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It’s about getting clear about what you want. And then expressing that from a place of heart-centered truth. I know that sounds fluffy. But it’s hard and it’s scary. Communicating what you feel in your heart will rearrange your life. 

-Mastin Kipp
Hi all,

Hope this note finds you well and, if you’re an east-coaster, staying warm after this crisp, autumnal weekend.

I built another cozy fire this weekend and today I bought the ingredients for these Paleo Pumpkin Muffins by Phoebe Lapine, I'm excited to try them out this week. Am getting into the full fall spirit over here!

...and it wouldn’t be fully fall for me without some dedicated reflection time. I tend to start doing my bigger, deeper reflecting in fall, so that way when January comes around I’m READY TO GO.

Right now I’m reflecting on YOU, my Big Whisper readers. What makes you tick? What do you *really* need and want as you continue to build your entrepreneurial life? Would you let me know by taking this short reader survey? I estimate it will take about 5-10 minutes. PLUS, by completing the survey (if you choose to include your e-mail address), you will be entered for a chance to win a Junes bag.

Sending you all the vibes for a great rest of the week.


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"Ultimately a great business comes from passion, that feeling that you’re creating something that needs to exist and has a clear purpose. Even if your ultimate goal is an acquisition, you could end up running the business for much longer than you expected, so it should be something you care deeply about and will want to work on for many years to come."
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-Liz Funk, Co-founder of And We Evolve
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