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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.
-Marianne Willamson

Happy second day of 2019, all. And, welcome, those just joining us <3.

I don’t know about you but 2018 was hard on my end. 2018 pushed me out of my comfort zone in life, love and business in the best and, yet still, quite difficult ways.

Sh*t got real, real hard for a bit. But I’m coming out on the other side of it all, starting this new year feeling more anchored in who I really am and who I’m becoming.

When we go inward with ourselves we can build stronger, outward.

It’s hard work though, the work of facing ourselves, of facing our truth, of facing our darkness AND our light. But it’s worth it.

I’m inspired by how all of you have chosen to go on this journey as well and am honored that you’re a part of our growing community.

To more growth, individually and together, in 2019. To thinking big and building bigger. To the continued work of listening to and channeling our big whispers.



"On Friday, or during the weekend, I sit down and plan out my week ahead. The question I ask myself is this: 'what are three things I need to do tomorrow to move my business to over $1 million in sales?' I have to be razor focused here or else I’m just wasting my time."
Melissa Moriarty is the founder and creative director of home goods brand, Azulina Home, a line of pillows, baskets and rugs--all artisan handmade and in an aesthetic best described as California laid-back luxury meets global modern.

Melissa started the business as a dinnerware product line in 2013, the brand was originally called Azulina Ceramics, but shey says it was a flop, “financially speaking.” At the same time of the dinnerware concept not working, Melissa was faced with the sudden loss of her little brother, Jimmy, who had been killed while serving overseas in Jordan.

In our interview Melissa shares the inspiration that helped her move her business forward and turn it into a concept that would work--now on track to double sales from last year--and how she manages her week to maximize for growth.
How this Founder Turned a Failing Concept into a Thriving Home Goods Brand and Manages Her Week to Keep Up with Growth

Intentions and Goals
“When combined together, your goals will be supported and supercharged by the energy that comes from embodying your intentions.” Setting intentions and setting goals are powerful tools for achieving aims in business (and life). Understanding the nuanced difference between the two will help you leverage each to their max utility as you set your company strategy.

This article describes the difference between an intention and goal in the context of a yoga practice, replace the word “yoga” with “business” as you read, and you’ve got nuggets of business wisdom.
Read about the difference between intentions and goals

The Lonely Hour Podcast

Our Big Whisper(er) of the week is The Lonely Hour, a podcast about loneliness. Julia Bainbridge, the creator and host, has nurtured a space to talk openly about the topic in hopes of de-stigmatizing loneliness and underscoring the joys of solitude.

The episodes vary in topic and type of guest, from chefs, to authors, to musicians, to lawyers, and more. Julia asks thoughtful, peel-back-the-onion questions to understand the different textures of loneliness--from the heartbreaking to the beautiful.

A discussion about loneliness is important now more than ever and especially as entrepreneurs. This path can be an incredibly isolating but conversations like the ones Julia cultivates through The Lonely Hour allow us to feel more united by our loneliness, than, well, lonely.

Check Out The Lonely Hour Podcast

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"I’m inspired by all that you’re creating and so look forward to your emails in my inbox. What a burst of inspiration!"
-Erica Morton Magill, founder of Ardor

Embrace your light
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