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*Note: The Shire of Gingin Community Development Officer Helen Sutherland's mobile number has changed to 0419 604 101.
Did You Know
Did you know?
1. It can take over 100 years for hollows to naturally form in trees.
2. Termites are often required for the formation of natural hollows. They enter the tree from underground and create passages through the centre of the tree and its branches.

How To Build A Nest Box - Many of our native animals need tree hollows to shelter and raise their young. Deforestation, competition from introduced animals and urbanisation has resulted in less hollows being available for native wildlife. Nest boxes are a great way to re-create habitat. Please Note - Wild bees and birds can invade nest boxes, so it is important to have a plan about what to do if this happens.

Did You Know?
1. University of WA Interns are providing additional information to the Shire of Gingin BEN sign poles? For more information. 
2. There is a BEN web map that you can search for individual signs, Sign data includes the BEN sign flyer, a set of FAQs, a spreadsheet and a shape file.
3. BEN sign locations are on the
SharkSmart website  Staying Safe BEN link.
4. BEN sign locations are also in the SharkSmartWA app.
5. You can access a SLSWA’s Water Awareness Guide and kit by providing your postal code which includes lots of useful information and resources. Only available in WA.
Shire of Gingin BEN Signs - Anyone can use the BEN signs to call for help.  Just dial triple zero and quote the BEN sign number and if possible have someone wait at the sign for the Emergency services to arrive. 

Shire of Gingin Strategic Community Plan - If you want to have your say in the review of the Shire of Gingin Strategic Community Plan please click this link. 

Reporting Graffiti Vandalism - The WA Police Force is encouraging reporting graffiti vandalism only online for community members who wish to report graffiti vandalism on any asset. Reports are forwarded to relevant local councils and major asset owners as notification for the removal of graffiti vandalism. Victim reports can also be made via this website. 

COVID-19 Information - Stay up to date on the measures being taken to protect the community and minimise potential impacts by visiting the WA Government website. The WA COVID-19 information line is 13 268 43. 

Be Covid Fraud Aware - Use this guide to help you recognise common scams, includes tips.

How Much Dairy Should You Be Consuming? With a unique combination of essential nutrients, the recommended intake of dairy products is important through all life stages – from infancy through to late adulthood. Find out more about the recommended intake for your age group.

The Superannuation guarantee percentage is due to rise from 9.5% to 10% as of 1 July 2021. Now is the time to incorporate this into your budgets for 2021-22.

Am I Burnt Out? In 1975, Herbert Freudenberger (as cited in Nagoski & Nagoski, 2020, p. xiii) first defined three components of burnout:
•emotional exhaustion—a fatigue from caring too much and for too long
•depersonalisation—depletion of capacity for empathy, caring, and compassion
•decreased sense of accomplishment—an unconquerable feeling that nothing you do makes any difference.
Burnout is highly prevalent. It is a universal experience, but also unique for each person. Many of us can intuitively imagine, empathise or understand what we might feel and experience in the midst of burnout. Find Out More. 

How To Train To Get The Most Out Of Your Surfing - Understanding effective training approaches to surfing will help surfers achieve more in the water and help prevent injuries associated with the sport. Find Out More

How To Train To Be An Elite Netball Player - Sports Scientists and a Head Netball Strength & Conditioning Coach explain what amateur netball players should consider when training to take their game to the next level. Find Out More.
The National Farmers Federation (NFF) is reiterating its goal to halve food waste by 2030. 'Stop Food Waste' aims to bring awareness and reduce food waste on farms and in homes. “In Australia, up to 25 percent of all vegetables produced do not leave the farm,” NFF President Fiona Simson said. “This is a loss for farmers and the regional communities they support. Most importantly, it is quality food gone to waste that could be used to ease Australia’s food insecurity problem.” For More Information. 

Ideas to Stop Food Waste 
Grow an avocado plant from its seed? Watch this video
Use fruit and vegetable food scraps that might have otherwise been discarded to produce new plants. Regrow Or Sprout New Plants
Grants & Opportunities

Grant Closing Date Errors and Expressions of Interest 
Last month, 3 Grant Directories had different closing dates for the same grant! Recently grant funders are requesting an Expression of Interest and if approved, then a grant application. This means there are two closing dates for the one grant.  (Expression of Interest and the actual grant). Before applying for a grant, please contact the funding body to ascertain the closing dates to avoid disappointment and lost time.
Do not assume published closing dates are correct. 

** What could your group do with an extra $500? Closes 5 June 2021
Good news! You could win $500 just by sharing a landcare story. An extra cash boost might help to fund your local projects, set up a learning activity or help promote your landcare group. You can write about what your group has achieved, the best practices you use, or some fun facts about your local environment - whatever you like! Just post a story on Landcarer for your chance to win. The winner will be announced on June 5th - World Environment day. Landcarer, the free digital platform for the landcare community, is an easy-to-use tool to help you share, learn, and interact with like-minded individuals, groups, organisations and project stakeholders. Try it today.

Stay on Your Feet Closes 5 May 2021
Up to $5000 for projects that focus on modifiable risk factors for falling under the Move Your Body, Improve Your Health and Remove Hazards messages.    

Community Heritage Grant Closes 10 May 2021
Up to $15,000 to assist with the preservation of locally owned, but nationally significant collections of materials that are publicly accessible including artefacts, letters, diaries, maps, photographs, and audio visual material. The grants are also aimed at helping make these collections of materials more publicly accessible.

2021 Powering Communities Grants Program Closes 10 May
Grants of $5,000 to $12,000 are available to reduce energy use, improve energy productivity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To be nominated, please complete the expression of interest form. For more information contact Christian Porters office - Click here to view full funding guidelines.

Community Stewardship Grants Program  Closes 17 May 2021   
$1000 to $450,000 to support community-based projects that help conserve, restore, rehabilitate or enhance a local natural area, conserve WA’s biodiversity and maintain or build the capability of NRM community groups across the State. 

Student Engagement and Support Program Closes 19 May 2021
Provides financial support of up to $10,000 for initiatives that promote the wellbeing of international students and enhance their experience while living and studying in Western Australia. 

COVID-19 WA: Non-Profits, Individuals – Creative Communities COVID-19 Recovery Program Closes 20 May 2021 
Up to $80,000 for significant partnerships that connect professional artists and arts organisations with community participants and other key partners to deliver a co-designed artist-in-residency project in response to covid disruption.

Strengthening Rural Communities - Small & Vital Closes 25 May 2021
Funds up to $10,000 can be used for a wide range of purposes including: 
- Delivering activities, programs and services; 
- Purchasing or hiring equipment and materials; 
- Community infrastructure projects; 
- Operational and administrative costs associated with your project will be considered. This could include wages, paying a skilled contractor, or paying for overhead costs incurred in the project’s delivery.

Community Litter Grants Grants Closes 28 May 2021
Up to $10,000 for regional projects/major initiatives, and up to $5,000 for single projects/local area projects including event litter management and education.

Maccas Junior Sports Grant   Closes 30 June 2021
For equipment, uniforms or something else that encourages participation in sport. 

Caravan Park Defibrillator Subsidy Program  Closes 30 June 2021
Up to $1,000 per unit available on a dollar for dollar matched funding basis to encourage caravan park operators to install the devices.   

Job Maker Hiring Credit Scheme Up to  6 October 2021
The JobMaker Hiring Credit scheme is an incentive for businesses to employ young job seekers aged 16–35 years. Eligible employers can access the JobMaker Hiring Credit for each eligible additional employee they hire.     

2021-22 Saluting Their Service Closes 8 February 2022
Preserve Australia’s wartime heritage, a wide range of projects and activities that highlight the service and sacrifice of Australia’s service personnel in wars, conflicts and peace operations; and promote appreciation and understanding of the experiences of service and the roles that those who served have played in shaping the nation. Two types of grants available. Community and Major.

Regional Investment Corporation – AgriStarter Loan Ongoing until funds are fully allocated
Aims to encourage and support people in obtaining their first farming business, or to assist with farm business succession planning and giving effect to succession plans.

New Business Assistance with NEIS, aims to support individuals who are interested in running a small business by providing: accredited small business training, personalised mentoring and support, income support for up to 39 weeks and Rental Assistance for up to 26 weeks (if eligible). Existing micro-business owners impacted by COVID-19 can access NEIS if they need help to keep their business running or refocus their operations to meet new areas of demand.
Volunteering and $ Funds
Support Required For Volunteers! - The shutdown of community sport and community organisations has affected the day-to-day lives of millions of Australians all over the nation. In May 2020, the Australian Sports Foundation opened a survey to collect detailed information on how the COVID-19 crisis has affected community sports clubs, their participants, and their volunteers.  Key findings include:
– Australia’s 70,000 Community sports clubs have lost an estimated aggregate $1.6bn to date due to COVID-19. For Small Local Clubs, the average amount lost to date is around $14,900, while for Lareger Clubs, the average amount lost to date is just over  $37,000. 
- The shutdown of community sport has had a profound social impact on community sports participants, with a contemporaneous research study showing around 1 in 3 respondents reported worse physical and mental health compared to the year before;

- Nearly 70% of Small Local Clubs forecast a decline in active participants, and 43% project a decline in volunteers. At the same time, around a third of clubs project increased demand for community sport post lockdown, putting them under increased pressure they may be unable to meet due to financial constraints and lack of volunteers. For more information. 

Covid-19 Survey - Insights into the prevalence and nature of impacts from Covid-19 on households in Australia. The March 2021 survey collected information on:
  • use of public transport
  • voluntary work and unpaid help
  • emotional and mental wellbeing
  • health precautions
  • sources of health information
  • stimulus payments
  • job status
Both survey results show that ALL community clubs are at a crisis point and require financial and volunteer support to survive.
Our task now is to help our organisations to survive COVID-19. 

Online Certificate of Appreciation To Thank Your Volunteers - Looking for a virtual way to thank your volunteers this National Volunteer Week? Through the Volunteering Australia website you can send a free ecard Certificate of Appreciation directly to your volunteer’s email. Simply click on the card or certificate that you would like to send, complete the details and click send.

Volunteering Resource Hub - A new Volunteering Resource Hub has been launched and over 2,500 users have accessed it already. The Hub includes over 350 resources to help volunteer managers, experienced or new, embrace the National Standards of Volunteer Involvement in their everyday practice.There is a template for just about everything and the search tool is fantastic. 

Visit the Volunteering Australia website for a list of resources related to COVID-19 and volunteering. 

How To Balance Your Clubs' Finances - For people charged with the governance of a not-for-profit organisation and include committee members, management committee members, board members, and directors— those people who are ultimately responsible for their organisation.

The Shire of Gingin, Woodridge Community Association, Ledge Point Community Association and the Lancelin CRC would like to invite each of your current VOLUNTEER committee members and their plus one to a bush-themed Dinner and Dance. The purpose is to acknowledge and celebrate the positive difference all volunteers in the Shire of Gingin make to the life of our communities.   

If your volunteer group HAS NOT RECEIVED this invitation please contact Helen Sutherland / / 0419 604 101 ASAP.  **Please Note Emergency Service Volunteers will be contacted by their Centre Coordinators. 

Please RSVP YOUR CURRENT ORGANISATIONS' ATTENDING VOLUNTEER NAMES AND TOTAL NUMBER PRIOR to the 10 MAY. **Please Note This is the final date for catering numbers.  Helen Sutherland / / 0419 604 101

To provide an opportunity for Business and Services to thank volunteers in the Shire of Gingin a free raffle draw will be undertaken. On entry, all volunteers will be provided a raffle ticket for the draw.  
If your business/service is interested in providing sponsorship for this volunteer recognition raffle in the form of a gift, service voucher or alternative form of appreciation pertinent to your service please contact 
Helen Sutherland / / 0419 604 101 at any time prior to the 21st May. 

‘Extraordinary circumstances have exemplified our Extraordinary volunteers’

Bush Theme: Bush dress (e.g. flannel shirt etc.) AND  shoes suitable for dancing recommended (e.g. heel and toe polka) 
Entertainment - Mucky Duck Bush Band / 6-9.00pm
Menu - Sit down at tables with a buffet style meal – Gluten-free & Vegetarian provided / Nibbles 5-6.30 - Main 7-8.00 - Dessert 8.15-8.45pm
Definition of a Plus one - child/partner/non-committee volunteer.
Volunteering WA Funding Requirements - This event is to be held in the largest capacity inside venue the Shire has, (Granville Hall) with numbers conditional on current Covid 19 social distancing requirements.  
Not For Profit Law
ATO News - The ATO has created a new webpage to help not-for-profit organisations check whether they are meeting tax and super obligations and to claim what they are entitled to. Learn more through this new ATO resource.

New Website Domain Rules - The new rules for come into effect on 12 April 2021. domain names created, transferred or renewed on or after this date will be subject to the new licensing rules.The authority administering domain names for Australian websites (.auDA) has activated new rules that affect which organisations are able to use the "" subdomain in their website names. The web address is used widely by not-for-profits. The recent changes mean unincorporated associations will no longer be able to use the domain, unless they are listed in the ACNC's Register of Charities. Non-Australian groups will also be restricted in their use of Find out more. If you require support for incorporating your not-for-profit organisation please contact Helen Sutherland /  0419 604 101.

How Do The Recent Changes To The Fair Work Act 2009 Affect Your Business? 
•    For Small Business Employers*, longer-serving regular casuals (with at least 12 months of service) can now request conversion to permanent employment. 
•    All employers must provide a “Casual Employment Information Statement” before or as soon as practicable after a new casual employee starts employment.  This requirement will apply in addition to the current obligation on employers to issue “Fair Work Information Statements” to their employees. 
•    Small Business Employers need to provide the new Casual Employment Information Statement to all their casual employees as soon as practicable. 
* “Small Business Employer” is an employer with less than 15 employees. Casual employees who are not employed on a regular basis are excluded from the count of 15 employees, whilst employees of associated entities are included within the count. For More Information

Get ‘market ready’ Factsheets  -Before deciding to enter the domestic or international tourism market, it is important to understand how they work and ensure your product is ‘market ready’. To help, Tourism WA has developed a series of factsheets to help operators understand tourism, with a focus on distribution channels, pricing strategies, market segments, promotion, perfecting your sales pitch and what to include in your trade sales kit. For more information and to download the factsheets visit Get market ready on their corporate website. 

Digital Tools For Business -Find digital tools and software to help you connect with customers, collaborate with your employees and streamline your online marketing. 
Support Resources For Families

‘Take Charge’ a FREE Mental Health eLearning Program (MHeLP) developed under the guidance of international mental health and exercise experts for New Zealand and Australian leisure and community sports sectors. Specifically, MHeLP aims to provide knowledge, practical skills and strategies for participants to:

• Build resilience, self-esteem and confidence
• Adapt facilities and programs to make them more inclusive
• Enable and support mental health recovery
• Tackle stigma and discrimination

Free Support For Dementia - Receiving a dementia diagnosis can be both stressful and life-changing. Dementia Australia delivers a free dementia support service for a person who has dementia or is concerned for a person with dementia. 

Wellbeing Tools for You to further understand your own mental health and protective factors for your mental health.

The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) Emergency Telehealth Service (ETS) provides support for children and young people experiencing a mental health crisis. The service can provide advice, crisis management, assessment and referrals to the most appropriate service depending on need. The 1800 048 636 service is staffed with mental health specialists between 8.00am - 2.30am, seven days a week. For further information please visit CAMHS.

The Centre for Clinical Interventions (CCI) is a specialised clinical psychology service that offers a variety of services for young people and adults aged 16+ (for the Eating Disorder Program) and 18+ for the rest of the services. CCI provides free online self-help resources for people experiencing mental health issues, with a number of worksheets covering: Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem, Sleep, Social Anxiety, Disordered Eating, and lots more. Young people can work through these worksheets at their own pace and in the privacy of their own home. For further information please call 9227 4399 or visit the CCI website.

The Child and Youth Health Network in partnership with the project’s youth advisory team, are proud to launch, My Health in My Hands, an animation which aims to support young people become more independent with their health care. My Health in My Hands is aimed at young people residing in Western Australia aged 12 to 18 and summarises: 
  • how young people can expect to be treated by health professionals 
  • information on their health privacy and confidentiality 
  • how to access Medicare  
  • tips on choosing a GP 
  • how to give feedback in relation to the health service received. 
 The Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation supports children aged 8-18 years, living in families impacted by mental illness. The program provides free evidence-based, age appropriate prevention and early intervention mental health services, embedded within a peer-based social and activity-based format. A “Defence Kids Program” is also delivered to serving and ex-serving Australian Defence Force families.

Parenting Connections have launched their Facebook Page, which has information on workshops and other helpful tips.  
Supporting Your Child To Self Regulate
Support Your Child To Build Resilience

What Is Beacon? For the first time, we are now witnessing a generation of children who have had ready access to digital technologies since birth, and no memory of life before the Internet. This creates both opportunities and challenges. Beacon developed by Telethon Kids Institute aims to improve the digital future for Australian children by building parents’ and carers’ digital skills so they can confidently navigate their children’s use of digital technology in a positive way and minimise potential harms associated with being online. Watch this video for more information. 
Youth Week A Collaborative Celebration! 
Youth Week commenced Monday 12 through to Friday 16th April 2021. It was hosted by three organisations – the Shire of Gingin, Guilderton Community Association and the Lancelin Community Resource Centre. It was supported by multiple community groups including businesses and provided 600 youth within these 5 days a total of 62 fun activities. The success of this event was due to the willingness of community to volunteer time and funds for the enjoyment of our young people.
A huge thank you to all who participated. 

Sponsors For the Youth Week Events were - 
Department of Communities – Youth Week Grant
Road Safety Commission – Road Wise Grant
Shire of Gingin / Guilderton Community Association / Lancelin Community Resource Centre / DADDA Lancelin / Gingin Community Resource Centre / Guilderton Country Club / Adam Shields Realty (co-agent Nutrien Harcourts Real Estate) / The Treasure Trove @Gingin / Country Values Real Estate / Gingin Premium Meats / IGA Lancelin 
Lancelin & Districts Lions Club / Lancelin Coastal Courier / Gingin Fuel & Tyres / No Limits Perth / APM Communities / Holyoake Northam Wheatbelt / Lancelin Police / Gingin Police Cadets /Gingin Mounted Police /Road Safety Wheatbelt North) WALGA / Surfing WA / Lancelin Volunteer Fire Brigade / Gingin Police / Lancelin Marine Rescue / Lancelin Fire Cadets / Yeal Gravity Centre / Gingin Tennis Club / Gingin Recreation Group / Lancelin St John Ambulance / Gingin Football Club / Gingin Scout Group / Gingin Scouts / Moore River Road House / Roxannes' Dance / Wheatbelt Wado Ryu Karate/ Gingin Chittering Lions Club / Moore Catchment Council / GAIA Permaculture / Gingin Youth Care / Gingin District High School Chaplain / Experience Lancelin Caravan Park / Lancelin Lodge / Lancelin Offshore Cafe.
The Youth Week activities could not have occurred without your support. THANK YOU. 

If you are interested in contacting these businesses, community groups and services please connect with Helen Sutherland / / 0419 604 101. 
Driving Statistics
In the Wheatbelt region, younger people were disproportionately represented in serious road crash statistics, with 23% of total serious crashes between 2016-2019 being aged 20-29. (source: Road Safety Commission). 

Young people in the L and P stages of driving are particularly vulnerable on the road early in their driving career.
Driving Information
Under 18’s are not permitted to consume alcohol, and for a Novice Driver (a person that has not held a driver’s licence for a total period of 2 or more years) the legal driving limit is Zero (0.00 Blood Alcohol Concentration).  

Spatial awareness is a vital driving skill; good judgment of distance and speed when driving, and of course caution can save lives. 
Novice Drivers a Focus during Youth Week in the Shire of Gingin. 
At the recent youth week activities in Gingin, Guilderton and Lancelin, the Shire of Gingin, Guilderton Community Association and Lancelin CRC each received a community road safety event grant from the WA State Government via the Road Safety Commission. Road Safety Advisor Cliff Simpson of WALGA’s RoadWise was in attendance to provide information and activities for the young people. This event was an opportunity for Novice Drivers to gain knowledge and information. The activities included the use of Fatal Vision Goggles, where participants aged 15 and over were able to experience how alcohol impairs a person’s balance, vision, reaction time and judgement, by wearing the goggles and trying to catch and pick up from the ground an item thrown to them. This is a fun exercise with a serious meaning and purpose.
Another activity illustrated the stopping distance for cars travelling at different speeds, with participants estimating where they would stop if driving at, say 40 Km/h compared to 100 Km/h. They were then able to measure the actual stopping distance, gaining an understanding of reaction times and the distance travelled before engaging the brakes, and the distance a vehicle needs to come to a complete stop. Information was also available on Used Car Safety Ratings, and the fact that a safe car does not have to be a brand new car: often second hand cars have occupant protection and crash avoidance features and can be purchased for under $10,000.  
Helen Sutherland
Community Development Officer
Mobile: 0419 604 101
Direct Tel: (08) 9575 5162
Amy Gibbs
Community Events & Services Officer
Direct Tel: (08) 9575 5162
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In relation to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the information contained in this publication is generic and should not replace professional advice concerning individual circumstances. The pandemic continues to evolve rapidly and the accuracy of the information contained in this newsletter cannot be guaranteed should the situation have changed following the date of issue for this newsletter.
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