Shorewood on the Sound            April 10th, 2020

Dear Neighbors,
As the weather gets warmer over this Easter weekend, many of you will be thinking of heading to our beachfront property, especially while this ‘stay at home’ order is in place. I’m of course very happy to see our community using our beachfront property, however, we’ve received several emails in the past week with questions and concerns about the beachfront and our easement ramp use.
Above all, I’d like to remind you to please be respectful- not only of our beachfront community property, but also of the properties adjacent to our community tracts. If you choose to walk along the beach, please be courteous. There is a concept known as the “Public Trust Doctrine” which suggests that the public is permitted access to the beach shore. However, it is still also the property of the houses along the beach and you are expected to not cause problems or property damage. I hope we can all agree that we don’t need to encourage any disputes to define what is acceptable! If we all remain respectful to each other as neighbors, I’m sure we can avoid any problems. If you walk your dog along the beach, please clean up after it! (We pay for waste bins at the top of the beach steps for your use). Give some healthy elbow room to the houses you walk by. If you use the easement ramp, use it for what you need to do and then move on.
While the ‘stay at home’ order is in effect and you enjoy the beachfront as part of your walks around the neighborhood, I hope that you will also be mindful of the guidelines set forth by the state and federal governments. If you violate the state order, you can be charged with a gross misdemeanor. You may have also heard of people being arrested for congregating in large groups in other areas. My personal feelings on this are irrelevant, but I would really not like to see anyone in our neighborhood get mixed up in this.
Please pass this note on to your neighbors, tenants, or friends that use our community asset.
Thank you for your attention,
Kelsey Wildstone
SOTS President

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