Food Superstitions, Busted

This week, I was interviewed on Gimlet Media's "Every Little Thing" podcast to help them fact-check some listeners' "Dad-erstitions" (or, dad-generated superstitions) in honor of Father's Day.  It got me thinking about some other food susperstitions I've heard a lot of from my patients over the years.

Go ahead.  Eat that fruit with other food groups.  Food combining is a bunch of bunk.
A lot of food superstitions originate from a mysterious source: "they."  As in: "they say you should only eat fruit alone--on an empty stomach."  Or, "they say eating bread and sugar causes yeast to overgrow in your digestive tract."  

I do not know who these 'they' people are.  I wish I did.  I would challenge them to a nutrition science smackdown, and dispense of their misguided advice using the power of physiology and biochemistry 101.   But until "they" step forward, I'll just have to step onto my online soapbox and shout truth into the ether with my megaphone. And by "megaphone", I of course mean "newsletter."

If you're interested in hearing me rant about some of the most irksome food myths I encounter, check out this gem on Debunking the Myth of Food Combining.  Or the one that spurs the occasional piece of hate mail, my take-down of intestinal "candida overgrowth" in this piece called "We All Have Candida (And It's OK!)" .   And for those of you who routinely suffer digestive distress after eating restaurant meals and assume you keep getting food poisoning-- check out this piece on "Why That Restaurant Meal [Really] Made You Sick."  Hint: take a hard pass on the white tuna next time you're out at sushi.

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