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Newsletter - May

Dear Readers,
we are pleased to welcome you with our newsletter this may. In this month's newsblog, you can read how Mexico is benefiting from supply chain disruption in the pandemic and learn about the Bajío economic region. We also feature the Digital Hub Querétaro and Mexico's new opportunities in the medical industry. Also this month, we will keep you updated on past events and special happenings. We also look forward to welcoming you to our upcoming events Mexico. Read more in this newsletter.

Yours Thomas Wagner
Founder & Managing Director

Nearshoring: How Mexico benefits from supply chain disruptions in the pandemic

Supply chains as we knew them just a few years ago have been hit hard by the pandemic. Measures to contain the spread of the virus have had a particular impact on the functioning of supply chains. Read more here

The Bajío Region: Engine of the Mexican Economy

Located in the center of the country, the states of Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Querétaro, Jalisco and San Luis Potosí are among the most popular economic regions. read more here

Latin America’s Most Important Digital Hub: Querétaro

The Mexican state of Querétaro has become the hotspot for data centers in Latin America. The region has attracted the interest of foreign and national investors and is on its way to becoming the center for Industry 4.0 in the region.Read more here

Mexico’s new opportunities for the medical industry

The medical devices sector, as well as the pharmaceutical industry, has great potential to improve the quality of life of the population. Read more here

Inauguration of our new office
WMP Mexico Advisors, represented by Thomas Wagner and Steffen Raab, upgraded its offices in the German Center this month as the WMP Group showroom. This new strategic location strengthens and reaffirms the commitment to German clients established in Mexico.
WMP Testimonial
WMP Mexico Advisors maintains personal and individual relationships with its clients. Through multilingual local contacts, WMP always responds flexibly to the challenges of international companies.

Christoph Piotrowski
Business Unit Manager
WMP Legal
Fabtech Mexico 2022
From May 3 to 5, we were present together with Acensblue at the leading event of the metal industry in Mexico, FABTECH MEXICO 2022, in Monterrey. We had the opportunity to strengthen our relationships with foreign and national companies in the northern region of the country. 
Press conference foreign communities
The Centro Alemán, directed by Thomas Wagner, was present at the press conference of Alejandra Iturbe, Secretary of Tourism of the City of Querétaro, for the presentation of the 24th edition of the Festival of Foreign Communities. The festival will be held this year from May 26 to 29 at the Convention and Conference Center. 
Symposium of the Mexican Institute of Financial Executives
WMP Mexico Advisors participated this month as a sponsor in the 17th Symposium of the Mexican Institute of Financial Executives in Querétaro (IMEF). The event addressed the participation of the private sector and the government, in relation to the theme of economic and social development of Querétaro. 
Meeting with the Spanish Chamber
Founder and CEO, Thomas Wagner, met with the Director of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Central West Delegation, Laura C. Tamargo Quílez, to strengthen relations between transnational companies established in the country and build bilateral working bridges.
Copa Thomas Wagner
Joy, teamwork and movement were the motto of the first "Thomas Wagner Cup" soccer tournament in Querétaro. Employees from WMP Mexico Advisors, Acensblue and Centro Alemán competed for the highest score; they left their commitment, team coordination and love for soccer on the field. Meanwhile, the spectators were carried away by the excitement of the game.
Inauguration of the new branch of Centro Alemán El Refugio
We are pleased to present our new Centro Alemán branch in Refugio on May 12th. We are proud to be the first language school in Querétaro to open its fourth branch in the city.  Come visit us and see our new facilities and courses. 

Reception of the European Chambers of Commerce

On May 19th, we will participate as a sponsor in the networking event "Coctel Europeo". The event is organized by the German Mexican, Spanish and French Chambers of Commerce and the Dutch Business Support Office Querétaro. 

Business initiation trip: Mexico Smart City

From July 03 to 08, AHP International will conduct a business initiation trip to Mexico on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection. This is a project-related funding measure within the framework of the market development program for small and medium-sized enterprises. WMP Mexico Advisors participates with a contribution at the briefing. 

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