APRIL 2019

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**Please note: The Shire of Gingin Community Development Officer Helen Sutherland's mobile number has changed to 0419 604 101

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The Youth Survey is Australia's largest annual survey of young people in Australia.
This online survey is open to young people between the ages of 15 and 19 and takes 15 minutes to complete.


Getting involved will help Mission Australia to develop reports that are widely used by governments, community organisations, policy makers across the country to develop programs that support young people in the future.


FREE Recycle Bin Information Sessions - ‘How to use your recycle bins’ (yellow and red), with question time, plus how to make an eco-friendly beeswax cling wrap for food storage.  
Who: Amazing Speaker: Karla Hooper ‘Earth Girl’ (sponsored by Avon Waste)

Update Your Organsiation's Key Committee Changes And Contact Details Here! 
Easy Way to notify the Shire of Gingin of your Committee Changes!
Want to Update Your Organisations details on the Shire of Gingin Website?

New Tenancy Laws - Changes to Western Australia's tenancy laws on 15 April 2019 will create new options for renters affected by family and domestic violence (FDV) to:

  • GO - exit a tenancy agreement without going to court and with as little as 7 days' notice (you can leave right away for safety but will need to pay rent until the end of the notice period)
  • STAY - apply to court to have a perpetrator's name removed from a lease
  • MAKE a rental home safer through lock changes or security upgrades
  • SORT out disputes about property damage, unpaid rent or bonds
  • SEEK removal from, or avoid being listed on, a tenancy database if the listing was because of FDV.

WA tenancy law changes presentation - video footage from the presentation at tthe Shelter WA event
Find a tenant advocate in WA
No Place For Family Violence Video

It's Time To End Domestic Violence - It's estimated that 297,500 Western Australians have experienced physical or sexual violence by a current or former partner. In 2018 in WA, 28 people were killed in domestic-related murders. 
Family Violence Restraining Orders explained by Legal Aid WA Video
Directory of WA's Community Legal Centres
Keeping yourself safe online (Women's Council)
Help and advice from the Department of Communities
Parents Tip Sheets which may help when communicating with your child during adversity or tough times. 
Communicating with your baby during adversity or tough times 
Communicating with your toddler during adversity or tough times 
Communicating with your primary school age child during adversity or tough times 
Communicating with your teenager during adversity or tough times
My child’s care plan

School Fund Run?  FREE Colour Powder or FREE Berri Quelch Sticks Offer for every student when your school registers on 1800 FUN RUN (386 786) and mentions Fundraising Directory. For more information. 

WIN in a share of $2,000 worth of free prizes thanks to Australian Fundraising.
Like their
Facebook page and answer a simple question to win in a share of $2,000 worth of free prizes.  Enter here.  

Fundraising Tip - Growing your support.
Extra Fundraising Ideas At A Trivia Night
How To Handle Fete Stall Cash Floats!
Fundraising Directory Planner 2019 
Australian Sports Foundation Take A Holiday Fundraising Program How does it work? Ask your club administrator if your athlete, team or club is a member of the Australian Sports Foundation. If they are, find their member number here. Then book a trip on and remember to enter your member number when you’re prompted on the checkout page. Once your trip is done, a percentage of the total cost of your booking will be sent by the Australian Sports Foundation to your nominated athlete or club. You can do this every time you book a trip – whether it’s for work, weekends away, or even your team’s travel. And you can share the link and member code with your friends and family so they can help out too!

Cases of Cancer Triple Since the 1980's But Survival Rates Have Increased!

Hassle Free Easter Egg Hunt - Egg hunts and Easter picnics are viewed as an open invitation to pests and bites. They disregard your guest list and love to make an impromptu appearance. They also love leftovers and will use these as pathways into your residence. Bugs and Bitey's Beware!

Reserve Bank Warning On Climate Change! - The Reserve Bank has warned that climate change is likely to cause economic shocks and threaten Australia's financial stability unless businesses take immediate stock of the risks. Full audio and transcript of the speech is available here.

Keeping On Top Of Tax Debt

Climate Change And Insurance Risk - Roughly 850,000 homes - nearly one in 10, could be "uninsurable" within a few generations unless there are fundamental changes to where and how properties are built, a leading climate analyst says.The full ABC digital report, along with an interactive Australia-wide tool mapping weather extremes, can be found here.

What Are The New Guidelines For Applying Sunscreen? - Australia has new guidelines for applying sunscreen. Sunscreen should be part of your daily routine to help reduce incidental sun exposure and prevent future skin cancer. Find out more.

5 Things You Should Know About Measles! - While measles was declared eradicated in Australia in 2014, it can still be brought into the country by travellers - and it still poses a risk to babies who are too young to be vaccinated. Here are five things you should know to help keep your family safe from this highly contagious and potentially deadly disease.

How Salty Is Your Child's Fast Food?
Check Out This Report On How Much Salt Is In Our Take Away Food Outlets!

Kids Needed To Help Improve The Treatment Of Chronic Lung Disease! - The Telethon Kids Children's Lung Health team is looking for kids aged between 6-12 to participate in a study that could help improve the treatment of chronic lung disease in children who were born preterm.They need kids who were born at term (more than 37 weeks) and those who were born very preterm (less than 32 weeks) to take part. Is this your child? 

What's The Difference Between Depression And Anxiety? In discussions about mental health, the terms 'anxiety' and 'depression' are often lumped together. But while they have some shared signs and symptoms, the two conditions have their own distinct characteristics and it's important to know the difference.

Introducing Health Updates -  Medibank has teamed up with Channel 7 to bring the latest news on health, and insights into the changing health of Australians. Stay up to date and learn about the health issues affecting you.

Is Loneliness Impacting Your Well being?  1 in 4 Australian adults report feeling lonely. Find out how loneliness can affect your health, and ways to feel more connected.

Osteoarthritis Is On The Rise! New data from the Medibank Better Health Index, which surveys 1,000 Australians each week shows almost 1 in 12 Australians (8.2%) are living with osteoarthritis, an increase from 6.3% ten years ago.

What Causes Dementia?  Over 100 different diseases can cause dementia. Here’s how to minimise your own risk.

Protection Against Scams - There are so many ways for scammers to relieve you or your organisation of your money, or take your identify (probably with the intention of relieving you of your money), that constant vigilance is, unfortunately, necessary. Check out the Scam Watch website and subscribe to their Scam Watch radar, which will send alerts of the latest scams. To learn more about how to protect yourself from online scams you can also visit the MoneySmart website. You can also report a scam to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's ScamWatch.

Check out what Woodside can do for you at their new website

Jobs And Skills Centre - If you are a student, job seeker or career changer, visit the TAFE Jobs and Skills Centre for free advice and information on training and employment. The Centre can help with job searching, resume advice and help you to identify and recognise already established skills and qualifications.Each Wednesday the Centre runs free workshops, alternating between resume preparation and interview skills. The Jobs and Skills Centre is located North Metropolitan TAFE - A Block East, 35 Kendrew Crescent, Joondalup.For more information please check out the Jobs and Skills Flyer and visit Joondalup City's Event Calendar for the dates and times of the FREE workshop.

Learn While You Travel - Tourism Australia, in partnership with working holiday experts BUNAC, is launching a youth working holiday maker campaign in the UK and Germany.  BUNAC, part of the STA Travel group, specialises in helping young people work and volunteer abroad.
Triumphant Virtual Swim To Rottnest - Gingin Swimming Pool  23 February 2019 
Teams were made up of various age groups and swimming ability and it was great to see everyone having a good time. 
A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the following teams :
 SUPER SEALS / 12 SWIMMERS  / 5hrs 40min  / This is the Swim Club, Children and the Coach
 GINGIN GUPPIES / 7 SWIMMERS / 6hrs 3min  / Swimming Instructors, Swim School Coordinator with son, Gingin Aquatic Duty Manager and friends
 GINGIN SHIRE / 9 SWIMMERS / 7hrs 2min / Shire of Gingin CEO, employees and  friends
 TAKES A VILLAGE / 12 SWIMMERS / 8hrs / The whole Family Treloar!
 SHIRE OF CHITTERING /12 SWIMMERS / 8hrs 30min / Shire of Chittering employees and friends
Sport4Everyone  Closes 22 April 2019
  • Events to increase interest and engagement in physical activity or sport among focus groups;
  • Funds to cover registration and playing costs enabling more people to participate;
  • Specific competitions focused on eligible groups under the inclusive and diverse category;
  • Clinics and training programs that teach leadership or promote physical & healthy lifestyles;
  • Buses and transport to enable rural, remote or non-driving groups to participate and become more physically active;
  • Accessible facilities and equipment (wheelchairs, modified equipment, accessibility ramps);
  • Babysitters, carers or translators to allow all members of the community includingparents, people who require a carer or non-English speakers to participate;
  • Community events to encourage family involvement.
To be able to apply for this grant round your club or organisation must be signed up with the Sports Foundation's Fundraising4Sport program and have a unique member number. Click here to find out how.

WIN $10 000 To Better Your Sports Club!   CLOSES 7 April 2019
Enter at / For full Terms and Conditions, click here

Subscribe here to get the latest information on Healthway Grants.
Grants in 2019 
Royalties for Regions funding supports a range of initiatives These include:

Safer Communities Fund  Closes 4 April 2019  
Grants from $50,000 to $1.5 million are available for safety enhancements such as CCTV cameras, lighting, fencing, bollards, alarms, security systems and public address systems.

Dreams For A Better World
Better Living Closes 5 April -   Community Development Programs
Brighter Futures Closes  21 June - Educational, Economic Initiatives
Active Community Closes 13 September - Sports Grants

Bank Impact Closes 12 April 2019
Up to $10,000 for projects tackling climate change, environmental conservation and animal welfare.

Regional Athlete Travel Subsidy Closes 12 April 2019
Supporting regional athletes who have progressed into the high performance pathway of their sport and are pursuing regional, state and national representation. Funding for out-of-pocket travel and accommodation expenses directly related to competitions and programs.

The Wheatbelt Athlete Support Program (WASP)  Applications must be submitted no less than 30 days before program dates commence.Supports the development of regionally based athletes, coaches, officials and sports in the Wheatbelt region.It is a requirement to contact the Wheatbelt office prior to submitting an application to discuss the project and determine if it is eligible.Queries should be directed to: or by calling the Wheatbelt office on 9690 2400.

Coastwest Grants and Coastal Management Plan Assistance Closes 15 April 2019
To support coastal plans and strategies. $5-50,000. For more information please contact Coastal Zone Management Coordinator Christopher Lukes on 6551 9349.
To support the implementation of the State Coastal Planning Policy. $75 000 per project. Please contact Sam Bishopp, Senior Planning Officer on 6551 9182. 

Giving 4 Grassroots Closes 22 April 2019
Up to $10,000 to community-based organisations, schools and clubs for programs that address areas of Girls & Women, Inclusion & Diversity, Physical Activity and/or Leadership & Decision Making. 

Healthy Sporting Club  Closes 17 May 2019
Up to $4 000 to encourage healthier eating at sport venues. Sporting clubs that are committed to providing education about good nutrition and increasing the number of healthy food and drink options available at club run canteens or kiosks should apply.

Nexus Young Artists Grant Closes 31 May 2019
To support young artists with disability between the ages of 16 and 25 to further build their skills and to extend their artistic outcomes.

Music Grants  APRA AMCOS  Closes 31 May 2019 
Funding that will showcase music industry talents to a wider audience. Special events and small festivals. For projects between 1 July and 30 June 2020. Music Grants Enquiries 1800 642 634  or email. 

Amex Music Backers Grant Closes 31 May 2019 
Over the next 12 months Amex is committing to support the Australian music industry by giving music venues, business, artists and fans the opportunity to share in a grant program valued at $1million. You can submit an application to be considered across one of three categories:

    a. You have a Music Venue or Business
    b. You are an Artist or Band
    c. You’re a Music Fan!

Submissions Open: The first day every month following until 1 May 2019
Submissions Close:The last day of every month until 31 May 2019

Grants For Women  Closes 30 June 2019 
$10,000 is available to implement projects that focus on addressing the unique issues faced by women. Funding of up to $5,000 is available for one-off activities or initiatives, with a duration of up to six months that contribute to the program's priority areas. Projects should address one or more of the following project priority areas:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Safety and Justice 
  • Women's Economic Independence
  • Women in Leadership

Local Sporting Champions Closes 30 June 2019 
The Local Sporting Champions program provides financial assistance for coaches, officials and competitors aged 12-18 participating in state, national or international championships.If successful, applicants will receive $500-$750 towards the cost of attending their championships.
Youth Engagement Grants ProgramAll Close 30 June 2019 
Up to $10,000 to implement projects that engage young people (10–18 yrs) in creative ways and help achieve positive outcomes. 
Up to $5,000 is available for one-off activities or initiatives.
Funding of up to $10,000 is available for longer term (over six months), community-wide strategic initiatives. Further Information (08) 6217 6888 or email.

Dream Plan Do * New Ongoing
Arts mentoring program that supports arts projects that are culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD). Up to $15k funding is available to help your organisation or community group.

Drug Aware YCulture Regional Grant Program   Ongoing
For young people aged 12-26 years. $4,000 to fund community arts projects in regional WA.

Health Promotion Sponsorship Program Ongoing
Working with organisations in arts, (festivals, workshops, concerts) community events and sports (motor racing and active recreation) to change behaviour and environments, to improve health.

Veteran and Community Grants  Closes 27 Feb 2020
Veteran and Community Grants are for activities and services which improve the health and wellbeing of members of the veteran community.

Do You Need Micro-Volunteers At Your Organisation?

Guild Volunteering at UWA runs two-hour micro-volunteering sessions on Mondays where a group of up to 15 university students help with all kinds of activities for different organisations.

If there is anything your organisations needs done for example packs for conferences or large events, packing care packs or any other manual tasks suitable for groups of volunteers, please contact

Also, feel free to list the position on Volunteering WA’s website because there are always volunteers willing to jump in and help!

Keeping Children Safe In Sport - A summary of the finds of the Royal Commission into Institutional responses to Child Sexual Abuse. How will this affect your organisation?

The Child Safe Organisations project? -The Australian Human Rights Commission has developed practical tools and resources to help organisations implement the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. Your organisation can also undertake an Introductory self-assessment tool to help you reflect on your child safe practices and identify priority areas for improvement. More Information. 

Tougher Tobacco Laws -Tougher new laws designed to promote improved community health and reduce tobacco exposure to children came into effect on Monday, 18 March 2019. The amendments to the Tobacco Products Control Act 2006 aim to reduce tobacco-related harm to the community. The strengthened tobacco legislative changes include changes to sales, signage and display, restricted smoking areas and administration of the legislation. Key changes of importance for Local Government include the ability to appoint restricted investigators following guidelines issued by the Director General of the Department of Health, and smoking restrictions within five metres of a public entrance to an enclosed public place, and within 10 metres of air conditioning intakes. For more information, click here.

Defamation - If your organisation publishes information, including on-line and via social media, then you should be aware of the risks of publishing defamatory material. At worst, defamation can land you in court. There have been some high profile cases in the media recently involving allegations of defamation (and record payouts that were later overturned). This defamation fact sheet explains what defamation is, who can sue and be sued, and some of the available defences for those defending a defamation claim. This fact sheet also includes some practical guidance for organisations to avoid the risks of defamation.

Cybersecurity Fact Sheet - providing some practical tips and recommendations to help your organisation protect its information, electronic systems, digital information and ultimately reduce the likelihood of a breach. 

Protections for board members of not-for-profit community organisations fact sheet -  Details some of the legal protections available for board members, as well as some practical steps board members can take to protect themselves.

Don’t Think You Will Get Your New Constitution/Rules Updated By The 1st July? - Don’t worry, you will not be fined! It will just mean that where your rules are silent for Schedule 1 of the Act and/or contradict the Act, then the model rules from the Regulations will automatically apply to those sections only. Under the Act, you may also apply to the Commission for an extension.  If considering this, you will need to contact Consumer Protection directly. Tel: 1300 304 054. To access free support with your constitutional changes please contact Shire of Gingin Community Development Officer Helen Sutherland or call 0419 604 101.


All you have to do is to present Young Pink Sister with your breast cancer-related medical bill to validate your need for assistance and it will be provided – up to $600 worth.

For details, or to apply simply send them an email or visit:


Subscribe To Play By The Rules!  Keep up to date with happenings in safe, fair and inclusive sport by subscribing to the Play by the Rules magazine. By subscribing you will be joining a like-minded community of people dedicated to making sport in Australia safe, fair and inclusive. You will also get notifications of special Play by the Rules events and announcements. To subscribe, go to the Play by the Rules website and find the subscribe form.

Early Years Development Results 
WHAT Is The Australian Early Year Development Census and HOW does It Relate To My Community? 
2018 Australian Early Years Development Census National Report     
Australian Early Years Development Census Data explorer allows you to search for a location.
Shire of Gingin Community Results     

Child Safe Tools for all Organisations   
Charter of Commitment to Children and Young People 
Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy template  
Child Safe Code of Conduct 
Checklist for Online Safety: 
Guide for Parents and Carers
Parent Update is a monthly e-newsletter that brings national education news about NAPLAN, My School and the Australian Curriculum to parents.
Download ‘SkoolBag’ app from your app store – Add ‘Child and Parent Centre – Banksia Grove’ to ’My Schools and Services’ to access current parent support information sessions. 

Injury Matters’ Know Injury program has developed new resources to learn about what injuries are occurring in your region, what population groups are affected and what actions can be taken to reduce the prevalence of injury in the Wheatbelt.


Managing Club People Series / When: Wednesday 10 April 2019 / Time: 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Workshop Description:
What are the key roles within your club and have you go the skills(audit)
Understand the importance of people within the club and how to recognise and reward
Understand training and opportunities for learning for club personnel
Understand key principles of volunteer management
Understand the importance of planning to meet future needs
It is essential to register for each of these webinars.

Get up to speed on all the important Club Management knowledge and skills by watching these online videos.

  1. Governance
  2. The committee of management
  3. How to be an effective president
  4. Club rules
  5. Incorporation
  6. Developing policies and procedures
  7. Recruitment and retention of your committee
  8. Effective and efficient meetings
  9. The importance of an agenda
  10. Governance checklist

Always Be You Mental Health, Well being Resources - The Always Be You resources have been developed in a respectful space where culture is acknowledged, considered and celebrated. Use these resources to consider and find your own opportunities and ways to focus on mental health and well being in your setting and use these resources to develop an understanding of different cultural perspectives.

One hundred and fifty Western Australian country football clubs will receive mental health support under a new $855,000 three-year Healthway partnership with the WA Country Football League to promote Think Mental Health.The current campaign targets men aged 25-54 and their family and friends with messages about the importance of talking and listening, and that mental health issues can affect anyone. More Information.

RSPCA WA Pets In Crisis Program

Your Toolkit - Financial Toolbox
Event Budget Template

Want More Local News? - The April issue of the Moore River News is available for viewing on the Moore River News website.  The Moore River News Team hope you enjoy reading all the news in colour from the Lower Coastal Area of the Gingin Shire. Please do encourage friends and neighbours to register on this website. Their mailing address is: Moore River News PO Box 2005 Woodridge, WA 6041. Add them to your address book today.

The Quick Reference Guide  - A free downloadable resource that provides sporting organisations with information on services that will help resolve issues, including unlawful behaviour, child safety and handling complaints.It’s a handy resource if you are looking for help in any of these areas and includes a Complaints Flowchart that should help you find out who to contact, from local to state and even national level.

Sponsorship - What you need is right here!
Attracting More Sponsors To Your Club
Seeking And Servicing A Sponsor
Sponsorship For Events

Events - Niche Events
Pricing Your Event - Value Analysis Work Book
Multiple Event Planning Promotion
Event Budget Template
Event Inventory Revenue Booklet
7 Email Templates For Events

Number 7 - Film Documentary - On returning to country in the Pilbara, and interested in telling her story, year 12 student Stella Gray Broun created a short film documenting - Lena Long's journey back to her birthplace at Well Number 7. Stella's film Number 7 aired at the Year 12 Media Perspectives last week. It's a touching piece that pays homage to Aboriginal tradition, culture, and connection to country. Watch the short film

Make Smoking History - A video which promotes the benefits of living smoke-free. It shows how smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. This powerful WA-made campaign resource depicts the shocking effects of smoking-related cancers and their capacity to take away life’s simple pleasures, such as speaking and eating.

NACC’s Coastal Plant Pocket Guide has been updated and is now available as a mobile App. The new App provides revised and additional information about native coastal species identification, distribution, propagation, and traditional Aboriginal uses, along with commonly encountered weed species and how to control them. The App is available to download for free on iTunes and Google Play.


FREE FAMILY FUN - Central Park Joondalup 5 – 7 April 2019 
Enjoy a fun-packed three days of live entertainment and alfresco eating and drinking at Joondalup Festival. Featuring oversized and interactive art installations, circus, music, comedy, children’s shows and more, there is something to tickle everyone’s fancy. There will be a Youth Space where you can make rock candy and experience VR and other activities provided by Scitech. More Information

Moore Men's Shed Open Day 
Saturday 13 April 10am-3pm
Where: Moore Men's Shed 232 Wedge Street Guilderton
What: Moore Men's Shed product sale - outdoor tables, sculptures, sandboards, fireboxes, Guilderton Library books, plants, Moore Clothes, Free sausage sizzle and lots more. 

Defeat The Beat - Youth Only
When: Wednesday 17 April 2019, 6.00pm - 10.00pm
Who: Local bands, soloists, DJs, hip hop artists and talented young people showcase their musical abilities in the City of Joondalup Defeat the Beat competition.
Where: Bar1 Nightclub (de-licensed), Hillarys Boat Harbour, Hillarys
What: Tickets $10.00
Great prizes are up for grabs including studio time, photo shoots and more. More Information.

Brand Community Litter Drive  REGISTRATION CLOSES 26 APRIL
: Community Resource Centre (CRC) Gingin
What: Facilitate the clearing of the road verges into Gingin town prior to British Car Day (19 May)
Contact: Please complete the Registration Form to return to Gingin CRC - 1A Lily King Place Gingin WA 6503 or call 9575 1253 or email.

Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC) is again hosting the WA Threatened Species Forum in Geraldton. Stay tuned for all the latest information including speakers and registrations details.

New* Nation-Versus-Nation Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) Cup
Perth will host some of the world’s best tennis players as part of teams’ event from January 2020. RAC Arena will host the Perth event, which will feature 12 sessions played over six days. The Hopman Cup will no longer be going ahead in Perth. For more information

18th Australian Masters Games in Perth 2021
The biennial event involves more than 50 different sports for people over the age of 30. More than 7,000 competitors will take part in the Games, with approximately 5,500 visitors expected to travel to Perth specifically for the event. The Australian Masters Games is also known for its wide range of social events, with an extensive program of live music and entertainment providing opportunities for attendees to experience Perth’s vibrant entertainment scene and premium food and wine. More Information

Event Calendar- Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural (DLGSC) 
For more information on learning and development opportunities for coaches, officials, administrators, board members and committee members of State Sporting Associations, Peak Recreation Organisations and clubs. 

Wheatbelt Calendar of Events
City Of Joondalup Events Calendar 2019
The Gingin Shire uses its website and Facebook page to promote local sporting groups and community events for free. If your group is having a fundraiser or event which is open to community members, drop them a line on 9575 5138 to assist with your promotion. The Shire covers Gingin to the coast and from Lancelin to Woodridge.
DSR and Lotterywest logo
Helen Sutherland
Community Development Officer
Mobile: 0419 604 101
Direct Tel: 9575 5162
Shire of Gingin logo

Cher Groves
Community Services and Events Officer
Mobile: 0429 951 131
Direct Tel: 9575 5138
7 Brockman Street (PO Box 510)
Gingin WA 6503
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