May 5, 2017
Wisconsin's 12th Senate District contains communities in Florence, Forest, Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, Marinette, Menominee, Oconto, Oneida, Shawano, and Vilas Counties.

Committee Assignments:
  • Joint Committee on Finance
  • Sporting Heritage, Mining, and Forestry Committee (Chair)
  • Agriculture, Small Business, and Tourism Committee (Vice-Chair)
  • Revenue, Financial Institutions, and Rural Issues Committee
  • Joint Survey Committee on Tax Exemptions
Legislative Update
On Tuesday, the Wisconsin State Senate sat in a floor session. During our floor session, we conducted business in a special session as well as a regular floor session. A special session of the legislature can be requested by the governor for the purpose of a single topic. The special session that was held this week was in regards to the HOPE agenda, and the ongoing epidemic of opioid addiction. In total, during both the regular and special floor session, 20 bills were voted on and passed. I have included the information about all those bills below:
Special Session Bills
  • JR7 AB1 - Emergency administration of opioid antagonist to pupils.
  • JR7 AB2 - Treatment and diversion programs and making appropriations.
  • JR7 AB4 - Prohibiting certain schedule V controlled substances from being dispensed without a prescription.
  • JR7 AB6 - Authorizing the director of the Office of Educational Opportunity in the University of Wisconsin System to contract for the operation of a recovery charter school, insurance coverage of mental health treatment provided by a recovery charter school, and making an appropriation.
  • JR7 AB7 - Grants to establish and expand graduate training in an addiction specialty and making an appropriation. 
  • JR7 AB8 - Creating additional opioid treatment programs and making an appropriation. 
  • JR7 AB9 - Addiction medicine consultation program and making an appropriation.
  • JR7 AB10 - Position authorization for criminal investigation agents at the Department of Justice.
  • JR7 AB11 - Mental health training program and making an appropriation. 
Regular Session Bills
  • SB15 - Various changes regarding administrative rules and rule-making procedures and making an appropriation.
  • SB20 - Time periods for the abatement of late blight of potatoes.
  • SB23 - Seed potato certification and use and providing penalties.
  • SB46 - An exemption for resident disabled veterans and for recipients of the purple heart medal from the cumulative preference system for issuing wild turkey licenses and tags. 
  • SB69 - Operating a motorboat towing a person on water skis.
  • SB100 - Expiration of statements of scope for administrative rules.
  • SB144 - Resources eligible for renewable resource credits.
  • SB148 - Personal delivery devices and providing credits. 
  • AB59 - Terminology change and corrections for emergency medical technicians and first responders.
  • AB73 - Designating cheese as the state dairy product.
  • AB146 - The practice of dental hygienists. 
The State Senate was on the floor on Tuesday, May 2nd.
The Assembly also sat in a floor session on Tuesday this week. Among the bills debated was AB160. AB160 was legislation that I co-authored with Rep. Mary Felzkowski (R-Irma) concerning the permitting process for our Aquaculture industry. This bill passed in the Assembly and it now needs to be scheduled for a floor debate in the Senate. 

On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to testify on behalf of SB18, a bill that I also co-authored with Rep. Mary Felzkowski (R-Irma). Upon passage of SB18, the fractional sale of gasoline will be permitted. Under the current law, gasoline can only be advertised by the gallon, however many of the smaller facilities around the state (total sales under 15,000 gallons annually) have out-of-date gas pumps that do not allow the pricing to exceed $1.99 per gallon. As such, these facilities will take the current price of gasoline and divide it by two so that it can register on their pumps. This bill will allow for those smaller, more rural facilities to continue business as usual.

The Committee on Revenue, Financial Institutions, and Rural Issues had an executive session on Wednesday. We debated and voted on three pieces of legislation to be referred to the Senate floor for debate. We voted on SB89, concerning changes to the Department of Revenue's operations, SB120, allowing for sales tax exemptions for building materials that become a part of a UW university, college, or technical college building, and finally on SB121, which would align a provision of our charitable tax code with the federal tax code.
Rep. Mary Felzkowski (R-Irma) joined me in testifying on behalf of SB18 in front of the Senate Committee on Transportation and Veterans Affairs.
JFC Update

The Joint Committee on Finance (JFC) met on Monday for the first executive session of the 2017-19 session. During these meetings, the members of the JFC meet, debate, and vote on specific provisions in the Governor's proposed budget. Executive sessions will be held weekly until the final budget bill is ready to move to the floor. Each session is divided up by department agency, board, or sub-agency. The schedule for each session is posted online prior to the start of the session. This week we met and voted on the following:
  • Department of Administration - Division of Gaming, Board on Aging and Long-Term Care, Employment Relations Commission, Environmental Improvement Fund, Office of the Insurance Commissioner,  Judicial Commission, Judicial Council
For information regarding each individual provision provided by the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau, please click here. Next week we have two executive sessions scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday. I have included the schedule below. It is important to mention that the JFC Co-Chairs can reschedule departments/boards up until they are voted on. All of the provisions in the proposed budget must be voted on prior to the budget bill leaving the committee. 
May 9th
  • Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board
  • Secretary of State
  • Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation
  • Military Affairs
  • Legislature
  • Justice 
May 11th
  • Financial Institutions
  • Public Service Commission
  • Safety and Professional Services - Departmentwide
  • Safety and Professional Services - Regulation of Professions
  • Health Services - Medicaid Services Administration
  • Veterans Affairs
My colleagues on the Joint Finance Committee met in an executive session on Monday, May 1st.
Title I Distinction Award Ceremony
I was joined by Ms. Scandin (Left) and Ms. Hunter (Right) from the Creative Minds School in Minocqua at the Title I Distinction Award Ceremony
Last week I shared some information about Title I Distinction schools. I had the chance to watch the Title I Distinction Award Ceremony on Monday in the Capitol Rotunda. I want to congratulate all the 12th Senate District award winners. It was a great pleasure to join Ms. Scandin and Ms. Hunter from Creative Minds School in Minocqua during the award ceremony. Congratulations to both of them on their hard work! I am especially thankful to both of them for their dedication to teaching because they taught all three of my daughters when they attended MHLT Elementary School. 
Wisconsin Federation of Republican Women
I had the opportunity to speak with the WIFRW on Tuesday at the Capitol. I spoke about the importance of the Reins Act in addition to the Governor's proposed budget. They graciously let me stick around for some questions from the audience. I was able to have some serious conversations about protecting our first amendment rights, the improvements being made at the Department of Transportation, and the impact those improvements may have on the proposed transportation budget. Thank you for having me!
I spoke to a group of about 50 women from the Wisconsin Federation of Republican Women on Tuesday, May 2nd.
Springtime Weight Restrictions

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation announced that they will be lifting the springtime posted road weight restrictions on some of our area's highways: 
  • WIS52, Forest County, from Smith Road to the South County line
  • WIS52, Langlade County, from WIS55 to the North County line
  • WIS52, Forest County, Argonne to the Michigan State line
  • WIS107, Marathon County, from Marathon County A to the Lincoln County line
  • WIS107, Lincoln County, from Marathon County line to WIS 64
  • WIS107, Lincoln County, from Matthew's Road to Lincoln County S
  • WIS153, Marathon County, from Marathon County J to Shawano County line
  • WIS153, Shawano County, from the Marathon County line to US 45
 If you want to get more information or updates about the weight limit restrictions, please click here
Merrill Iron and Steel
The Milwaukee Buck's arena is reaching a new milestone this week with the help of one of northern Wisconsin's metal works companies. Merrill Iron and Steel, originally from Merrill and now located in Schofield, has cut, drilled, and painted every piece of steel that has gone into the frame of the arena. This week, Merrill Iron and Steel with some help from JP Cullen, a Janesville based construction company, will begin to install the nine enormous roof trusses. Each truss is 200 feet long and they must be drilled into place hundreds of feet in the air. The project will remain on track with a goal to have the building's exterior completed and "sealed" by November to prepare for the winter. I want to thank Merrill Iron and Steel for all their hard work. I am excited to see northern Wisconsin companies participate in this project. 
District 12 Events
Start Date Upcoming Event Location
May 6 Wildfire Preparedness Day Boulder Junction
May 12-13 Spring Fling and Art Walk Tomahawk
May 12-13 Annual Birding Festival Manitowish Waters
May 13 21st Annual Journeys Marathon Eagle River
May 17-20 Northwoods Jazz Camp Minocqua
May 20 White Deer Triathlon Boulder Junction
May 22 1st Annual Grow North Legislative Update Three Lakes
May 27 Memorial Day Arts and Crafts Show Eagle River
May 27 Wheels in Motion Motorcycle Show and Swap Tomahawk
May 27 Cabin Fever Meltdown Townsend
May 28 Main Street Memories 23rd Annual Car Show Tomahawk
May 28 Classic Sled-Round Up St. Germain
May 28 McCaslin Lioness Faire Lakewood
June 2-3 Nicolet Bird Club - Bird Fest Three Lakes
June 9-11 Wisconsin River Pro Rodeo Merrill
June 10 Art Fair on the Courthouse Lawn Rhinelander
June 24 Florence County Historical Society Quilt/Craft Show Florence
July 29 Lions Brewfest Torpy Park Minocqua
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