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The Evolution of the Perfect-Straw™ and FLEX-TIP™


DeoxIT® Line Sprays: The Evolution of the Perfect-Straw

You asked, and we listened… Now, you may be wondering what you asked for and as the old adage states, “be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.” For many of you, these words have never been truer than with respect to CAIG Laboratories newest applicator for its DeoxIT® Line aerosol sprays, the Perfect-Straw™ and the FLEX-TIP™ accessory.

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SDBJ Manufacturing Awards 2017

The San Diego Business Journal recognized CAIG Labs and other local companies at its third annual Manufacturing Awards on Thursday, Oct. 6. This high profile event brought together decision makers and business owners from all industries. 

Customer Problem: Equipment Intermittents and System Re-boots

Q? Is there a permanent solution for intermittents on DIMM cards, video cards and other connections in a dirty environment for building equipment and automation?

We have cleaned the pins/connections using a generic spray contact cleaner and had 100% success rate, but it only lasts for an hour or two, maybe a day or two.

I think these cheap sprays temporarily affect the conductivity of the pins or just flush away surface contamination, but when the cards warm up then the problems reoccur. Same goes for many video monitors/cards.

I'm thinking we need more than just a cleaner to clean the connections. Some of the connections look clean and some are exposed and are severely oxidized – HELP!
Many of the devices are old, however, even on relatively new devices (less than 3 
months old) we get the same issues – equipment errors and system reboots.

A! Solution Recommended by CAIG:  DeoxIT® D-Series on non-gold connections and DeoxIT® Gold G-Series on gold connections.

Follow-up after 6 months and one year:
We are happy, actually delighted to report, that after almost one year ALL the connections and equipment we have treated with DeoxIT® have worked perfectly.  The products are used on systems throughout our 12 story office, manufacturing and shipping/receiving building. We only had a few issues with equipment which we investigated and determined it was a non-connection issue with the equipment (software update issue). Thanks CAIG for solving all these issues and saving us time, money and so many headaches!!!!

We recently learned about a new CAIG product; the DeoxIT® Grease infused with the same great connector treatment.  We started testing this product for all our high powered electrical connections and mechanical devices – so far the tests have proved significant/y positive results – more feedback to come.
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Repairing Water Damage to Electronics
DeoxIT® D Series: The Cure for Water Damaged
Electronic Equipment

Oh No! You exclaim as your equipment takes a nice bath.  This happens to almost everyone at some point... from the child that drops his Nintendo DS in the sink to the contractor whose phone takes a quick dip in a puddle, or a major catastrophe (flooding, hurricane), water damage to electronics occurs all the time to all sorts of devices.  Now that your device has just taken a swim, what to do?
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