I finally submitted the kids' book proposal about climate change to King Features and they loved it. Now they have to find a publisher who feels the same way.
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As regular readers of this newsletter know, climate change really worries me. Although I am generally optimistic, sometimes I feel powerless and think that people like us who care about things like this won't be able to act fast enough to stop climate change running out of control. But one of the things that has encouraged me this year has been the action of children and how the young generation seem to have a voice that the older generation are finally listening to.

I've been creating a daily comic strip for Arctic Circle for nearly 12 years now. In all that time it has had an underlying environmental theme, one which hasn't found a big enough home in the old medium of newspapers in the US. But there are definitely people who care in the US and worldwide and there may be another way to reach those people, particularly the younger generation. This week I've been talking to my syndicate about an Arctic Circle book about climate change for a younger audience. A book that will set out the facts and what we need to do to prevent the worst effects of climate change. Not one about switching off the lights and recycling, but a book about how people can be empowered to effect real results.

The comics in this newsletter are some of the samples I sent with my book synopsis.
But I see it being more than just a collection of comics. It would be a manifesto on how to prevent the worst effects of climate change, be resilient, adapt to our new environment and make a difference.

Hopefully a conventional publisher will be as receptive to this book idea as my syndicate is.
One book that I do have out right now is Forget Kids – Get a Dog. The print book will be available in all good bookshops by the end of the week and is on Amazon now. Currently, the ebook is exclusive to Amazon (if you are a member of Kindle Unlimited, please download the book here and leave a review. It will help me heaps!).

Though this ebook is only officially on Amazon, I'd like you to have a chance to see it for free even if you aren't a member of Kindle Unlimited. To this end, I have put the ebook on Book Funnel so that you can download it for free for whatever device you have to read it on, be it phone, desktop, Kindle or iPad. The link will expire next week, so get in quick if you want to take a look. And don’t tell Amazon!
Ta ta for now

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