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Welcome to the Audible Feast Appetizer #25! Here you can find podcast reviews and recommendations and links to content I've written on Audible Feast.

If you have a podcast, I'm happy to review your shows. I've reviewed many independent shows where the creator or host has contacted me through this newsletter or social media. Just send me a note by replying to this newsletter!
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Latest Podcast Reviews

Scene on Radio, 4 stars: "Biewen is in the middle of an excellent series right now on what it means to be "white," which of course includes many viewpoints from non-whites and academics. I use quotes deliberately because one of the episodes in the series, How Race Was Made, explains the history of why this color was applied to people."

Update: Neighbors, 4 stars: "Neighbors was one of the first shows I ever reviewed, and I will always listen to it when a new episode comes out. Lewis has a knack for letting the subject tell the story, rarely inserting himself in the conversation. The sound design is phenomenal; it truly spoiled me as this was one of the first shows I loved and now I hold other shows to its sound design and mixing standard."
The Best Shows of the Last Two Weeks
Delicious Ingredients, March 25-31. 2017: Featuring episodes from Seriously ..., S-Town, A Pint with Seaniebee, The Karen and Ellen Letters, Sooo Many White Guys, and HumaNature

Delicious Ingredients, April 1-7, 2017: Featuring episodes from Longform, The Allusionist, The Karen and Ellen Letters, Note to Self, Bronzeville, and See Something Say Something
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I'm polishing up an interview with Lauren Schiller (from Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller, a terrific show about women changing the status quo) and starting on a review of Bronzeville (see below for some news on the show if you've been listening to it!). I haven't decided whether to review S-Town or not ... I'm open to being convinced one way or the other so tell me why I should or shouldn't! 
Podcast Brunch Club Selections: Jazz
This month the Podcast Brunch Club selections center around jazz. There are some terrific picks and I can't wait to hear this list. Podcast Brunch Club is like a book club but for podcasts, founded by Adela Mizrachi. Each month there are three episodes to listen to and some discussion questions if you'd like to use them in your group. I will keep sharing it with you here in the newsletter each month because I've personally benefited from getting to know people in my city who are as passionate about this art form as I am, and it helps me have an outlet to talk about (and disagree on sometimes!) podcasting topics in general. There are chapters all over the world - here's the list of cities that currently have a PBC: 

Jazz: April 2017 Listening List

This listening list on jazz was curated by Kahmeela Adams, our PBC-Pittsburgh chapter leader & PBC DJ and fantastic host of three podcasts (Down to WatchRevisiting Sunnydale, & The RuggedAngel Cast).

April is Jazz Appreciation Month. So, let’s do some appreciating. Whether you are a seasoned jazz cat or a newbie kitten who doesn’t know much about the genre, you will enjoy these selected podcasts. We’ll go from its beginnings, to a profile on one of the genre’s most influential women, and then a guided tour of where to start as a novice listener. Get ready to swing!

Listening List about Jazz:

A History of Jazz: 1619-1917 A PreHistory
(45 min, February 2017) An exploration of Jazz roots from the beginning of African slavery on this continent, to the first recording.

Sound Opinions: The Rock Fan’s Guide to Jazz
(53 min, April 2015) If you’ve had trouble getting into jazz, you are not alone. It has existed for quite some time, which makes for an intimidating ocean of music to navigate. Jazz is an iconic product of the African-American experience. Music writer and curator John Corbett helped create the Rock Fan’s Guide to Jazz. John refutes the notion that the genre is “fuddy-duddy” music from a bygone era. Instead, it’s an exhilarating, joyful genre that continues to develop today.

NPR’s Jazz Profiles: Betty Carter: Fiercely Individual
(54 min, August 2008) For nearly 50 years, Betty Carter was an irrepressible and incomparable practitioner of the jazz vocal tradition, with an intense, adventurous style and a booming voice. The fiercely dedicated and demanding vocalist was a pioneer in the music business, paving the route for scores of younger musicians.

Conversation Starters about Jazz Listening List:

  • Why do you think improvisation is such an important element of jazz?
  • Where have you noticed jazz influences in other genres?
  • What state of mind does Jazz put you in?
  • Where you a fan of Jazz prior to listening to these?
  • Discuss how jazz and civil rights are intertwined
  • Discuss the challenges of women in jazz
  • It’s been said that jazz in different cities have different sounds. How do you think that comes to be?
Check out the Podcast Brunch Club website for more great listening lists!
Podcaster Profile: Behind the Scenes
Podcaster: Aaron Calafato

Name of Show: Authentic Audio
Genre: Storytelling & Conversation
Affiliation: Independent
Podcast birth date: March 2016
Broadcasting from: Cleveland, OH
Goal and target audienceGoal? To create an authentic listening experience for my audience consisting of personal monologues, distinctive extemporaneous storytelling and deep conversations with a diverse range of guests who emanate and intersect with the Rustbelt of America. Target Audience? People who like stories. People who like an authentic and raw brand of conversation and discourse. People from the Rustbelt and Midwest. People not from the Rustbelt and Midwest. People :0)
Personally inspired byPeople? Monologist - Spalding Grey, Actors - Marlon Brando and Al Pacino, Solo-Performer - John Leguizamo, Performance Artist - Guillermo Gomez Pena. Radio Voices - Jean Shepherd & Garrison Keilllor. Journalist and interviewer - Charlie Rose. Just a few.. What? The almost spiritual connection I feel from having a really authentic and deep conversation. The vulnerability of telling a great story. The passion of learning and creating art. I'm a radio nerd and I find great comfort and inspiration in the voice coming through the dark.
Last three podcasts listened to: The latest episodes from Waking Up Podcast (Sam Harris), Snap Judgment & Fresh Air
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Miscellaneous Good Stuff
  • Bronzeville just ended its first season, and from a Facebook video post by Larenz Tate from yesterday, I'm really hopeful for either a miniseries/other production of this show or a season 2. It was absolutely fantastic--I've talked about it often on my site and Twitter and I am really surprised I didn't see more press about it. It's an audio drama starring Larenz Tate, Laurence Fishburne, and Tika Sumpter about the Chicago neighborhood of Bronzeville in the 1940s. There's sex, crime, and double crossing, and I was riveted all season long. It's totally bingeworthy.
  • RadioPublic seems to be picking up some steam after its debut last year. It's an app/player available for both Android and iOS which features hand-picked recommendations from influencers and creators. I've seen some awesome playlists recently from the folks behind Here Be Monsters, Song Exploder, and Sooo Many White Guys. I created a playlist called "We're Really Not That Different" back when the app first came out - here's a link to it! Hopefully I can submit more playlists this year!
  • I love going down the rabbit hole of podcasts. One time I was looking for The Lonely Palette in the iTunes store (great show about art) and I found The Lonely Hour (about loneliness and solitude) - also seemed fantastic to me, so I subscribed and wasn't disappointed. And last week when I was writing my review of Scene on Radio, I was reflecting on one of my favorite pieces from the show, Stacia Brown's essay on Philando Castile's and Prince's deaths in 2016, when I went down the Stacia Brown road and found out she has a new podcast. Fans may know her from other radio projects, notably Baltimore: Rise of Charm City. Her personal podcast project is her reading essays she's written about life, and I could listen to it on repeat every day - it's poetry and it's gorgeous. It's called Hope Chest, and you should definitely check it out if you're into personal journals/essays/narrative nonfiction/poetry.
  • I've updated my master list of all the podcasts I subscribe to - a little window into my soul ;) Check it out here!
Thanks for reading and have a great next two weeks! Please share the newsletter with a friend who might enjoy it or anyone looking for recommendations. Connect with me at or on Twitter at Audible_Feast! I also have a Facebook page you can follow!
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