Dear Tribe,

I am delighted to let you know that I have invited a tabaco & Sant Pedro (Whachuma) medicine man Raymundo to come and offer two ceremonies for us on Friday 27 & Saturday 28th of January. 

Below are details about Raymundo and both ceremonies including the prices. 

We really hope that you can join us on this special and healing events.

Nabs & Raymundo 🌱

Whachuma & Tabaco Shaman Raymundo: 

I was born in the Mediterranean, I am a fusion of cultures. I was a photographer, journalist, businessman with many facets. But basically my nature is adventurous. That seeker's instinct has led me to cross many times the limits of the rational. My readings of adolecerte were the Castaneda. There my curiosity about the magical world awoke in me. I went to meet the Huichols with their peyote. Travel to Mongolia where you cross the Gobi desert alone. I traveled through Africa making documentaries of healers for years. He lived with the tribes of Yemen. I got to know the Arab world. Until more than 15 years ago I traveled to Peru for a job. My first contact with the Amazon. I was so fascinated that I returned with my family and stayed for 2 years. Ayahuasca and the plants of the Amazon changed my search, it was no longer a trip to the outside, but a trip to my interior. I met many teachers and from there a book called "elixir of the gods" was born. I trained with several teachers then I found a tobacco master. And with the tobacco spirit I found my center again. Training in Amazonian plants is an act of faith and desperation. Without knowing it I was trained and with permission to be able to give these plants. After several years I got to know San Pedro and there I said thank you, it was for me the perfect synergy between heaven and earth. Tobacco gives earth is the one that is closest to creation and San Pedro gives you heaven the divine. That is why I work on these two master plants. At present I live retired in a place near the sea similar to the Sierra de Tramuntana in the mountains. I feel privileged to be able to be a facilitator of these ancient medicines. And I practice good practice, medicine is not to be consumed as an escape or to live an experience, but to be able to move forward with our lives in love and gratitude.


The work of anteogenic cure consists of 2 days.

FRIDAY 27th February:


Around 6 pm we met to do the Tobacco ceremony. Participants must have let us  know if they take any type of medication and if there is any physiological problem.The ceremony usually lasts 4-5 hours.

the use of tobacco purges in the therapeutic process. Traditionally, the purge in Amazonian medicine is a ceremony that will combine the physical effect of an emetic plant and the potentiation of its effects on the physical and spiritual levels by the ritual that is associated with it. A concentrated juice of the plant is ingested and water is drunk to prepare for the vomiting process. The technique of this medicine is very precise, it differentiates the qualities of each plant species and invokes the generic spirit that is associated with it. This gives the specific uses and songs for each plant.
Tobacco cleanses and clarifies the emotional fields, reinforces the spirit of decision, lifts the spirits, encourages courage and rectitude. At the same time it restructures and protects the energy body, gives heat. It's an action-bound fire plant
The purge is a very powerful aid in the return of the repressed. The act of vomiting contains in itself a strong symbolic charge, that of making past things return. At the same time, the body can loosen its emotional and muscular armor and favor abreaction. Tensions are released again.

Once the synergistic work of the two master plants is done to continue the work on oneself, it is recommended to follow a diet of micro doses of tobacco. What does this diet do? Basically we integrate the work done. In the ceremonies there is a lot of information that sometimes escapes us. The diet is the integration and the guide to the true transformation. The diet leads us to clear dream states and makes us release what does not belong to us.




Take De San Pedro we will do a 5-hour in beautiful nature around ARTA. Then we return to our place where there will be an Ikaros and music ceremony by the fire including some delicious food. 

We start around 10am -11am basically to let the people who came to take the tobacco ceremony rest. We will finish around 10pm. The next day whoever wants can come to the meditation and the passage of the word.

Everyone can take Wachuma and Tobacco: If you have heart conditions, if you suffer from fainting or have diabetes, if you are pregnant, with your menstrual period or other conditions, it is advisable to INFORM.

Duration of the sessions:

The sessions with Wachuma last approximately 12 hours, this together with the walk and the ceremony itself.
Huachuma or San Pedro purifies, cleanses, heals and harmonizes from the inside to the outside of your being. It is the pure, mysterious light and makes your eyes shine with absolute love
Saint Peter opens your heart and fills you with unconditional love, allows you to truly love yourself and other human beings. It takes away stress and headaches, harmonizes your mind with your heart, your spirit, your soul and your physical body. It connects you with nature and the spiritual world and opens the doors of heaven for you. During the San Pedro ceremonies, you are conscious all the time; you will never lose consciousness. In fact, your senses are more acute than normal, which means you can consciously heal and purify yourself. “It connects us directly with oneself and then heals us and opens our consciousness for self-learning.


The price for each medicine is €100 euros. If you only come to tobacco ceremony without diet it is €120 euros. I consider that as we are doing a holistic healing work. Only people who have made tobacco can sign up in San Pedro.
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