Here are some reasons to be cheerful. Over a hundred of them.
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The month has whizzed by once again but I have good things to report:
    1.    As I write this new Zealand has had no new cases of Covid-19 in the community for a few days (but 25 people have now died of Covid-19 in New Zealand). If we all behave ourselves we shall be back to relatively normal Level 1 next week.
    2.    Our kitchen and bathroom renovation is just about finished. I am getting stupidly excited about the prospect of being able to make things like cheese on toast (what Americans call cheese toast, perhaps because there is a shortage of two letter words over there. That is why they have to write people whereas we write to people. I think. :-D)
    3.    The Basque translations of the first two FAB Club books are in shops in the Basque country. One of my jobs this week is to make a promotional video. In Basque. This will be very amusing for my friends who live over there.

And… I have finished putting together my book, Reasons to be Cheerful. After canvassing you about the best cover, the consensus was the jumping dog.
But more than one of you (and me) thought that it looked a bit too Snoopy-ish.

It does.
So I used a drawing I did a long time ago of our dear departed dog, Billie. He inspired many reasons to be cheerful (I have included an entire chapter on dogs), so it seemed like a good solution.
It would be brilliant if you would look at the book and leave me a review wherever you buy your books online. Here is an exclusive link for your free ebook on Book Funnel (click quickly - the link expires in October).

It's just for readers of this newsletter and if you enjoy it, leaving a review would help me immensely.

PS. If you think someone else might find this interesting, please pass it on.
PPS. Talking of reasons to be cheerful, we're still on the hunt for a dog. We don't have one yet, but we do have a lead (that is a pun for folks who use English English). I won't say any more yet, but fingers crossed!

PPPS. I wrote in last month's newsletter how uneasy social media made me. This week I watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix. Now I'm terrified.
PPPPS. But this newsletter contains no FAKE NEWS and you can share it using the buttons below.

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