It is nice to go to the pubs again, but it is weird not being able to go over to people you know across the room. Which happens all the time in Lyttelton.
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We are going down the levels of Covid-19 lockdown in New Zealand. When I last wrote we were at Level 4 and most of the country was quite happy to be constrained to their homes or thereabouts. We then spent a couple of weeks at Level 3, with a few more degrees of freedom, including the ability to paddle board (yay, trip to Quail Island!) and for work to restart on our renovation. We have now been at Level 2 for just over a week and things are getting a lot more fun as we have more ability to socialise. I have been around to a couple of people’s houses and met up with my Lyttelton cartoonist friend for a walk yesterday. She was sporting a new hair cut, but that hasn't been high on my list of things to do in Level 2.
Another important Level 2 activity was to go and see a dog we had only seen on Facebook.
Perhaps next time we will find the right dog for us.

The most important Level 2 milestone for Lytteltonians is probably the reopening of the bars. We went last night (the first night you could go and just have a drink) and I found it weird, but I guess, like everything else we will get used to it. And we want local businesses to survive.

Now that most businesses in New Zealand have reopened, we are being encouraged to support them. I'm doing my bit for the Kiwi economy as we prepare for colder days to come.
So the studio is becoming a lot more comfortable. Let's hope that the next time I write our kitchen/bathroom renovation will have a roof, all the right windows and maybe even a bath.
Ta ta for now.

PS. If you think someone else might find this interesting, please pass it on.
PPS. We still need rain, but after the roof would be good.
PPPS. My Auckland-based sister is back at work and my brother is allowed out with his son now, hurrah! Spain is on the up, though the UK still has a hard slog ahead of it before they ease lockdown.

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