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Welcome to our issue for September 2021

In this Issue...

CHRMAP Workshops in Guilderton & Lancelin 

Participants workshopping at the Lancelin session.
Council would like to extend our sincere thanks to those community members who participated in the recent Coastal Hazard Risk Management Adaptation Plan workshops in Guilderton and Lancelin on Saturday, 31 July and Sunday, 1 August.

A total of 21 people took time out of their weekend to provide feedback and valuable input to help fill information gaps around risk assessment and adaptation options for the Shire’s four coastal towns of Guilderton, Seabird, Ledge Point and Lancelin.These workshops follow-on from public consultation previously undertaken in preparation of the Shire’s initial CHRMAP and inundation studies in 2019 and 2020.

Anna Kelderman and Joanna Garcia-Webb, coastal issue specialists from Shape Urban who have been contracted by the Shire for this phase of the project, did an excellent job facilitating the workshops and making this difficult issue informative and meaningful.

A summary report on all feedback will be available for public inspection in the near future.

For more information about this project, please contact Meredith Taylor, Coordinator Community Development & Services on (08) 9575 5139.

Call for Nominations
2021 Local Government Elections

If you've ever thought about becoming a
Councillor for the Shire of Gingin then now is your chance.

The nomination period has opened as of Thursday, 2 September 2021 for this year's Local Government Elections. They will close on Thursday, 9 September 2021 at 4pm. 

To find out more visit the Shire's website or contact Returning Officer, Carrie Edwards, on 0458 799 974 or the Western Australian Electoral Commission on 13 63 06.

Gingin is turning 150 this year!

With just 35 days to go, this event is shaping up to be a terrific celebration for the Shire's oldest town. However, there is still some last minute undertakings to occur so if you can help out at all, let the Event Team know. 

The Project Team is still looking for volunteers who might be available to work 2-hour shifts on 9 October. All volunteers will be well supported.  

Visit their website to view all of the roles and to submit a form if you can assist. Enquiries - (08) 9575 5162 /

Stall holder applications are still open! To apply to exhibit at the Gingin 150th Event visit

The planned Billy Cart Race is going to be a fantastic event. There are just 75 places for the event so make sure you REGISTER NOW! 

Next Council Meeting

The Shire's next Ordinary Council Meeting is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, 21 September 2021 at 3:00pm. This meeting is open to the public.  

Questions for consideration during Public Question Time should be submitted prior to the meeting using the e-form available from the Shire’s website.
If you have any buildings or structures on your property that you have not obtained planning or building approval for then now is your chance to get this sorted. The Shire is allowing an amnesty period during which retrospective planning and building application fees (as per the Shire’s Fees & Charges 2021/22) will be waived.  

The amnesty period will end as of 31 January 2022. During this amnesty period only, all retrospective planning and building applications will be exempt from the retrospective fee but the standard Development or Building Application fees will still apply.  

This will allow owner occupiers of properties within the Shire the opportunity to rectify any illegal or non-compliant structures that you may never have approached Council for approval to construct.

This opportunity is being offered to allow owner occupiers time to sort out any outstanding approvals with the Shire prior to the Shire having to undertake any legal action for non-compliance as per the Local Government Act 1995, Building Regulations 2012 or the Town Planning Regulations 1996.

Contact the Shire’s Planning & Building Services on (08) 9575 5100.

Staff keeping busy!

Staff keeping busy! The weather might be very wintery at the moment and we can’t travel overseas right now but Council’s team of Shire staff have been flat out this year dealing with a variety of tasks.

Currently it is the time of year where staff and Council prepare the Shire’s Annual Budget and review the Fees and Charges.

Given the finance department have recently overhauled the Shire’s outdated financial system and chart of accounts, it’s been a tall order to deliver on the budget this year in a timely manner. However, the Budget was adopted by Council at its Ordinary Meeting on 17 August so rate payers can expect to receive your annual rates mail out from this week into mid-September. Those who were emailed their Rates Notice already (if subscribed) can expect to receive their tip pass, etc. via post in the next 1-2 weeks. 

Please make sure you retain your Fire Break Orders, Recycling Calendar, Tip Pass, Parking Permit and Rates Notice which will be included in the mail out!

The country’s current housing shortage means all across Australia we are seeing a record number of planning and building requests to local governments to build new homes.

Our Shire is no exception with planning and building permit applications doubling or more in comparison to recent years. For the August Council Meeting alone there were 12 x planning applications for Council to address.

Council asks that the community please exercise patience with staff who are working long hours to get all the incoming applications for planning and building processed promptly.

One of the Shire’s busiest departments at the moment is our Depot crew, particularly our Parks & Gardens team. The woolly weather has created a lot of issues across the entire Shire meaning that the customer service requests have been coming in thick and fast.

The brook in Gingin has been doing its best to escape its confines and flood Granville Park. Staff have had to remove more boards than usual this winter to keep things under control.  

Travellers passing through our Shire and stopping to visit has been great to see as they are supporting our local businesses by visiting the area. For the third time this year however, staff have had to organise for the caravan dump point in Gingin to be pumped out again. It goes to show just how many people are in the area!

Other tasks around the Shire have included undertaking a re-run of the pipework from the second storey roof at the Recreation Centre in Gingin as the original pipework was causing gutters to overflow resulting in flooding in the Aquatic Centre change rooms.

Repairs have also been undertaken at Chantels Playground in Frank Douglas Park Seabird to replace missing hand holds.

Staff recently installed sand traps at Edward Island Point and have given Wangaree & Harold Park ablution blocks a top-to-bottom makeover.

In terms of gardening, the roses have been pruned at the Arts and Crafts building and some mowing and hedging has been achieved between showers. Staff have also been called out to deal with a lot of downed trees on our roads including KW Rd (thanks to Lancelin Police for their help with that one), Nolan’s Bridge bend on Gingin Brook Road, branches throughout Marchmont Estate and the Gingin town site in general and also in Woodridge with a large tree coming down there. This is just a small handful of tree issues staff have dealt with recently across the whole Shire.

The Roads crew have also been very busy dealing with storm damage and roads being underwater or close to it which has caused a variety of issues throughout the Shire.  

Recently staff met with representatives from the Moore Arts Group onsite at the Guilderton Foreshore to discuss the proposed location and logistics for their latest art installation.

The artist, Adrian Toomey, had a vision to install a rotating art piece (aluminium fish), and with the weather being blustery and cold, waves crashing on the rocks and sea foam flying through the air, it made it easier to assess whether a moving artwork piece would work.

The Shire’s Events team has also been very busy planning the Gingin 150th in conjunction with community members and Councillors.

This large event has required a significant amount of planning, liaison with the community, sponsors, etc. and the sourcing of materials and resources.

The 150th will be Gingin’s 2021/22 event for the Shire’s Summer Suite of Events. Staff have also started planning work for the other suite events including the Lancelin Triathlon which will return on 20 February 2022, Music in the Park on 8 January and the Shire’s Australia Day Picnic Breakfast in Neergabby.  

We can’t wait to bring our community these exciting events! 
Over the past few weeks volunteers across our Shire’s Bush Fire Brigades have been called out to attend several reported fires which have turned out to be false.

Although we are in the Unrestricted Burning Period, please remember to still register your burn with DFES in advance – call (08) 9395 9209.

By registering your burn, you will assist us in preventing any unnecessary call outs to our local fire fighters when members of the public make a triple 0 call.

Our volunteers are a valuable resource and a call out which turns out to be false is a large waste of their time and the Shire’s resources. Continued call outs for false reports may result in action being undertaken.

Phil Barrett
The annual collection of green waste will take place again this year around the Shire after the September long weekend (25-27).

Rate payers who qualify for this service (Residential and Rural Residential properties only within the Shire of Gingin district) will find that a copy of the below flyer is included in their Rates Notice this year in the Council to Community Annual Issue on page 13 as the rates go out over the next few weeks.

Residents wishing to take advantage of this service are required to have their green waste placed on the verge no later than Monday, 27 September 2021.

*Please make sure you do not put out any "contaminated" green waste loads as these will not be collected.

Mulch collection points for the mulch generated from the green waste will be advertised in October.

For any further queries on this scheduled event please contact Danica Todd at the Shire Depot on (08) 9575 5169.

Pfizer now available from Gingin Medical Centre
& New Female GP Commencing

The following is being shared on behalf of Gingin Medical Centre.

From approximately 14 September 2021, you will be able to get the Pfizer vaccine (ages 16 - 59) at the Gingin Medical Centre in addition to Astra Zenica (AZ).

Much the same as AZ (age 60+), you will need to contact the medical centre directly on (08) 9575 2300 to book an appointment for the vaccine. You can't book it through HotDoc.

Sometimes even if over 60 you may be eligible to receive the Pfizer vaccine so you can check your eligibility by clicking here.

A new female GP commenced with the medical centre as of Friday, 27 August. Dr Astha Shukla is available for appointments on Fridays.

Dr Shukla immigrated to Australia from Russia and India in 2011 after finishing her studies. She has been working in Emergency and General Practice settings since. Dr Shukla has an interest in women's health, children's health, mental health and chronic diseases. She is looking forward to coming to Gingin from Northam and getting to know the community.

Upcoming Events

Make sure you register by 4pm, 17 September 2021
if you're planning to compete! 

Employment Opportunities



The Shire of Gingin is pleased to offer an excellent employment opportunity for an Information Technology Officer to join our Corporate and Community Services team. This position would ideally suit someone who genuinely enjoys working with people.

The primary role is to provide information technology support to the organisation and an efficient and effective service to users in addition to providing advice on the Shire’s information technology system. This role would also facilitate the use of information technology to enhance efficiency and productivity, to maintain data integrity and to ensure a reliable computer service is provided to all Shire computer users.

This position is being offered on the basis of permanent full-time employment within Band 5/6 of the Local Government Industry Award 2020, plus superannuation up to 15%.

For further information and to apply, click hereApplications close 4pm, Monday, 6 September 2021.


  • Genesia Koorasingh, Human Resources Officer – (08) 9575 5124
  • Les Crichton, Executive Manager Corporate & Community Services – (08) 9575 5143

Note: Canvassing of Councillors will disqualify your application.

Aaron Cook



The Shire of Gingin is seeking the skills and talents of a dynamic, experienced person to take on the position of Community Development Officer. This permanent part-time role would suit someone who can create positive and meaningful connections between the Shire of Gingin and our communities and be instrumental in their continual development.

The primary aim of the role is to listen to the community’s needs and to maintain and build strong community relationships. To be successful in this role you will need to be able to work autonomously and manage multiple tasks and ever-changing priorities. You will work strategically, show initiative and think critically to deliver continuous improvement outcomes in addition to having excellent consultation and facilitation skills and the ability to engage with a diverse range of people.

This position is being offered on a permanent part time basis (32 hrs per week) within a salary range of $60,592 - $63,500 (pro-rata) plus superannuation up to 15%.

For further information and to apply, click hereApplications close 4pm, Wednesday, 15 September 2021.


  • Genesia Koorasingh, Human Resources Officer – (08) 9575 5124
  • Meredith Taylor, Coordinator Community Development & Services – (08) 9575 5139

Note: Canvassing of Councillors will disqualify your application.

Aaron Cook



The Shire of Gingin is offering an exciting opportunity for a highly motivated and skilled person to take on the position of Project Coordinator. The primary responsibility of this position is coordinating the planning, design, procurement and execution of key capital projects and asset management for the Shire. The role is responsible for ensuring allocation of appropriate resources to deliver quality, timely and value for money outcomes that are fit for purpose and compliant with relevant policies, codes, regulations and legislation.

The role will lead the delivery of complex projects and the life cycle management of assets that have a major impact on our Shire and the community as well as supporting and providing input into broader projects as required.

This position will be offered on a contract basis within Band 5 - 6 with a salary between $61,652 - $69,826 per annum (dependent on experience and level of skill) plus superannuation up to 15%.

For further information and to apply, click hereApplications close 4pm, Thursday, 16 September 2021.


Note: Canvassing of Councillors will disqualify your application.

Aaron Cook

Community Opportunities & Information


Grants for Women
Grants of up to $10,000 are available for projects that focus on addressing the unique issues faced by women, particularly in the areas of safety and justice and economic independence.

Closing date: 4.00pm on Tuesday, 12 October 2021
Community Gardens
Grants of up to $10,000 are available to support the establishment and development of sustainable, edible community gardens in WA to enable community members to:
  • participate more actively in community life
  • connect with the environment and others in the community
  • develop and implement new skills, and
  • give back to the community
Closing date: 4.00pm on Wednesday, 13 October 2021
For more information on both grant funding opportunities, please visit the Department of Local Government & Communities website.

KidSport vouchers have been doubled for 2021 to help families reconnect through sport. All eligible children will be able to access two $150 KidSport vouchers in 2021 and applications are now open for both vouchers.

  • Voucher 1 is available January 2021 to December 2021
  • Voucher 2 is available July 2021 to December 2021

KidSport vouchers can be used for registration/membership fees at any KidSport approved club. All voucher codes have a 90-day expiry from date of approval and both vouchers may be used at the same club during the calendar year. Parents/carers and clubs are encouraged to utilise this opportunity to help kids to play sport year round. 

Got Questions? We've got Answers! 

Local government is more than just roads, rates and rubbish – in today’s modern world we handle a wide range of services and issues right across the Shire of Gingin.
We’ll continue working hard to keep you informed and up-to-date with the latest happenings throughout the Shire however sometimes you may have a question on a topic we haven’t talked about in a while or perhaps you want to report an issue you’ve noticed. In this case we more than welcome your questions, feedback and reports!
Contact the Shire on (08) 9575 5100 / or drop us a line on our Facebook page.

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Please practice good hand hygiene and social distancing

 WA COVID-19 HOTLINE 132 68 43


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