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- Jane Goodall
Hi all!

It’s been a few weeks since I sent a note. Hello again and welcome to those of you just joining.

I’ve retreated to my hometown in New Jersey for these first few weeks of September, for some much-needed r&r after a full summer of launching The Big Whisper (July) and building out our crowdfunding campaign for go-live (August).

So far we’ve raised over $7k through our crowdfunding campaign to grow The Big Whisper and I could not be more grateful for all the support.

Already, with the money we’ve raised, I’ve been able to start building out our website to house all of the content we’ve developed to date. I’ve also been able to start growing our contributing writer program. Stay tuned over the next few weeks for more interviews, business strategy and self-discovery focused content, exclusively created on The Big Whisper, to guide and inspire you in your business-building endeavors.

We’re just getting started and I could not be more excited. We still have a ways to go to reach our goals in building out The Big Whisper to reach its fullest potential. If you haven’t seen or contributed yet, check out and support our campaign here. We’ve created a bunch of great rewards that champion women entrepreneurs.

To the journey of it all!


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PPS I was recently interviewed by Writing on Glass where I share my advice on: 1) Focusing on the short-term before getting caught up in the long-term 2) Building a business that balances profit and purpose and 3) Tapping into your intuition to better understand your business strategy. Read the interview here.

"I have always been a conservative person by nature, and when I first set out on my own, the risks I had to take made me uncomfortable. Because of that, I hedged my bets constantly, and therefore what I created was always good, but never great.

Now, I’m not reckless. I’ll still examine an opportunity with a critical eye. But years of experience and hindsight have given me a sense of security that I have my skills, my creativity, and my personal network to fall back on."
Jenn Goggin is co-founder and partner of Startle, an innovation studio for the food ecosystem.

Goggin has built two tech products in the food space prior, an online marketplace for food producers and wholesalers called FarmersWeb, and a digital transparency platform for local food called Pippin Foods--this platform was acquired last summer.

Goggin dives into why it’s so important to fix the food ecosystem and shares strategic and tactical product-building learnings--including insights from her experience being acquired.
Read the Interview on Forbes

Business Strategy Cards
This deck of cards includes the most critical and helpful questions to reflect on during the early stages of building a business. They were developed based on learnings and insights from Big Whisper founder, Alison Gilbert's, advisory work with over 65 entrepreneurs. 

Whether you are feeling the need for entrepreneurial inspiration or looking for help turning your idea into action, these cards ask you the right questions you need to focus on to move forward and set a strong foundation for growth.

The cards are a $45 reward through our crowdfunding campaign. Contributions from our campaign help us:
  • Create more content and strategy tools (like these cards!) to help women entrepreneurs build thriving business
  • Fund Women's Campaign International—an organization that provides confidence building and leadership development for underserved teenage girls around the world
Get the cards here

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