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Kia ora whanau,

It has been a busy week in our middle school - triathlons, leaders and lifesaving.


Thursday this week saw the announcement of our Year 10 leaders and also our Year 8 house leaders. This is usually all done and dusted by now, however this year a huge amount of interest in the positions made the process of selection extremely hard and of course longer than anticipated. Potential leaders were asked to write to Mr Johnston outlining the reasons and the skills they wished to bring to the leadership team. The applicants were then interviewed by a panel, consisting of senior staff and two senior student leaders. It then came down to an elimination process and discussion among the panel.  The applicants were advised of the outcome on Thursday morning. Congratulations to those who put themselves forward for selection, it was definitely the hardest group that we have had to choose from, you can all be proud.

Our year 10 leaders for 2017 are - 
Head Boy Daniel Cunningham
Head Girl Amelia Lockhart
Academic Leader Cara Bosman
Academic Leader Alice Robinson
Arts Leader Kenjia Campbell
Arts Leader Juliette Lidgard
BOT Hannah Murphy
Global Citizen Anna Cunningham
Global Citizen Bianca Harsant-Sowter
International Te Paea Puha
International Anna Stevenson
Sports Leader Isabel Lunn
Sports Leader Silas Pryce
Our Year 8 house leaders for 2017 are -
Matahaorua Aimee Burton
Matahaorua Dylan Fitzsimons
Buffalo Nitesh Kalura
Buffalo Sebastian Ross
Tainui Adam Clague
Tainui Taylor Wollburg
Mercury Trinty Holmes
Mercury Sally Mills



On Wednesday the 22nd of March, years 7 and 8 held their annual triathlon at school. Some children chose to complete the event by themselves and others chose to compete as part of a team where they either swam, ran or biked their leg of the event.  It was a successful day and there will be a number of children going on to compete in the Cooks Beach triathlon on the 4th of April. We have some photos of the day below.

Hot Water Beach Day

Our year 7 & 8 students are at Hot Water Beach today putting onto practice the skills they have been learning at school around water safety. A big thank you to the HWB Surf Lifesaving team for their time and effort in assisting with this important learning.

Enjoy your weekend and week ahead.

Chris Johnston & Julie Bougen
Deputy Principals
Middle School

For your diary

Our Latest Plane Log is here.Check out what our students have been up to on the plane build.

Please click on the links below for more information on the following-
Y11-13 Reports

Individual Progress Reports (IPR's) for Year 11-13 students are being emailed home today (Friday). Please check your inboxes.

Parent Teacher interviews will be held to discuss your child's progress on Wednesday April 5th from 3pm - 6pm. Bookings can be made at using booking code FLZ28 or through the school office.
Some pictures from our year 7&8 Triathlon on Wednesday

School Jackets - Years 7-13

Jackets are now available to pre-order at a cost of $150 each.  (Same cost as last year)

If you are wanting to purchase a school jacket can you please see the office to pre-order your size and make payment by Thursday 30 March.

A jacket order will be placed on Friday 31st,  and hopefully will be available for distribution on 13th April or the first week of Term 2.

If you have any queries, can you please see the office.

Year 3-6 Swim Carnival
Much fun was had on Monday - great to see parents putting on their house colours too!
Thames Valley Secondary Schools Athletics Results-
Name Discipline Placing
JJ Twemlow 800m 3rd
Olivia Clague
Tiana Tiro 3000m 1st
Louisa Murie
Tiana Tiro
Marlene Blaue
Tiana Tiro 1500m 1st
Louisa Murie
Abbey Mills Shotput 4th
Holly McCleery Shotput 3rd
James Arthur Shotput 3rd
Joe Reynolds
Holly McCleery
Brad Ray
Cara Bosman Highjump 2nd
Thames Valley Primary Swimming Championship Results-
Name Discipline Result
Aimee Burton 100IM 2nd
Sophia Barakat Adlam 100IM 9th
Sebastian Ross 100IM 2nd
Dylan Green 25m Breast 2nd
Jazlyn Sloan 25m Breast 6th
Cory Farrell 25m Breast 4th
Sally Mills 25m Breast 7th
Petra Campbell 25m Breast 9th
Kevin Zhu 25m Breast 7th
Sebastian Ross 25m Breast 1st
Dylan Fitzsimons 25m Breast 5th
Genesis Wooton-Tilsley 25m Breast 6th
Poppy Richmond 25m Breast 10th
Meg Hoyland 100m Breast 4th
Aimee Burton 100m Breast 2nd
Sophia Barakat-Adlam 100m Breast 5th
Brynn George 100m Breast 5th
Marco Bayliss 100m Breast 4th
James Smith 100m Breast 6th
Chelsea Springer 25m Back 4th
Briar Somers 25m Back 7th
Sora Mayo 25m Back 3rd
Marlon Ross 25m Back 6th
Kevin Zhu 25m Back 9th
Jemma Mills 25m Back 1st
Jack Williams 25m Back 4th
Trinity Holmes 25m Back 8th
Jazlyn Sloan 25m Back 9th
Adam Clague 25m Back 1st
James Smith 25m Back 2nd
Jac Forsyth 25m Back 6th
Meg Hoyland 100m Back 5th
Roimata Hale 100m Back 8th
Aimee Burton 100m Back 2nd
Milly Lamason 100m Back 10th
Sebastion Ross 100m Back 3rd
Dylan Fitzsimons 100m Back 5th
Chelsea Springer 25m Free 6th
Briar Somers 25m Free 9th
Jay Lorimer 25m Free 4th
Genesis Wooton-Tilsley 25m Free 7th
Pete Callesen 25m Free 10th
Sally Mills 25m Free 3rd
Dylan Green 25m Free 5th
Taylor Wolburg 25m Free 6th
Jazlyn Sloan 25m Free 12th
Trinity Holmes 25m Free 14th
Maximus Davenhill 25m Free 6th
Awa Illingworth 25m Free 10th
Rico Simpson 25m Free 2nd
Poppy Richmond 25m Free 6th
Jac Forsyth 25m Free 1st
Meg Hoyland 100m Free 2nd
Macy Costello 100m Free 3rd
Mark Johnston 100m Free 9th
Josh Markowski 100m Free 11th
Aimee Burton 100m Free 2nd
Milly Lamason 100m Free 12th
Dylan Fitzsimons 100m Free 6th
Sebastion Ross 100m Free 7th
Paige Hayward 50 Breast 10th
Leah Farrell 50 Breast 8th
Meg Hoyland 50 Breast 6th
Mark Johnston 50 Breast 5th
Sophia Barakat-Adlam 50 Breast 4th
Milly Lamason 50 Breast 8th
Dylan Green 50 Breast 4th
Cory Farrell 50 Breast 5th
Aimee Burton 50 Breast 1st
Alexandra Litherland 50 Breast 7th
Marco Bayliss 50 Breast 3rd
James Smith 50 Breast 6th
Meg Hoyland 25 Fly 1st
Aimee Burton 25 Fly 6th
Milly Lamason 25 Fly 11th
Sebastian Ross 25 Fly 3rd
Dylan Fitzsimons 25 Fly 6th
Ella Edkins 25 Fly 6th
Elizabeth Thompson 50 Back 6th
Leon Melde 50 Back 5th
Macy Costello 50 Back 4th
Josh Markowski 50 Back 6th
Milly Lamason 50 Back 7th
Aimee Burton 50 Back 2nd
Sophia Barakat-Adlam 50 Back 9th
Jack Williams 50 Back 6th
Brodie Springer 50 Back 7th
Sebastion Ross 50 Back 2nd
Dylan Fitzsimons 50 Back 3rd
Paige Hayward 50 Free 10th
Rita Robinson 50 Free 11th
Leon Melde 50 Free 4th
Brynn George 50 Free 11th
Meg Hoyland 50 Free 3rd
Macy Costello 50 Free 6th
Mark Johnston 50 Free 12th
Kevin Zhu 50 Free 13th
Sophia Barakat-Adlam 50 Free 9th
Milly Lamason 50 Free 10th
Dylan Green 50 Free 6th
Thomas Walker 50 Free 7th
Aimee Burton 50 Free 3rd
Sebastian Ross 50 Free 2nd
Dylan Fitzsimons 50 Free 7th
Junior Girls 3rd  
Junior Boys 5th  
Senior Girls 5th  
Senior Boys 3rd
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