Dear Portlander,

With the start of the school year quickly approaching, I am taking action to help ensure the safety of school-age children as they travel to and from schools.

Students should be able to walk, bike, and ride buses to get to and from schools without potentially dangerous hazards as a result of encampments, including trash, tents in the right-of-way, biohazards, hypodermic needles, and more.

Mayor Wheeler bans homeless camps around schools and school walking routes

Watch: KGW “Step in the right direction”

Homeless Portlanders deserve our help and compassion. We have made record investments to provide services to Portlanders experiencing homelessness and worked to improve our services with the Street Services Coordination Center.

Most homeless Portlanders do not pose a risk to others—but that is not always the case—and that is why I’m taking action.

You can report a campsite via PDX Reporter or by calling 311.

With limited resources, and heightened demand for services, I will continue to prioritize action to protect the most vulnerable in our city.

I hope all students and parents in Portland have a safe and productive school year ahead.


Ted Wheeler