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Hi everyone,

Today’s edition is inspired by the universal experience of us women entrepreneurs to navigate the fine balance of heeding outside guidance with listening to ourselves. 
Oftentimes resources and advice end up being prescriptive. But the truth is there is no "one-size fits all" way to build a business.
That’s why so much of what we do at The Big Whisper is geared toward providing guardrails and support, versus delivering prescriptive advice, to help women build businesses in the way that’s right for them.
At the end of the day, only YOU know what’s best for yourself and only YOU fully see the matrix of your vision. While the path to building a business can be lonely for this reason, it’s equally empowering, and actually, time-saving, if you choose to fiercely believe in yourself.
This week’s edition was built with this theme in mind: listen to yourself, trust your gut. 
Hope you enjoy this week’s reads. Have a great week ahead!

"My entire life my mother has said 'the difference between those that do and those that don’t is those thatdo and those that don’t.' I’ve had many entrepreneurial ideas in the past that I never executed on due tonot knowing exactly how to do it. But I finally took a risk on an idea I felt passionate about without a clear roadmap. It’s hard work and there’s infinite trial and error, but I’m learning you don’t have to have it all figured out, you just have to start and keep moving forward.  "
Jessica Canetti, Melanie Haber, and Marisa Vera are the cofounders of Milx, a company created to modernize motherhood, starting with their flagship Milx Bra.

With Milx, Canetti, Haber, and Vera are on a mission to help moms feel confident and comfortable nursing and pumping whenever they need to, for however long they want to, while still wearing something that’s stylish.

Since launching in late May, selling out of their first run of Milx bras and hosting free educational Milx Mom community gatherings for more than 100 moms in NYC, to winning TheSkimm’s “Get Off The Couch” pitch contest, these three moms and cofounders are just getting started on their mission to modernize motherhood.

Canetti, Haber, and Vera share their strategy for growth, their biggest challenges in building a product that can work for 
all-body types, how they’ve personally grown, and more.
Read the Interview on Forbes
Why it Feels So Weird When You Try and Sell (And How to Get Better at It)
The 15 Types Of Women You Need In Your Life to Propel You In Building Your Business (Excerpt from the Book "You're Not Lost")

Limited Edition Big Whisper Print by Artist Meg Forsyth
“I think it is fiercely important to find the artist you love and support them unwaveringly because you believe in what they are doing. You believe in their contribution to your life or the lives of others. Art has the power to touch people, to communicate emotions, to inspire curiosity, to rediscover the past, and to seek new frontiers. Art can be objects hung on a wall, or experiences carried with you. The important thing is that it has touched you in some way, and supporting the creators of those experiences enables them to carry on doing the work they love.” -Meg Forsyth, artist

We could not agree more with these words. We support Meg’s work and life as an artist and are so honored to have collaborated with her on crowdfunding campaign to grow The Big Whisper.

Meg has developed this limited edition print to capture what The Big Whisper means for her. 

Read more about Meg's inspiration for the print on our crowdfunding page.

The purchase of this print ($125) supports Meg Forsyth and her work as an artist. 

Additionally, proceeds go toward helping us continue to operate The Big Whisper and to funding Women's Campaign International, an organization that provides confidence building and leadership development workshops to underserved teenage girls.
Get the Limited Edition Print Here

Habits Tendencies Framework
In order to work smart as an entrepreneur (versus hard) you must optimize for *your* energy levels. We dig Gretchen Rubin’s “Habits Tendencies” framework and quiz as a tool for gaining further insight into your energy habits and needs.

Rubin’s “Habits Tendencies” framework distinguishes how people tend to respond to expectations: outer expectations, aka a deadline or a request from someone, and inner expectations, aka internal goals and aims like “write that blog post”, “establish this new self-care habit.”

Knowing what motivates you, knowing when you are most productive for strategy work, versus execution work, knowing when you need to take a break and prioritize self-care--understanding these energy and habits patterns for yourself is fundamental to growing your business. 
Take the Habit Tendencie's Quiz Here (it takes less tha 10 mins)
How This Founder Is Innovating In Mental Health By Bringing Matchmaking To Therapy
Why Introspection is So Good For You — Mentally and Physically
5 Steps to Making Your Business Ideas Real
Your Startup’s MVP Isn’t Working, But Here’s What Might

Updates and offerings from fellow Big Whisper(er)s

Event: SweatCon Rally NYC
Date: 10/6
Time: 12:00-5:00PM

Check In Party: NEO U
Workouts: Choose from one of five different neighborhood - Astor Place, Midtown, NEO U, Bryant Park
and Flatiron.

Big Whisper(er) OG, The Sweat Concierge, is hosting their signature fitness event here in NYC next weekend. SweatCon Rally is a one-day fitness experience that kicks off with a welcome party, featuring exclusive shopping offers, a braid bar, coffee bar, hydration sampling, live DJ,
photobooth and more. Following the party, attendees hit the studios for three 30-minute workouts at a sampling of the city’s hottest fitness studios. Use the code for Big Whisperer(ers), SWEATY20, and receive 20% off your ticket purchase. 
Get Your Tickets Here
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