Issue #3

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Find Out Why DeoxIT® L260D Grease
Is Our Fastest Growing Product

DeoxIT® Grease deoxidizes, lubricates and protects
Heavy-duty mechanical & electrical equipment.

Manufactured in semi-solid form for use as a combination cleaning, deoxidizing, protecting and lubricating preparation. Greases protect against oxidation (galvanic corrosion), remove existing oxidation, and are free of mineral acids, sulphurs, alkalis and other noxious components aggressive to metals. DeoxIT® Greases improve the performance of electrical contacts and mechanical components that require precise lubrication.

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Electrical Disconnects of large equipment – grease dries up and separates

Q?  Our problem is: It is recommended to lubricate our knives on our disconnects. The problem that constantly occurs is the lubrication dries up and becomes a resistor, and causes hot-spots on our disconnects. The grease also separates from the metals over time. We then have to pull the disconnect, clean, & re-lubricate only to have the same thing occur. Do you have products that won't dry out and become hotspots in our starters?

A! Use DeoxIT® Grease Type L260D 


What is happening to your existing grease is that it is not holding/protecting the metal surfaces.  Our DeoxIT® Grease infused with our DeoxIT® D100L cleaner, lube and protectant, will mechanically bond to the metal surfaces.  It will reduce arcing and hot-spots on the metal, significantly extending the life of the contact points. Once the grease touches the metals, the D100L will migrate and attach to the metals – cleaning, lubricating and protecting – even if the grease separates from the metals over time.

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CAIG Laboratories: The Home of What You Need to Maintain Powered Equipment and Other Tools

Anyone with a great collection of tools likely spent some significant time and money building the same. When you invest these kinds of resources into something, it makes sense to properly care for and maintain the same. Keeping your tools in the garage, shed or tool room is great, but that may not be enough to ensure your tools and equipment will be ready to work well when you need them most. Whether you are a technician who relies on your tools every day or a weekend warrior that dives into projects semiannually, chances are your tools could use some basic maintenance. Even without actual water damage, simple environmental factors and even limited use of tools will lead to deterioration.  There is good news though: with a few simple steps and some routine maintenance, you extend the life of your tools and ensure they are ready to work called upon.

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How to attach the Flex-Tip™ to the
DeoxIT® Perfect-Straw™ spray


 Purchase FLEX-TIP ONLY for $1.99, plus $1.00 S&H.

Find the promo code for FLEX-TIP for Perfect Straw spray on this pdf file: Click Here 

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