“Neither do people pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst; the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved.” Matt 9:17

This week, I read a devotional that made me stop and listen ever so closely because I knew God was speaking to me through it. I wrote an email to my staff, and wanted you all, as our supporters, to also know what was on my heart.

Here is the email I sent them:

I read this passage this morning, and it has hit me so hard. I’ve read this passage before, but never has it resonated so much with where I am in my life. 
Of course, I automatically thought of Care Net SoMD. We cannot do what we’ve always done and expect different – or better – results. Especially not now, in light of all things Covid. We must be willing to be flexible. We must be willing to change. We must be willing to think outside the box of our experiences and be willing to try new things. 
And that’s not easy. It’s not easy to take risks. It’s not easy to leave our comfort zone. It’s not convenient to be willing to change. 
But when I think of what is laid out before us in a post-COVID world, we don’t have a choice. 
And I know I am preaching to the choir. You all have stood behind me, and beside me (whether you agreed or not!) and supported the decisions made to do these new things. You have shown your true colors in your willingness to step up to the plate and take action – and I want you to know that I see what you have done. I see your efforts. I see your beautiful, God-honoring hearts. And I am blessed to be your leader, even amidst these tumultuous times.
But I sense that more change is coming. And as we look to the future of Care Net SoMD, it will probably never look like it used to – and I don’t think it can; and I don’t think I want it to. I believe God is giving us new wine to work with, and I don’t want to waste it on using the old, outstretched wineskins. I want more – I want God’s best for Care Net. 
Even if that makes me uncomfortable. Even if it forces me to think outside the box. 
So, when you pray for Care Net, pray for new wineskins. Pray for increased creativity. Pray for renewed energy for all of us – because I know we are all tired. Pray that God moves in new ways – in bold ways – and that we are ready to handle all that He has prepared for us. Because I believe it is coming. I believe that the battle is only beginning – but with that, that the harvest will be plentiful. 
And I want to be ready.

With gratitude and in His glory, 

Olivia Bossert
Care Net Pregnancy Center of Southern Maryland
Executive Director
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