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Welcome to our issue for December 2021

In this Issue...

A Message from the Shire President

As 2021 draws to a close I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the year that has been which is probably best described as “2020 version 2.0”.
Indeed COVID-19 invaded and took over 2020 but in 2021 it was more a case of complete ownership with more lockdowns, the continuation of hard boarders and discouragement from overseas travels not to mention the introduction of the jab – the vaccines which will hopefully see our lives return to a more normal state in 2022. We’ve swapped drinks at the pub with friends for drinks at home alone, work offices and classrooms for our home offices with kids and pets underfoot and the handshake is out in favour of the elbow bump being in.
There is not a person on this earth who hasn’t been affected by COVID-19 unless you so happen to live on your own little island which you never leave and with no visitors to speak of. In that case you’ve probably never even heard of COVID and no doubt you are all the happier for it. 
COVID-19 aside, we began 2021 with (as seems to be becoming the norm) another bush fire. The Red Gully Bush Fire commenced on the second day of the year and brought many of us back from holidays to deal with it over the course of 4-5 heated days and nights. Things weren’t helped with a second fire starting in Yeal several days into combatting the Red Gully blaze which was directly threatening properties in Ocean Farms.
The Red Gully Fire was one of the largest fires I have been involved with in our Shire. As I said at the time and will say again now, Council and I express our heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in combatting both of these fires and the Gingin Brook Fire in May. Hundreds of people step up to defend their communities when we have these blazes and I continue to be humbled by the depth of their compassion and willingness to put themselves in harms way to protect others. Thank you for your outstanding efforts.
Despite the rocky start to the year, 2021 I feel has been a good year with some great milestones reached and others commenced or still in progress from previous years and into 2022.
This year we have undertaken a major review of the Shire’s Strategic Community Plan (SCP) and also our Coastal Hazard Risk Management Assessment Plan (CHRMAP). Both plans require extensive community consultation which was undertaken by staff around mid-year. Thank you to all community members who participated and provided their valuable feedback. The SCP in particular, is our community’s most important plans as the feedback provided for this plan guides Council in its decision-making processes. The CHRMAP is also very important given that coastal erosion is our Shire’s largest issue. The State Government has required Council to undertake quite a lot of research in this area before it will commit to providing any funding to the Shire to combat this issue so I would like to thank the community for their patience with this process.
One of the greatest achievements for our communities this year is the celebration of Gingin’s 150th. This event was a mammoth undertaking by staff, Councillor representatives, community individuals, groups, businesses and volunteers. With an estimated 5-6,000 event attendees, the Gingin 150th is an absolute credit to all involved. Council and I heard nothing but wonderful comments from event attendees about the event with a great number expressing their wish to hold an event of this scale annually in Gingin.
Other achievements this year have included:
  • The launch of the Central Coast Wheatbelt Food and Beverage Capability Guide which was a terrific undertaking with local food and beverage producers;
  • The construction and official opening of the Gingin Outdoor Activity Space which was a terrific community initiative with a large amount of the funding raised by the community and supported by local businesses;
  • The continuation of the Bush Fire Cadetship Program in Gingin which the Mindaroo Foundation have now taken Australia wide;
  • The commencement of construction of the $2.2 million Gingin Emergency Services Centre and the completion of the Redfield Park Fire Shed;
  • The successful ‘Thank You Volunteers Evening’ in May;
  • The installation of new signage and infrastructure at the Lancelin Off-road Vehicle Area; and
  • Many more projects across our Shire.
Council, staff and I hope that 2022 will see more of a return to normalcy so that we can all better focus on enjoying the good things in our communities and working hard towards various achievements. I would like to welcome aboard Councillors Erik Sorensen and Robert Kestel who joined Council in October this year and thank outgoing Councillors Jacqui Lobb and James Morton.
Thank you also to my fellow Councillors and staff for their hard work and dedication this year – it has not been easy but I feel you have delivered above and beyond. To the community: I thank you for your patience and for your feedback during what has been a very trying year for all of us. You have been vocal on many matters and rest assured I, Council and staff have heard you. You continue to ensure that we hold ourselves to a high standard and that we continue to strive to do better in future.
May I wish all the community on behalf of myself, Council and staff a very happy and safe festive season. If you’re travelling please take extra care as the roads are sure to be busy again this year. I look forward to working hard with the community in 2022 and thank you to all once again for all your hard work and resilience during 2021. We have such great communities and it is an absolute pleasure to serve you as a Councillor and to work alongside with you. 
Cr Wayne Fewster

Gingin, Chittering, Dandaragan
WA's Largest Foodbowl

If you ever wondered where your fresh fruit and vegetables in the supermarket came from then there is a fair chance they were grown right here in the Shires of Gingin, Chittering and Dandaragan.
These three Shires make up one of 5 regions in the Wheatbelt. They lie in the region of the Wheatbelt known as the Central Coast Region which producers more of WA’s fresh fruit and vegetables than anywhere else. Some of the products produced here include:
  • 83% of WA's oranges
  • 80% of WA's lemons
  • 64% of WA's blueberries
  • 60% of WA's lettuce
  • 51% of WA's cauliflower
  • 41% of WA's mangoes
The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) has been working in partnership with the Shires of Gingin, Chittering and Dandaragan and the Wheatbelt Development Commission (WDC) during the past 12 months to create a Food & Beverage Capability Guide not only showcasing our larger producers throughout the Central Coast Wheatbelt but also our many more specialised producers providing jams, preserves, honeys, cheeses, wines and more.
At Nesci Estate Winery on Friday, 29 October 2021 the Central Coast Wheatbelt Food and Beverage Capability Guide was officially launched by the Hon Darren West MLC. A wide variety of producers from across the entire Wheatbelt gathered for the simultaneous launch of both the Central Coast Wheatbelt guide and the guide for the entire Wheatbelt. It was an excellent opportunity for all attendees to taste a wide variety of some of the produce and beverages contained within both guides and to have the chance to network with fellow producers and industry members.
The Guide features 11 food and beverage producers from the Shire of Gingin including Borrello Beef, Bullbar Beef Jerky, Dr Jims Famous Lemon Squash, Gingin Pomegranates and Dates, Guinea Grove Farm, Local Goat Artisan Cheese, Loose Leaf Lettuce, Marvick Native Farms, Northern Valleys Fruit Pops, West Coast Honey and Western Produce.
This is just a small fraction of our local producers with an opportunity available annually for more producers to be included in the guide when it is reviewed.
Thank you to all those producers who came on board for this project this year. The Shire of Gingin is proud to have worked in partnership with you, DPIRD, WDC and the Shires of Chittering and Dandaragan to produce this guide. We hope that it will be a terrific tool to encourage more discussion in our communities and respective industries around local WA food and beverage products and the overall journey from paddock to plate.
A copy of the Guide is available for viewing by clicking here.

*Photography courtesy of DPIRD. 
Next Council Meeting

The Shire's next Ordinary Council Meeting is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, 21 December 2021 at 3:00pm. This meeting is open to the public.  

Questions for consideration during Public Question Time should be submitted prior to the meeting using the e-form available from the Shire’s website.
Meeting dates for Council's Ordinary Council meetings for 2022 have now been set. They are as follows: 
18 January       15 February       15 March       19 April
17 May       21 June       19 July       16 August
20 September       18 October       15 November       20 December
Rates Incentive Prize Night 
Congrats to Winners & Thank You to Sponsors
On 10 November 2021 the Shire conducted its annual Early Rates Incentive Prize Night. This is the 8th year that the Shire has conducted an Early Rates Incentive competition. This year rates paid by the 31 October totalled 67.32% which is well over half the total expected rates revenue.

Rates are a vital source of revenue for the Shire and early payment of them helps us deliver our core services, as well as a capital works program which – for the 2021-22 financial year – has been set at $13.06 million. The community’s rates will be used to develop and maintain important infrastructure such as roads, footpaths, community centres, sporting facilities and foreshores, to name a few.

When we developed our first Strategic Community Plan in 2013, our community voiced its wish to include ‘local business’ as one of a number of focus areas for a sustainable future. From this, one of the Shire’s objectives for this focus area has been to facilitate local businesses to be prosperous and innovative through the development of local networks.

While this continues to be a work in progress for us, the Early Rates Incentive Scheme is one way that the Shire is able to promote our local businesses. The prizes supplied by the generous sponsorship of a number of local businesses provides incentive for the community to pay their rates early and, as a result, the Shire benefits, the community benefits and our sponsor’s benefit. It’s a win-win for everyone.

The Shire would like to congratulate the following ten ratepayers selected to go into the draw for the Early Rates Incentive Prize Night with prizes varying from $850 to $4,600 – a total combined prize pool of $13,250.

Neale Dodwell Browne (Top prize winner!)
Malcolm Harrington
David Van Leen
Dianne Jodrell
Mark Whitfield
Antoni Kepinski
Ralph Thompson
Christopher Collette
Kym McIntyre
Moondah Springs Pty Ltd

This event would not have been possible without the generous sponsorship of many local businesses. Thank you very much to all of the sponsors who contributed to this year’s Rates Incentive Prize Night including:  
Bendigo Bank – Gingin Community Bank Branch and Lancelin Branch
Avon Waste
Lancelin Sands
Want Plumbing
Natural Area Coastal Management Services
McIntosh & Son
Moore Demo & Civil
Lancelin Trade & Rural Supplies
Midwest Building WA
West Australian Symphony Orchestra
Tony Pisconeri Waste Management
J.R. & A. Hersey
Gingin Tree Services
Heritage Intelligence WA

Special thanks must also go to Sylvia Kelly (Gingin Florist) and Justina Mettam (West Coast Honey) who made time in their busy schedules to supply flowers and honey packs for the prize packages. Thank you also to Renee Stokes and her team at CU@Park Café for catering this wonderful event for us this year.

The Shire looks forward to running the Early Rates Incentive Prize Night again in 2022.
Licencing Services Unavailable
from 4 - 16 January 2022
When the Shire’s Administration Centre reopens after the New Year (on 4 January) our licencing services will not be available until Monday, 17 January 2022.
This is due to a shortage of staff that the Shire is currently experiencing. The Shire apologises for any inconvenience caused and thanks the public in advance for their understanding.
Existing PDA bookings will still be honoured but no new bookings will be taken at this stage and all other licencing services will be unavailable.
If you need to pay your licence during this period, please utilise an alternative option to make your payment as outlined on your invoice, e.g. pay online or visit another licencing centre.  
Contact the Shire on (08) 9575 5100.
'Have Fun - Play Safe' in Off-road Vehicle Areas
Whether you're a 4WD enthusiast or you're mad about motor bikes, it's important to be safe when travelling off-road. It's also important to be considerate of your neighbours and to make sure that you're allowed to drive in the area you are visiting.

The Shire of Gingin Rangers have developed a video to help visitors to understand how to use the Shire’s local off-road vehicle areas safely, especially the Lancelin sand dunes which has seen a large number of serious accidents and even deaths occur there in the past.    

In order to visit a designated off-road vehicle area you must have either a ‘road registered’ and ‘off-road registered’ vehicle. Restrictions in relation to age limits, safety equipment and noise apply as per the Control of Vehicles (Off-road Areas) Act 1978 and the Shire's Control of Vehicles (Off-road Vehicles) Local Laws 2021.

Rangers regularly patrol both the Lancelin and Ledge Point (temporarily closed) off-road vehicle areas which are free to enter. Please ensure that you ‘play safely’. You enter these areas at your own risk and it is highly recommended that you take out personal insurance against death or injury while undertaking any activity in these areas. If you would like to register a vehicle for off-road use, please contact the Department of Transport (13 11 56) or visit their website for a list of locations where you can register. Fees are applicable.

Visit the Shire’s website or contact the Shire’s Rangers on (08) 9575 5140

Three Bridges Reopened

During the Gingin Brook Fire on 3 May 2021, the Three Bridges were severely damaged and became unsafe to access. Now however, they have been fully repaired and have been reopened to the public!

Pedestrians are free to access and the bridges have now been appropriately strengthened so that in an emergency, fire vehicles can drive across to access the other side of the brook. This vehicle access remains exclusive to emergency vehicles only during emergency events. Private vehicles are not permitted access to cross the bridges at any time. 

Gingin Brook Water Wheel Repairs

For some time now the water wheel on the Gingin Brook in Granville Park has stopped spinning intermittently and has required repairs by staff.

A more serious excavation has been undertaken as of 25 November of the flow to the water wheel with the discovery of the accumulation of quite a bit of debris over many years.

The wheel is now spinning both well and rapidly however the area around it is still unsafe. It has been fenced off but the public is asked to please avoid the area for the time being until works have concluded.

Contact the Shire on (08) 9575 5100.

The Prohibited Burning Period - FAQs

The Prohibited Burning Period commenced on the 22 November 2021 for the Shire of Gingin.

Annually the Shire receives a number of common questions during this period so the following FAQs and answers have been compiled.

Yes - you can. Electric and gas barbeques can still be used (even on a Total Fire Ban day) so long as there is at least a 3m radius cleared around the barbeque of any flammable material. BBQs using solid fuel (i.e. wood, heat beads, etc.) are prohibited.

Yes there is. A TFB is enacted by DFES and a HHWVMB is enacted by the Shire. They can be put on at the same time or independent of each other. Different activities are permitted depending upon the type of ban.

You can provided it is on a gazetted road only. Riding motorbikes or any other type of vehicle through paddocks and on bush tracks when a TFB is on is prohibited due to the risk of lighting a fire whilst in close proximity to dry vegetation.

The Shire provides an SMS service which gives notification when a ban has been placed. You can subscribe to this service by visiting the Shire’s website or calling the Shire on (08) 9575 5100.

When a major bush fire (emergency alert - red) occurs in WA, DFES and other state agencies will scramble resources to combat the fire promptly. Sometimes multiple fires may be ongoing at one time and if they are concentrated around an area of the state (e.g. Perth and surrounds), then this can put a severe strain on resources. Sometimes as a precaution DFES will enact a TFB even if conditions aren’t that warm or windy in order to preserve the State’s fire fighting capacity if it is currently dealing with a number of large bush fires.

To learn more about fire bans, please visit the Shire’s website, DFES’ website or contact Phil Barrett, the Chief Bush Fire Control Officer, on 0408 943 576.

Shire Facilities
Christmas/New Year Break Hours for 2021/22

As we approach Christmas the Shire usually begins to receive many enquiries from the public about our services during the break and what facilities will be open on what days. A complete list can be found below for our facilities.

When the Shire’s Facilities are open over the break, they will be open as per their usual opening hours excluding the Aquatic Centre which has a couple of exceptions (refer below). The dates that Shire Facilities are closed (see below) means that they will be closed all day.

The Aquatic Centre will close at 4pm on Christmas Eve in addition to being closed on Christmas Day.

The Medical Centre will not be open on Christmas Eve (the 24th) and will re-open on 14 January 2022. They will also be closed 18 & 20 January but open on the 21 January 2022. They will resume their normal trading hours from 24 January.

All rubbish bin collection services will operate as per normal during the break period.

A skeleton crew of Depot staff are available for emergencies only during the break. Call 0417 264 832.
Shire Rangers will operate during the break as per their usual duties. Call (08) 9575 5140.
Enquiries about any of the above may be directed to the Shire by calling (08) 9575 5100.

Ledge Point Off-road Vehicle Area
Temporary Closure

The Ledge Point Off-road Vehicle Area track currently sits on unallocated Crown Land which is not vested in the Shire of Gingin.

Due to this and in the interest of public safety, the area has been temporarily closed until the vesting order can be amended or an alternate arrangement can be made.

Staff are currently investigating this matter and as more information becomes available, this will be communicated to the public. It is envisioned that in the near future, the area will be able to be reopened.

The Lancelin Off-road Vehicle Area remains open as per usual.

For further information please contact the Shire on (08) 9575 5100 /
If you have any buildings or structures on your property that you have not obtained planning or building approval for then now is your chance to get this sorted. The Shire is allowing an amnesty period during which retrospective planning and building application fees (as per the Shire’s Fees & Charges 2021/22) will be waived.

The amnesty period will end as of 31 January 2022.

During this amnesty period only, all retrospective planning and building applications will be exempt from the retrospective fee but the standard Development or Building Application fees will still apply.

This will allow owner occupiers of properties within the Shire the opportunity to rectify any illegal or non-compliant structures that you may never have approached Council for approval to construct. This opportunity is being offered to allow owner occupiers time to sort out any outstanding approvals with the Shire prior to the Shire having to undertake any legal action for non-compliance as per the Local Government Act 1995, the Building Regulations 2012 or the Town Planning Regulations 1996.

Contact the Shire’s Planning & Building Services on (08) 9575 5100.

Fight the Bite

It's the time of year where mosquitoes become active and the Department of Health WA is strongly encouraging all us to cover up, use insect repellent and clean up around our homes to avoid been bitten and potentially contracting a virus.

In Western Australia mosquitoes can transmit Ross River virus, Barmah Forest virus, Kunjin virus and the potentially fatal Murray Valley encephalitis virus. There is currently no cure and no vaccine for any mosquito-borne disease acquired in WA.

The only way to prevent infection is to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. Cover up by wearing long, loose-fitting, light coloured clothing which covers as much of your body as possible.

When outdoors and mosquitoes are present, apply insect repellent containing DEET (diethyltoluamide) or picaridin evenly to exposed skin.

Simple changes around your home can reduce mosquito breeding. Remove, empty or cover water-holding containers for example. 

For further information visit

Upcoming Events

Public Notices & Employment


The Shire of Gingin is pleased to offer an excellent employment opportunity for a Customer Service Officer to join our Corporate and Community Services team. This position would ideally suit someone who genuinely enjoys working with people.

The primary role is to provide a professional and vibrant initial point of contact with customers at the Gingin Administration Centre. The successful candidate will have a sound understanding of the principles of customer service and accurately receive and record all monies paid to the Shire. Previous experience in a customer service and/or administrative environment will be highly regarded.

This position is being offered on the basis of permanent full-time employment within Band 4 of the Local Government Industry Award 2020, plus superannuation up to 15%.  


Applicants may view a copy of the Position Description and apply online via

Alternatively written applications may be emailed to or posted to Mr Aaron Cook, Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Gingin, PO Box 510, Gingin WA 6503 and marked “Private & Confidential” by 12pm on Monday, 13 December 2021. A police clearance and medical check will be required later in the process.

Applicants should include a Cover Letter outlining their interest in the position, a separate document (maximum of 3 pages) regarding their ability to meet the requirements of the role as outlined in the Selection Criteria (refer the Shire's website) and a current CV.



*Note: Canvassing of Councillors will disqualify your application.

Aaron Cook

Got Questions? We've got Answers! 

Local government is more than just roads, rates and rubbish – in today’s modern world we handle a wide range of services and issues right across the Shire of Gingin.
We’ll continue working hard to keep you informed and up-to-date with the latest happenings throughout the Shire however sometimes you may have a question on a topic we haven’t talked about in a while or perhaps you want to report an issue you’ve noticed. In this case we more than welcome your questions, feedback and reports!
Contact the Shire on (08) 9575 5100 / or drop us a line on our Facebook page.

Let's work together to stop the spread of COVID-19

Please practice good hand hygiene and social distancing

 WA COVID-19 HOTLINE 132 68 43


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