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- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Happy Sunday, everyone.

This week’s newsletter was built on the guiding theme: you gotta go inward to build with strength outward.

When we articulate to ourselves what makes us distinctive--what our strengths are, what we’re motivated by--we’re able to express that authenticity outward. It’s from that place of authenticity that we’re able to breed trust and cultivate true connections with others. And it’s from that place of sincere connection that we’re able to communicate in a way to make the things we want to happen, happen.

The women featured in today’s interviews embody tapping into one’s truth--going inward--to build with strength outward.

Plus, today’s issue includes an article that features a 5 Step Process to Make Your Business Ideas Real, a framework to build a business on feminist principles that honor introspection and transparency ++ other tools and inspiration to affirm and motivate you on your journey inward to build with strength, outward.


"I had to save money as I built and re-invest every dime I made back into the company. It’s important to understand your profit and loss statements and know that sales are different than profit. Sometimes businesses see revenue coming in and mistake that for money they can spend personally or on other things, but it has to be put back into the company in order for it to grow and for me, that was my way of surviving."
Growing a company from the ground up isn’t an easy task and the struggle was amplified for Courtney Adeleye who was raised in Detroit, Michigan and spent her early years working to help her family and put herself through college. Money was a scarce resource and strong mentors followed suit. But nevertheless, she persisted and The Mane Choice grew from a $500 personal investment to $25 million in sales in just 4 years. 

Courtney could have continued on a single-minded path of business growth but that wouldn’t have fit her personality. So she decided to pay it forward by launching “Pay My Bill”, an Instagram-based giveaway where she paid off a bill of one of her brand’s followers each week. And that was just the beginning.

Writer Shani Syphrett talked with Courtney about how to she positioned herself as a successful entrepreneur and a generous giver, what the next steps are for her to expand her social impact and why she believes anyone can be of service to others.
Read the Interview on Forbes
5 Step to Making Your Business Ideas Real
Entrepreneurial Inspiration from an Artist: Interview with Meg Forsyth
6 Community Building Tips: Interview with Emily Merrell, Queen of Community Building

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TOOL FOR GROWTH [from our partner Writing on Glass]

Feminist Business Framework
The feminist business pyramid operates on the principle that your business should, in the words of Audre Lorde, feel right to you. The foundational element is alignment, which becomes your vision and strategy. On top of that enters transparency and freedom, which allow you to build your ideal business systems and operations. Then comes creativity and empathy, as you build and sell your products and services to your ideal audience. And finally, at the top of the pyramid sits impact and abundance. Following the steps of this feminist pyramid helps you achieve the end goal of a running a sustainable, fulfilling business.
Watch this Free Online Workshop to Understand and Apply this Framework

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How Great Leaders Inspire Action: Simon Sinek's TED Talk "Start with Why" [video]
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