Parental warning: do not read if this is going to make you worry about me being run over by a jet ski.
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In the summer I usually swim loads  in Lyttelton Harbour. But it has been an odd summer with too many cool, windy days and the Lyttelton Port Company have been dredging the inner harbour through January and February, our prime swimming months. Plus I have been exceptionally busy in the garden sorting out my new studio. A lot of excuses! But I did swim a lot when I was on Quail Island as volunteer DOC warden.
And it reminded me just how much I loathe jet-skis.
Most jet skis aren’t being used to get to places or to fish or to do anything worthwhile. They are like dirt bikes on water - tearing it up with little regard for people (or marine animals) nearby (apparently they are supposed to slow to 5 knots within 50 metres of swimmers, or 200 metres of the shore - ha!). They are noise and air polluting machines that attract idiots more effectively than online videos of Bigfoot sightings.

Jet-skis are an abomination and I wish they were only ever used by trained lifeguards (not by bevvied-up blokes and their 10 year old kids.)

Whenever I'm swimming and I see jet-skis I think about poor Kirsty MacColl and I have terrible, murderous thoughts.
Rant over. It is hot today (27°C) as I write this so I am going to keep it short and go for a walk up and over Cressy Terrace (the boyf does this most days) before swimming between Corsair and Magazine Bays (he never ever does this).

Ta ta for now

PS. If you think someone else might find this interesting, please pass it on.
PPS. We had rain last month, but not enough. I bet it comes down like white sheets for my shed shindig on Sunday...

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