Shorewood on the Sound            June 30th, 2020

Dear Neighbors,
We're a little bit late on changing the Beach gate access code this year- We had planned to do it last month, but I've gotten caught up with other things, and all of this lock-down stuff has put a damper on some things too. In any case, we should be changing the code here shortly, so please make sure you log into the website for the new code. Please don't share the code with others who do not live in a SOTS household. Also, I don't know if this is an issue with people in our neighborhood, but there seems to be an issue with people going around to the left of the car gate. This adds to the hill erosion and we would like to put a stop to this. If you are part of our neighborhood and feel that you should be able to use the beach but for whatever reason are not paying your dues- please reach out to me with the issue and I will strive to make an accommodation. Your dues are very important to fund projects and events, but I'd like to know if there are any issues. Likewise, if you see anyone else going around the gate, please confront them and ask if they are part of the neighborhood, or why they are going around, and report back to me. We are planning to add fence to this section but it may take some time.
As I noted in my last note on access to the beach, there had been some issues in terms of making sure everyone knows what kind of behavior is expected while using the beach area. To this end, a couple of us have been working on a set of guidelines that we are asking the community to adhere to. Below is the first draft of this list- please let me know if you have any feedback or see any issues.

Shorewood on the Sound
Beach Community Guidelines
The Shorewood on the Sound community, SOTS Board, and the 30th Ave Association would like to maintain a peaceful and respectful atmosphere for all residents. Therefore, you are expected to adhere to the following guidelines while using the beach area:

  1. The primary access point to the SOTS Community Beach Area is the Beach Stairs Path. Please use this path whenever possible. The secondary access point is the Easement Ramp; please try to only use this access point for boats and when accommodations are needed.
  2. The SOTS community collectively owns the two lots along the Beach Stairs Path along with the beach at the bottom. For the other properties along the beach, Washington state has granted tideland rights to the respective private property owners. There is a longstanding tradition of walking along the beach, though we also want to be respectful of their residences. To this end, please maintain at least a 30-foot clearance from the bulkhead walls (please walk more towards the water).
  3. Along with the above, if you do use the Easement Ramp: Please do not loiter at the bottom of it. Either make your way along the beach, or to the SOTS picnic/beach area.
  4. Burien Municipal Code 6.10.100 designates the entire city as a dog control zone; which means that you need to have your dog on a leash, or it is considered 'under restraint' if it remains within the property limits of its owner. Therefore, if you intend to have your dog off-leash at the beach, please only do so in the SOTS owned area. Violators subject to misdemeanor. Please be respectful of other residents and dog owners.
  5. Do not share the pedestrian or car gate access codes. This area is only for residents who are in households that are part of the SOTS or 30th Ave community. Members that are current in their dues should access the updated codes on the SOTS website.
  6. Pack out all trash, including dog waste, and utilize the SOTS paid-for trash/recycling containers located at the top of the Beach Stair Path. Do not use 30th Ave resident’s trash bins.
  7. Open wood fires are not permitted.

As always, please feel free to pass this note on to your neighbors, tenants, or friends that use our community assets.
Thank you,
Kelsey Wildstone
SOTS President

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