July 2, 2020
"Experiencing success is not actually the same as being well, though our culture often uses that language interchangeably. And overidentifying with my work is still a symptom of capitalism, no matter how righteous the motivation." —Sydnie L. Mosley in an essay on surviving burnout and precarity as a Black dancemaker
Broadway reckons with extended closures and the need for racial equity. Questions concerning intellectual property and crediting creators continue to rage on TikTok. The BET Awards provide a roadmap for making virtual events engaging. Plus, we discuss ways dance artists can look after their mental health right now. Listen to this week's episode of The Dance Edit Podcast on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.
Casually showing up to your video-chat date like, "Oh, this? It's just something I had, you know, lying around."
(Michelle Dorrance photographed by Jayme Thornton for Dance Magazine)
Note: There won't be a Dance Edit tomorrow. We'll see you Monday. Happy Fourth of July, dance friends!
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