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December 2021

First off: Welcome to our new subscribers, who joined us during my Writ in Blood blog tour, run by Other Worlds Ink. It's great to have you on board!

And a hearty wish for each and every one of you: I hope your festive season is shaping up to be more with the happy and less with the stress! Whatever or whenever you celebrate (or not), my thoughts are with you. 

Appropriately (or not!) this season brings sales and giveaways with it - and I have a few to share with you.

You'll find all the details below...

Smashwords EOY Sale

Along with other authors, I'm participating in the Smashwords End of Year Sale. All my books are 50% off, including The Butterfly Hunter Trilogy, which is now available for the price of a single volume, and my new novel Writ in Blood.

You can find The Butterfly Hunter Trilogy and my fellow authors A.D. Ellis, Amber Kell, Cara Dee, Clare London, Kaje Harper, LC Chase, Lillian Francis, and RJ Scott via BookFunnel.

Or you can leap directly to Writ in Blood on Smashwords!

Queeromance Ink

Meanwhile, when half price just isn't enough... If you join Queeromance Ink (for free) during the month of December, you'll receive four (free!) queer romance books from QRI authors - including my well-beloved The Apothecary's Garden, along with offerings from Matt Burlingame, J. Scott Coatsworth, and Kaje Harper!

A Gift: No Man's Land

I wrote this story as a contribution to the anthology A Pride of Poppies, published by Manifold Press in 2016 but now out of print. The anthology explored the experiences of LGBTQ+ people during World War I. It was a very successful title, being short-listed for the Historical Novel Society (HNS) Indie Award 2016, and a finalist in the LGBT Anthology category of the 28th Annual Lambda Literary Awards - and we were very proud of it.

I wanted to make this story available for free, in honour of Remembrance Day 2021. LGBTQ+ people have always been with us, in all walks of life, and were naturally among the soldiers and civilians who suffered and died during the Great War. The anthology asked in what ways their lives were the same as or different from those of other people.

My friend Andrea L Farley, also known as altocello, kindly provided the beautiful illustration for the cover, depicting the main character Drew.

If you'd like to read the story, please find the details below.

Blurb: Drew was born neither boy nor girl, but he was raised as a man, and now he is desperate to enlist in the Great War to prove himself. His lover, who fought in the Transvaal twelve years before, is just as desperate to dissuade him.

Word count: 3400 words

Available on: Payhip; Universal Book Link; Smashwords; and other fine vendors.

Please see the No Man's Land book page on my website, if you want to know more.

Payhip store!

I'm delighted to announce that I now have a Payhip store attached to my website. You can use this to buy my currently available ebooks directly from me, in epub, mobi and pdf formats. (There are some free stories there, too...)

The link is:

Julie's Payhip store

Call for Submissions: Queer Weird West Tales

Despite having completed my Queer Weird West novel, Writ in Blood - frankly I just haven't had enough yet! Hence this call for submissions to a new anthology titled Queer Weird West Tales.

This hybrid subgenre requires three elements:

  • Queer: At least one main character belongs to the LGBTQ+ spectrum, defined in whatever way seems natural to them.
  • Weird: The story contains a speculative fiction element, drawing on fantasy, horror, or science fiction.
  • West: The setting is the Old West - or the time and place of any other frontier.

If that strikes a creative chord with you, the details can be found on my website here.

I'm looking forward to reading your bodacious tales!

Call for Submissions!

And I'd love for you to join my Facebook group!

I have a Facebook group for my friends, readers and fellow travellers, called Life, Libraries, Love and Knitting. We are a small group so far, with a fairly low-key dynamic - while I want to keep the atmosphere relaxed and informal, I would love for more of you to join us!

As you'll gather from the group's name, I don't intend this to be all about me and my writing, but instead about anything in life that we love, whether that's knitting or not! 

Please do click the link and ask to join. As required by Facebook, there are rules to agree to and questions to answer - but seeing as that's part of their efforts to keep interactions civil, I trust you won't find it too onerous.

We'd love to see you there!

P.S. This is where I make ARCs available…

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