It's weird to be normal.
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Nearly everything in New Zealand is back to normal. Which is weird when you look at the news from other countries. When you don't look at the news you can almost forget that the virus is raging overseas. Most of our lives have gone back to the way they were, except for the people who are working at the border and the poor people who have lost their jobs. But the majority of us have become complacent. There is no need for masks and almost no one is using the Covid tracer app (including risk-averse me because I keep forgetting!), probably because the fear of the virus has ebbed away as cases have retreated to the borders.

Since it's almost impossible to go abroad, lots of Kiwis are travelling in New Zealand. The ski fields were packed over the school holidays, despite the lack of Aussie visitors. We feel for our Melbourne friends who are in Lockdown Part II after cases spiked there. The possibility of a trans-Tasman bubble has receded again.

Friends of ours have headed all the way to the North Island (exotic!), leaving us with their dog, Bobby, for a couple of weeks. We have had three different dogs staying with us this month and boy, are they different.

Looking after the dogs only makes us want our own dog even more, but we've given up looking seriously until the renovation is done. Progress has been made and I might even get to have a proper bath this week. I had an improper one on the shortest day of the year after a dip in the chilly harbour. I was looking forward to a hot bath, but the hot water came out very slowly. When I tested the cold tap, I discovered the hard way that the spout hadn't been installed correctly. A combination of a loose screw and a plumber who hadn't bothered to read the instructions (and thus, who had left the low flow insert in place) lead to the spout shooting off, hitting the plasterboard, denting itself and spraying water everywhere.

That was a few weeks ago and I've been assured it won't happen again, but I'll be running the next bath very carefully…

Other than the rest of the renovation, which is thankfully too boring to report, not much has changed around here. I got to draw some dinosaurs for the 42nd Jack and Joni and the Time-Travelling Shed comic.

(I love the fact that T rex probably looked more like a bird than a lizard.)
And I am marketing the FAB Club book series through gritted teeth (you can see them and my studio in this video). I hate marketing and if you'd like to help me, click the cover below to download a free copy of the last book and please leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

FAB Club 3 on

FAB Club 3 on

Ta ta for now

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