parties, gigs and all that lovely stuff.

I had a stall at their community fair, along with Salford Zine Library with their travelling zine library, and a whole bunch of fun chatting zines and DIY with folks. And afterwards I got to see the amazing London-based DIY bands Scrap Brain and Solution Hours 💕

If you're in the North-West, keep an eye on them for more ace upcoming events, get involved, become a member or give 'em a donation. They need funds to keep the project sustainable, and make the venue accessible to wheelchair users.

I'll be out sellin' zines in person again this month, hitting Leeds twice for Scene Better Days and the Summer Skint Fair - hopefully see ya there if you're in the area!

New upcoming UK zine events! You can see the full events listings here.
AUG 05 - Truth Be Told: Zine Making Workshop @ Somerset House, London
Learn what it takes to make a zine and create your own with a screen printed cover with OOMK Zine, all ages session - facebook & a young creatives session for people aged 13-17 - facebook

AUG 05 - Zine Making Workshop @ International Slave Museum
Inspired by their Art of Solidarity exhibition, explore self publishing as a creative method of activism with artist Seleena Laverne Day - eventbrite

AUG 05 - What I Want To Be When I Grow Up - Collage and Zine Workshop @ Copeland Gallery, London
Artists Georgie Mcaushland & Hannah Redpath (Sesame Drawing Club) lead a children's collage workshop aiming challenging gender roles in society - eventbrite

AUG 08 - MELON - Art Fair feat Crisps @ The Number Shop, Edinburgh
Art fair in conjunction with CRISPS, the zine shop of Paradise Palms! Gallery shop stocked with countless prints, zines, comix, tapes, ceramics, stickers and cards. Also performances from sound artists throughout the building. Open to all, you're welcome to sell some of your own artwork or trade with other artists - facebook

AUG 09 - Dream Zine Workshop @ The Museum in the Park, Stroud
Make a mini-zine inspired by dreams. Suitable for ages 8-15 - facebook

AUG 11-12 - Scene Better Days @ Wharf Chambers, Leeds
DIY bands, stalls, food and more - facebook

AUG 12 - Glorious Print & Zine Fair @ Artsmill, Hebden Bridge
A celebration of print! Showcasing prints, zines, t-shirts and more from local creatives - facebook

AUG 12 - Feminist Library Summer Fayre @ The Feminist Library, London
A day of workshops, zines, stalls, and veg*n food. There will be a zine-making workshop - facebook

AUG 16 - Zine Workshop @ Ziferblat Edge St, Manchester
Hosted by the Manchester WI, Cherry Styles from Salford Zine Library/Synchronise Witches Press will be hosting a zine workshop - facebook

AUG 21 - Edinburgh Zine Library Open Meeting @ George Washington Browne Room, Edinburgh Central Library
Learn more about the zines, the zine library and how to get involved. Bring your own zines if you want to submit them, bring yourselves. No experience needed, just an interest in zines, archiving, diy cultures, social history or libraries - facebook

AUG 26 - Summer Skint Fair @ The Brunswick, Leeds
Fair with a wide range of amazing creatives selling prints and zines, lots of different workshops and swapshops, and also new stallholders selling clothes, plants and other goodies - facebook

SEPT 13 - Peachfuzz Launch @ Aatma, Manchester
Peachfuzz launch their first issue, with art/poetry/prose collected from the LGBTQ community - facebook

Merfemme Distro is a brand new distro based in Berlin, Germany - featuring zines by 'queers dealing with different topics, like being crazy, disabled, trying to live radical vulnerability and radical softness, practicing self care and self love'.

A new group called the Bristol Zine Collective has been set up. If you're a Bristol zinester you can join their facebook group here to look out for future events.

A new Edinburgh Zine Library is being established inside Edinburgh Central Library. They're looking for donations - see info about how you can do that here.

UK Zine Librarians are putting together a resource, if you're involved with a zine collection in the UK or Ireland help them out by filling in their Google doc form.
Other zine news! 
Disability and Acceptance: Looking for essays, illustrations, writing , tips and resources on the theme of disability and acceptance. What helps people to accept their disability/impairment and what helps the creation of a sense of community around disability? We recognise that society is the thing that disables, or creates barriers for people, but welcome responses that explore the creation of pride in spite of this - website

TAG ME: A zine about making and interacting with internet friends. Drawings, photography, poetry, prose, screenshots etc. Email: - flier

Poor Lass: The Identity Issue #8. Poor Lass are making their final ever issue! Submit your stories to: - website

Best Practice: A zine about work, by workers. Pieces on work, labour, leisure, productivity etc. Fiction, artwork, flash fiction, non-fiction, poetry. Email: - flier

Zine of the Hill vol. 2: Fanzine about King of the Hill. Email: - flier

Zine about The Spice Girls! Email: Deadline: September 1st - flier

A zine about fizzy pop! Write about your favourite flavours, brands, types, write about your memories of fizzy pop, write about how Coca Cola sucks if you like. Email:

Spill Yr Guts: a horror zine. Peotry, fiction, art & photography, flash fiction, film and book reviews, creative non-fiction. Email: Deadline: September 10th - website

Queer Grief: a zine about LGBTQIA+ and queerspawn experiences of grief, focusing specifically on experiences of grief due to death or on-going terminal illness. Email: Deadline: August 31st - more info

PURPLE PORTALS ZINE: currently looking for art/words/whatever from people who love purple! Email: - flier

Brown Girls Issue 3: Zine about women of colour, this issue focusing on identity and dance. Including art, reviews, rants and interviews with Brontez Purnell and Saffa Khan - buy it here

Caramel, Issue 1:  a shared journal that consists of the learning process of existing in the 'in-between' of cultures; a series of thoughts and conversations between two sisters struggling with belonging, dual-identities, acceptance, sexuality, secrecy, growth and much more - buy it here

When Language Runs Dry, Number 5: a zine for people with chronic pain and their allies. Includes three essays, two comics, two poems and an interview. Topics discussed include: trauma, sex, time and grace as they relate to chronic pain and care - buy it here

Taking Up Space: a mini comic zine about taking up space from Holly Casio - buy it here

Sapphic Issue 2: a zine by and for lesbian, bisexual, pansexual and queer women - buy it in colour or black and white

Zines: Someone, Somewhere #1, Recipes for Wild Vegans #1, Recipes for Wild Vegans #2, Illustrated Women in History #4, Drink the Sunshine #4Drink the Sunshine #7Drink the Sunshine #8Drink the Sunshine #13, Eye Water #2, Eye Water #3, Eye Water #4

Badges: trade zines with me!, ❤️ up for trades❤️, swap zines with me, revolution girl style now, ❤️ feminist ❤️, anatomical heart, girls to the front!, black skull.
If you have a Zine Thing that you'd like me to promo, please just get in touch. I'm also always looking for tips/resources on: zine libraries, distro info, physical places that sell zines around the UK, your fave place to print/copy zines, archives, articles, local zine groups etc etc. So I can add to the growing resources section!

& don't forget I'm always open to stocking your zines / other DIY artwork - so show me your work anytime.

I hope you've enjoyed this newsletter! You can support my work + pen fight by telling your pals about us, ordering something from the shop, sending a lil donation or subscribing to bi-monthly zine packages via Patreon

Take care,
Vicky xo
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