Dear Portlander,

Voters showed strong support for City Ballot Measure 26-228 to overhaul how Portland is governed and I’m here to say, “Message received!”

Portland must become exponentially more accountable for providing services in every area of our city for all Portlanders—not just in select areas for some Portlanders. As such, I’m not waiting to make changes and improvements to our city government. Our work starts today.

The transition will take place over two-years and will be guided by the following three ‘drivers of improvement’ to help overhaul the city:

We will enthusiastically work to make the changes required by the ballot measure including ranked choice voting, expanding the size of the legislative council and the transition to a Mayor and City Administrator. I will also work with my council colleagues to appoint a Charter Transition Advisory Committee with community members. More information can be found on the City’s transition website here.

I will assign City Bureaus by grouping bureaus by service area starting in January. This will start knocking down the dysfunctional, siloed bureaus that plague our outdated, commission form of city government.

This transition is good and necessary, but we cannot be distracted from addressing Portlander’s toughest problems. Over the course of the next two years of transition, I will continue doing everything possible to address homelessness and crime through my upcoming budget proposals and bureau assignments.

Portlanders approve historic change to city government

FOX 12 (video): ‘Portlanders approve historic change to city government.’

Portlanders voted to overhaul their city government. They expect that on January 1st, 2025, City Hall will open with this new form of government in place. I will work faithfully, transparently, and collaboratively between now and then to ensure that that happens.

Community involvement and input is critical as we transition the form of government. You can share your thoughts and feedback with me directly by emailing:



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